Geet teasers for April 2022: Is Geet ready to have a baby with Maan?

Geet teasers for April 2022: Is Geet ready to have a baby with Maan?

Geet and Maan have a misunderstanding that makes the former leave Delhi for Amristar. Maan disguises herself as driver Balwant and starts working for Beeji's family. They later reconcile, and he reveals to her that he wants a baby with her despite her recent miscarriage. His request worries Geet, and she refuses to return with him to Delhi. Discover how the drama unfolds this April from the Geet teasers.

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Geet teasers for April 2022
Geet Indian series airs on StarLife from Mondays to Sundays at 6.00 p.m. Photo: @TopStar_Zambia
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Dev is smitten by Nandini's beauty and is angry when she agrees to get married to someone else. Later, Tej and Beeji's house is sold by a creditor after Tej defaults on a loan repayment, and the family is shocked to see the buyer's identity.

Geet teasers for April 2022

Get ready for another fascinating Indian experience this April with Geet on StarLife. Here are all the teasers for the drama to expect during the month.

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Geet teasers
Geet is angry when Maan moves toys from the baby's room following her miscarriage. Gif:, (modified by author)
Source: UGC

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1st April 2022, Friday: Episodes 265 and 266

Geet (Ms Handa) is not happy with Maan (Singh Khurana) when she finds out that he moved the toys from the baby's room to the storeroom. Elsewhere, Sangram reveals to Nitya a plot to keep Arjun and Anvesha apart.

Maan and Geet are invited to an event being held at an orphanage. Geet is accompanied by Dev to the event, but Maan decides not to attend.

2nd April 2022, Saturday: Episodes 267 and 268

Arjun cannot believe his eyes when he notices how close Sangram and Anvesha are becoming. Geet reveals to Maan that going with Dev to the function was her only option, and he pardons her actions.

Dev makes preparations for a surprise get together for Maan and Geet at the farmhouse.

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3rd April 2022, Sunday: Episodes 269 and 270

Dev seeks Geet's forgiveness, and she pardons him, while Maan decides to leave after spotting the two together. Arjun is not happy regarding Sangram and Anvesha's intimacy.

Geet prepares for the Holi ceremony. Arjun is upset with Dev for making Naintaara's life a living hell.

4th April 2022, Monday: Episodes 271 and 272

Arjun seeks Anvesha's forgiveness, and she pardons him. Later, Arjun is guilt-ridden after finding out the truth regarding Naintaara.

Arjun and Anvesha decide to set aside their differences. Elsewhere, Maan is infuriated when he spots Geet and his brother Dev playing Holi and later decides to slap him.

5th April 2022, Tuesday: Episodes 273 and 274

Ms Handa decides to leave Singh Khurana's home and is heartbroken by what Maan said to her. Dev tries to make his brother understand Geet's decision.

Maan finds out that Ms Handa left for Amritsar and goes out in search of her.

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6th April 2022, Wednesday: Episodes 275 and 276

Dadimaa asks Maan to come back home when he fails to locate Ms Handa. Elsewhere, Dev is not happy when he spots Arjun and Anvesha together.

Latto and Lucky see Geet and help her reach home. Dadimaa's buddies reveal to her about Ms Handa's location, and Maan decides to return to Amritsar.

7th April 2022, Thursday: Episodes 277 and 278

Beeji notices that Ms Handa is downcast and inquires about Maan. Elsewhere, Singh Khurana decides to seek Geet's forgiveness on the radio, and he later comes across Tej on his way to Amritsar.

Dadimaa reveals to Tej about Maan and Ms Handa's misunderstanding. On the other hand, Maan finds out about Ms Handa's location.

8th April 2022, Friday: Episodes 279 and 280

Ms Handa finds out from Beeji that Tej went to see Dadimaa. The family is not happy with Singh Khurana as they defend Geet. Dev asks Adi to head to Amritsar to find Geet and his brother.

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Adi goes to Tej'z home in Amritsar, and the entire family is angry at him when he inquires about Ms Handa.

Geet teasers
Geet leaves Delhi for Amristar after having a disagreement with Maan. Gif:, (modified by author)
Source: UGC

9th April 2022, Saturday: Episodes 281 and 282

Singh Khurana seeks Ms Handa's forgiveness, but she refuses to return home with him.

Ms Handa does not want her family to find out about Singh Khurana. Tej is convinced that Pammi is keeping a secret from him.

10th April 2022, Sunday: Episodes 283 and 284

Yashpal and Lacchi talk about the need to get a driver for Tej's family. Maan overhears the discussion and decides to disguise himself as a driver so that he can be hired.

A disguised Maan tells Tej's family that his name is Balwant Singh, and he gets the job. Maan hides his face when he comes across the latter.

11th April 2022, Monday: Episodes 285 and 286

Adi goes to Tej's home to hand a disguised Singh Khurana a driving license and meets Tej. Maan comes to Tej’s rescue. On the other hand, Ms Handa starts suspecting the new driver when he keeps avoiding her.

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Singh Khurana prevents Ms Handa from falling while Tej and Jugnu are not pleased to see the driver holding a barely breathing Geet in his arms. Elsewhere, Adi informs Dev about his brother's stay at Tej's home.

12th April 2022, Tuesday: Episodes 287 and 288

Balwant (a disguised Singh Khurana) prepares golgappas for Ms Handa, and she grows increasingly suspicious of his identity. She later decides to sneak into his room and discovers it is Singh Khurana.

Geet is not happy to witness Tej mistreating Maan and asks him to go back to Delhi. However, he does not want to leave without her. Dev is concerned about his brother.

13th April 2022, Wednesday: Episodes 289 and 290

Singh Khurana takes care of Ms Handa's wounds, and they hide in Lucky's chambers after hearing Lucky talking. The latter notices that the door to his room is closed from the inside and is convinced there is a thief inside.

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Lucky starts looking for the thief in the dark, and driver Balwant beats him up and says he thought he was the thief. Elsewhere, Dev decides to head to Amritsar.

14th April 2022, Thursday: Episodes 291 and 292

A disguised Maan goes to pick Darjee up from the bus stop and hides his face. Dev meets a girl on his way to Amristar.

Dev contacts his brother when he arrives in Amristar, but he asks him not to come to Tej's home.

15th April 2022, Friday: Episodes 293 and 294

The family is surprised when a disguised Maan goes missing while Dev asks his brother to reveal his identity to Geet's folks.

A disguised Singh Khurana (Balwant) takes part in the wrestling match and, in the process, saves the grace of Beeji's family. Later, Nandini thinks that Dev is Maan and informs Tej that the latter is in Amritsar. An infuriated Tej sets out to find Maan.

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Geet teasers
The Khurana brothers live in disguise at Beeji's household. Gif:, (modified by author)
Source: UGC

16th April 2022, Saturday: Episodes 295 and 296

Beeji showers a disguised Maan with praise and considers him part of the family. Tej reveals to Beeji that Maan has come to Amritsar.

Ms Handa refuses to return to Delhi with Maan. The entire family is filled with worry after failing to locate Balwant.

17th April 2022, Sunday: Episodes 297 and 298

Geet is sentimental after reading the letter that Singh Khurana left in his room. Nandini spots Nandini in the market and decides to follow him to his hotel.

Pammi reveals to Tej and Beeji that Ms Handa is missing from her room.

18th April 2022, Monday: Episodes 299 and 300

Dev heads to Beeji's place to take back Nandini's book. The family think he is his brother Maan and are infuriated with his presence. Later, a disguised Maan (Balwant) returns to Beeji's home.

Dev learns that the family thinks he is his brother, and Balwant and Geet are shocked when they find out what is going on. They all make up their minds not to expose the truth.

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19th April 2022, Tuesday: Episodes 301 and 302

Dev (thought to be his brother Maan) and Geet reveal to the family that they are taking a month to work out their misunderstanding.

Jugnu spots Ms Handa and driver Balwant embracing and hurries to inform the family. He comes across Nandini along the way and forgets who was hugging Ms Handa. Later, Jugnu maintains that he witnessed the incident, and Beeji and Tej decide to search Geet's chambers.

20th April 2022, Wednesday: Episodes 303 and 304

Dev is not impressed by the meal served by Lacchi and asks her to serve him a better meal. Nandini spots him and starts suspecting his intentions. Dev gets Geet and his brother out of trouble by being in Ms Handa's room.

Jugnu spots an individual leaving Ms Handa's chambers and decides to follow him, only to discover that it is Dev and not Maan. Jugnu later comes across Singh Khurana's handkerchief in Geet's chambers and shows it to Tej.

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21st April 2022, Thursday: Episodes 305 and 306

Tej asks Dev to remove dirt from the storeroom, and his brother comes to assist him. Geet's folks make preparations for karva Chauth while Ms Handa fasts.

Ms Handa is not happy when Singh Khurana prevents the tailor from taking her body measurements. Nandini is infuriated when Dev falls on her while putting decorations in the house.

22nd April 2022, Friday: Episodes 307 and 308

Nandini informs people that the husbands should feed their wives whose hands have mehndi. Later, Dev tries to give Ms Hand food, but she creates an excuse.

Nandini falls and accuses Dev of being responsible. Pammi understands when Ms Handa misses Maan during karva Chauth. The Beeji household receives a guest from Geet's in-laws.

Geet teasers
Dev is smitten by Nandini's beauty. Gif:, (modified by author)
Source: UGC

23rd April 2022, Saturday: Episodes 309 and 310

Ms Handa and Singh Khurana want Pammi and Tej to get closer and are disheartened when Tej misbehaves with her. The following day, the women get ready to have their first meal.

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Singh Khurana helps Ms Handa eat sargi and is happy when she enjoys it. On the other hand, Tej refuses to remain at home for Karvachauth. He gets ready to leave with Balwant, but Ms Handa insists that the driver stays.

24th April 2022, Sunday: Episodes 311 and 312

Singh Khurana gives Ms Handa a saree present. They share romantic moments and have fun listening to Lucky talking to his girlfriend.

During karva Chauth, Singh Khurana is impressed with Ms Handa's commitment. She later breaks her fast, while Dev is attracted to Nandini's beauty.

25th April 2022, Monday: Episodes 313 and 314

Maan informs Ms Handa that he is ready to have a child with her, but is she? Elsewhere, Jugnu puts alcohol in a drink and makes Dev take it. Maan later asks Ms Handa to feed him while her folks watch.

Beeji asks Dev, Maan and Ms Handa to accompany Nandini to meet someone who wants to become Nandini's husband. Some hooligans ambush them along the way, and Maan manages to save Geet, but they get separated from Dev and Nandini.

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26th April 2022, Tuesday: Episodes 315 and 316

The authorities inform Tej's family about the abduction of Maan, his brother, and a certain girl. Maan decides to carry Ms Handa as they try to find their way out of the wilderness.

Beeji tells Nandini that a certain man is coming to have a word with her, and Dev is surprised to hear the details. Nandini gathers the courage to inform her family that she does not want to tie the knot with a stranger.

27th April 2022, Wednesday: Episodes 317 and 318

Dev is not happy when Daman and Nandini agree to tie the knot, and he attempts to turn Daman against the girl he loves. Ms Handa is surprised when she finds out that Dev has feelings for Nandini but is yet to inform her brother.

Dev opens up to his brother Maan about his love for Nandini. However, he turns down Maan and Geet's assistance so that it does not look like he is forcing himself on the girl.

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28th April 2022, Thursday: Episodes 319 and 320

Dev gets ready to go back to Delhi so that he does not attend Nandini's nuptials. Maan makes up his mind to assist his brother by exposing their identity. Later, Jugnu takes a picture of driver Balwant and Ms Handa hugging. The lovebirds are shocked when they hear Tej screaming.

Nandini comes across a wedding picture of Balwant and Ms Handa and finds out that Balwant is Maan and that Maan is his brother Dev. She is not happy with Geet's decision to lie, but the latter and Maan's brother ask her not to tell anyone the truth.

29th April 2022, Friday: Episodes 321 and 322

Jugnu makes Tej and Beeji aware of the truth, and the latter is infuriated at Geet and Maan's decision to deceive them. She refuses to hear their side of the story and asks all three to get out of the house.

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Singh Khurana books the tickets to return to Delhi while Ms Handa is not happy that she lost Beeji's trust. Maan asks Ms Handa to return with him, but she does not want to go to Delhi.

30th April 2022, Saturday: Episodes 323 and 324

The Khurana brothers return to Delhi without the ladies they love. Later, Tej is contacted by a creditor who informs him that the house has been mortgaged because of his failure to pay back the loan.

Garg, the creditor, sells Beeji's house for 2 crores, leaving Tej and Beeji confused and helpless. However, everyone is left speechless when they see the individual who purchased the house. Who is he?

Geet teasers
Beeji and Tej lose their home after defaulting on a loan repayment. Gif:, (modified by author)
Source: UGC

What happens to the Geet cast members?

Geet and Maan's love story takes a fascinating twist in the upcoming Geet April episodes. When will they get to enjoy their romance without outside interference?

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He starts feeling insecure when his brother Dev and his fiancé Geet start getting close. This leads to a misunderstanding between him and Geet, who decides to leave Delhi for Amristar. After learning the truth, Maan decides to go to Amristar to get the girl. He disguises himself as driver Balwant, and the family hires him. Geet forgives him but refuses to return with him to Delhi. Is it the end of their romance?


He is worried when his brother Maan goes to Amristar to look for Geet. He decides to follow him, and the family mistakes him for Maan. His brother and Geet ask him to pose as Maan, who is disguised as Balwant, the driver. He then falls for Nandini and is heartbroken when she agrees to tie the knot with Daman.

Your April home entertainment is sorted with a great episode line-up, as seen from the Geet teasers. The Indian series airs on StarLife from Mondays to Sundays at 6.00 p.m. and 6.30 p.m.

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