DiepCity 2 Teasers for April 2022: Mbazo terrorizes Mgedeza in prison

DiepCity 2 Teasers for April 2022: Mbazo terrorizes Mgedeza in prison

Mgedeza is arrested soon after being discharged from the hospital. He struggles to cope with the prison experience as he realizes he has no control, and Mbazo’s constant torture makes him desperate to leave. How will he get out? Keep reading the DiepCity 2 teasers for more on how the thrilling local drama unfolds.

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DiepCity 2 Teasers
DiepCity season 2 premieres this April. Photo: @mzansimagic
Source: Twitter

In the upcoming episodes of DiepCity on Mzansi Magic, Nox starts rethinking her future as Thandiwe starts showing her motherly love. Elsewhere, Maureen is traumatized after witnessing Mgedeza’s experience and her plans to help him fail to work.

DiepCity 2 teasers for April 2022

There is a lot to look forward to in the upcoming April episodes of DiepCity on Mzansi Magic as the show’s second season starts. Will the girls have the same fire they had before? Here are all the DiepCity 2 teasers.

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DiepCity 2 Teasers
Thandiwe decides to cut off Nox completely. Gif: youtube.com, imgflip.com (modified by author)
Source: UGC

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4th April 2022, Monday: Episode 1 (DiepCity season 2 premiere!)

Thandiwe returns home after the authorities keep her at the station for interrogation.

5th April 2022, Tuesday: Episode 2

Thandiwe makes up her mind to remove Nox from her life for good. Meanwhile, the girls have to get their story straight for the police.

6th April 2022, Wednesday: Episode 3

Mgedeza fights for his life at the medical facility, but the worst experience is now past him. Nox reveals to Thandiwe a particular truth that is too much to handle.

7th April 2022, Thursday: Episode 4

Mgedeza is discharged from the medical facility and returns home, but he finds out that he is temporarily paralyzed. Thandiwe softens her heart towards Nox as she starts expressing motherly affection.

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8th April 2022, Friday: Episode 5

The day has come for Mgedeza to face the consequences of his past actions. Meanwhile, Nox’s deal with Thandiwe leaves her with a high price to pay.

DiepCity 2 Teasers
Nox decides to forget her misery and get her life back on track. Gif: youtube.com, imgflip.com (modified by author)
Source: UGC

11th April 2022, Monday: Episode 6

Mgedeza is overcome with emotions inside the jail as he learns that he is a nobody behind prison walls. Thandiwe and Bonga have a huge disagreement regarding Nox.

12th April 2022, Tuesday: Episode 7

Mbazo makes Mgedeza’s life in jail a living hell. Elsewhere, Nox makes up her mind to focus on her happiness as she tries to get her life back on track.

13th April 2022, Wednesday: Episode 8

Mgedeza gets out of his prison cell for a day. However, he receives news that give him an emotional breakdown.

14th April 2022, Thursday: Episode 9

There seems to be no way out of the misery for Mgedeza. Nox thinks about leaving the Ama Wrong-Turns forever, and the thought hurts.

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15th April 2022, Friday: Episode 10

Maureen is doing everything she can to help Mgedeza, but nothing seems to be working in the man’s favour. Nox has no choice but to make a decision regarding her future that is likely to hurt.

DiepCity 2 Teasers
A powerless Mgedeza is tortured by Mbazo in prison. Gif: youtube.com, imgflip.com (modified by author)
Source: UGC

18th April 2022, Monday: Episode 11

Mgedeza wakes up after chilling water is poured on his water. The prison warden then asks him to yield to Mbazo’s demands, but the treatment makes him more desperate.

19th April 2022, Tuesday: Episode 12

Lerato gets ready to move the cellphone across the country border illegally. Thandiwe reprimands Nox when she fails to adhere to the rules.

20th April 2022, Wednesday: Episode 13

Myambazo delivers the message sent by Mgedeza while the men get ready to set it off.

21st April 2022, Thursday: Episode 14

Maureen is forced to empty the till, and Ngcobo proceeds to take all the cash she has made. Meanwhile, Nox pleases Nomaweni, but Zoe is not happy.

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22nd April 2022, Friday: Episode 15

Mbazo continues to make Mgedeza’s life in prison a living hell as the latter’s craving to smoke a cigarette increases. Stix, who follows Mbazo’s demands, gives Mgedeza cigarettes, and he has no choice but to take them after the immense stress he has suffered.

DiepCity 2 Teasers
A jail gang attacks Mgedeza after he stabs Mbazo. Gif: youtube.com, imgflip.com (modified by author)
Source: UGC

25th April 2022, Monday: Episode 16

Lerato advises Maureen to establish a tavern to help her overcome the trauma she has been through recently. Meanwhile, in prison, a gang attacks Mbazo when he tries to kill Mbazo by stabbing him. They drag him around the courtyard on a blanket.

26th April 2022, Tuesday: Episode 17

Lerato does not tell Maureen the truth when she inquires about Mgedeza’s well-being in jail. Mgedeza leaves the prison nurse speechless when he asks her to help him break out.

27th April 2022, Wednesday: Episode 18

Mgedeza reveals to Maureen how he is planning to break out of prison. Later, Asanda comes to prison dressed as a churchwoman.

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28th April 2022, Thursday: Episode 19

Lerato receives a call from Mgedeza just when she is about to take her morning coffee. A worried Maureen reveals to Lerato the plan that Mgedeza has to break out of prison

29th April 2022, Friday: Episode 20

Maureen packs her belonging, including EJ’s clothes. She is sentimental as she has a final look at her house. Asanda and Lerato are waiting outside the tunnel door where Mgedeza is supposed to exit from. Will he make it?

DiepCity 2 Teasers
Maureen is worried when Mgedeza reveals his prison escape plan. Gif: youtube.com, imgflip.com (modified by author)
Source: UGC

What happens to the DiepCity 2 cast members?

DiepCity season 2 is kicking off with blood-chilling drama as Mgedeza’s prison experience increases his desperation. Here is a recap of what happens to the show’s characters in the DiepCity 2 April episodes.


He is treated at a medical facility and discharged but realizes he is temporarily paralyzed. The authorities later come to take him away, and he is jailed. The prison experience is not one of the best as he realizes he is a nobody inside, and Maureen’s efforts to help him do not seem to work. Mbazo continues to terrorize him, and the warden advises him to give in to his demands. However, he does not listen as he proceeds to stab Mbazo, leading to an attack by a prison gang. He then starts working on a prison break plan. Will he manage to get out?

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Mgedeza’s experience leaves her traumatized, and she unsuccessfully tries to help him. Later, Ngcobo robs her of all her till money, and Lerato advises her to open a tavern instead. Lerato later lies to Maureen when she inquires about Mgedeza’s well-being. Later, Mgedeza reveals to her his jail escape plan, leaving her worried.


Thandiwe decides to cut her off completely, but she tells her the truth that she cannot handle. Thandiwe later softens and starts showing her motherly love. However, Nox is forced to pay a high price for making a deal with her. Nox has to make a decision regarding her future, which could mean that she turns her back on the Ama Wrong-Turns.

From the DiepCity 2 teasers, you cannot afford to miss the thrilling drama coming to your screen this April. Will Mgedeza’s prison break plan work out? Ensure you tune in to Mzansi Magic from Mondays to Fridays at 8.30 p.m.

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