The Queen Teasers for April 2022: Will Hector and Harriet walk down the aisle?

The Queen Teasers for April 2022: Will Hector and Harriet walk down the aisle?

Schumacher and Patronella’s misunderstanding is brought about by their different view of running the restaurant. As a result, their relationship drifts apart and could cost them the restaurant. But will it be too late to salvage what they have left? The Queen teasers for April 2022 unveils more upcoming drama and more juicy details.

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The Queen Teasers
The Queen soapie. Photo: @TheQueen.MzansiMagic
Source: UGC

The Queen series offers you a sneak peek into Harriet’s love life and the obstacles she and Hector face in a bid to salvage their love for one another. For instance, will Schumacher and Patronella be able to move past their ill feelings and conflict?

The Queen teasers for April 2022

Mzanzi Magic is the channel to tune to every Monday through Friday at 21h00 if you are already a faithful follower of the series. The April episodes of The Queen soapie below give you a glimpse of the interesting Queen cast.

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Episode 180 - Friday, 1st of April, 2022

Title: Making peace

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Brutus is excited to make his comeback from Johannesburg, but not all his sons feel the same way. Hector is blindsided by something at work.

Episode 181 - Monday, 4th of April, 2022

Title: H & H forever

Hector comes up with a surprise for Harriet. Brutu’s son convinces him to fight for the Khoza legacy.

Episode 182 - Tuesday, 5th of April, 2022

Title: Walking down the aisle

Thando is not amused by his dad’s plan to walk down the aisle. Unfortunately, the idea of moving into his nemesis’ home does not work for Brutus.

Episode 183 - Wednesday, 6th of April, 2022

Title: Equity

Brutus has a hard time settling into his new house. Patronella jolts Vuyiswa with her demands. Hector and Harriet think twice about their engagement now that Thando refuses to give them her blessing.

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The Queen Teasers
Hector and Harriet think twice about their engagement. GIF:, (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Episode 184 - Thursday, 7th of April, 2022

Title: The best plans

Vuyiswa is not in a hurry to fulfil Patronella’s demands. Brutus finds out information that leaves him feeling broken and betrayed.

Episode 185 - Friday, 8th of April, 2022

Title: To new beginnings

Harriet and Brutus finally have a conversation that has been long overdue. Patronella’s plans are unknowingly halted.

Episode 186 - Monday, 11th of April, 2022

Title: Critical choices are made

Hector and Harriet celebrate with their friends and loved ones. Nkosiyabo arrives in Johannesburg and is welcomed well. MaJali and Brutus find themselves in the worst scenarios.

Episode 187 - Tuesday, 12th of April, 2022

Title: The King and Queen

The Queen Teasers
Someone from Harriet’s past makes a comeback. GIF:, (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Someone from Harriet’s past makes a comeback. Vuyiswa and Patronella’s friendship starts being wanting, which may lead down to the point of no return. Hector makes a move that could be detrimental to his life.

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Episode 188 - Wednesday, 13th of April, 2022

Title: Finalizing the deal

Brutus invades Harriet’s territory when he offers Santiago a deal that is all glitters. Will Santiago turn it down? Vuyiswa decides to bring to an end this feud.

Episode 189 - Thursday, 14th of April, 2022

Title: New rules

Patronella and Schumacher have a conflict on the best way to operate the restaurant. Brutus sends his sons over to Durban to collect the shipment.

Episode 190 - Friday, 15th of April, 2022

Title: Backdoor arrangements

Patronella and Schumacher are still stuck in their argument. Thando meets up with Bhambatha, but things do not go as planned.

Episode 191 - Monday, 18th of April, 2022

Title: Long live the King

The relationship between Schumacher and Patronella moves from the boiling point into the fire. As a result, Brutus has a hard time winning over the Big 5.

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Episode 192 - Tuesday, 19th of April, 2022

Title: New levels

Patronella puts her foot down regarding her issue with Schumacher, and he, in turn, decides to file a case. Bhambatha is captivated. Brutus elevates himself, reinforcing his position.

Episode 193 - Wednesday, 20th of April, 2022

Title: The Zulu/Toto war

Skhumbuzo and MaJali reveal that they both like each other. Bhambatha finds Thando to be high maintenance and parts way with her. The Zulu/Toto war rises, and Vuyiswa is forced to try and overlook the situation.

Episode 194 - Thursday, 21st of April, 2022

Title: Ties that bind

The Queen Teasers
Thando misses Bhambatha. GIF:, (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Goodness gets in touch with Harriet and makes a humble request to her. She reconsiders that Brutus is up to something. Surprisingly, Thando misses Bhambatha.

Episode 195 - Friday, 22nd of April, 2022

Title: The worth of friendship

Thando fears that the business is being interrupted. Vuyiswa is threatened by Patronella and is informed that she will not go down quickly. The friendship is coming to a halt. Will it survive?

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Episode 196 - Monday, 25th of April, 2022

Title: Propositions

Brutus and Bhambatha come into a disagreement, and MaJali does his best to maintain peace. Thando does her best to convince Skhumbuzo to maintain their supplier. Patronella reveals a disturbing discovery about Vuyiswa’s plans for Kwa Patty.

Episode 197 - Tuesday, 26th of April, 2022

Title: It is my money

A partnership is created in a bid to save Kwa Patty from a potential client. Brutus creates a wedge between his sons. Thando is willing to move mountains to prove that Brutus is the new client.

Episode 198 - Wednesday, 27th of April, 2022

Title: Greenlight

Schumacher and Patronella engage in considerable risk. There is hope in Bhamnatha and Thando’s relationship.

Episode 199 - Thursday, 28th of April, 2022

Title: Hard-life lessons

Brutus decides to teach his sons a huge lesson after they display some traits of entitlement. Patronella and Schumacher bury the hatchet. Thando is outraged when she realizes Brutu’s thievery schemes.

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Episode 200 - Friday, 29th of April, 2022

Title: Dreams accomplished

Thando stands by the new man in her life in unexpected ways. Patronella realizes that her dreams are about to come to fruition. Harriet and Hector come back to some devastating news.


Harriet tries to make peace with Thando. Hector and Harriet start to think twice about their engagement now that Thando refuses to give them her blessing.


Patronella lets Vuyiswa know of her demands. Patronella also does not agree with Schumacher on how to operate the restaurant.

The Queen teasers for April 2022 are out, and they offer a preview of what to look forward to from the soapie. Tune in on weekdays at 21h00 for more jaw-dropping mysteries.

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