The Heir on eExtra Teasers for April 2022: Raj is the new head of the Bajwa clan!

The Heir on eExtra Teasers for April 2022: Raj is the new head of the Bajwa clan!

Harjeet declares Raj to be the head of the Bajwa clan, while his brother Rohan decides to use Simran to prove to his dad that he is a Bajwa. Meanwhile, Amba's misery at the Pawania household is far from over when Jagan continues to mistreat her. When will she free herself from the man's cruelty? Keep reading The Heir on eExtra teasers for more on how the drama unfolds.

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The Heir on eExtra Teasers
The Heir television series airs on eExtra from Mondays to Fridays at 3.50 p.m. Photo: @Pop9ja_ng
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The Heir on eExtra is a tale of gender discrimination and sheds light on the place of women in society. It follows the life of Amba, a widow to the former chieftain, Pawania. To ensure that her cruel brother-in-law Jagan does not stay on the throne, she lies that she has given birth to a boy, Manpreet (Preet). The girl grows up and is given the title of Shah, but her identity is exposed when she marries Raj Bajwa. She is then cast out of the Pawania clan, but it does not prevent her from fighting to regain her father's throne.

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The Heir on eExtra teasers for April 2022

In the upcoming episodes, Sakshi enters the Bajwa household and tries to get Raj's attention, but Raj's mother, Amrit, asks her to leave. She later writes Raj a suicidal letter after Mohini asks her to. Will the letter change his mind? Find out from these teasers!

The Heir on eExtra Teasers
Jagan orders the accountant not to give Amba her monthly allowance. Gif:, (modified by author)
Source: UGC

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1st April 2022, Friday: Episode 107

Preet comes back home and breaks down crying. She starts cutting her wrists, and her mother, Amba, tries to prevent her from hurting herself. Later, Jagan releases his anger on his sister-in-law Amba and threatens her with a knife to her throat.

4th April 2022, Monday: Episode 108

A disappointed Amrit leaves the Bajwa house after refusing to support her son Raj's actions. Preet bids her family farewell and links up with Amrit, who is excited to be with her.

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5th April 2022, Tuesday: Episode 109

Jagan makes Amba's meal fall as he stops her from eating, but Raghvi defends her and starts feeding her. Later, Amba is contacted by a certain woman asking for cash while Raj leads Amrit to the room belonging to her husband, Harjeet Bajwa.

6th April 2022, Wednesday: Episode 110

Jagan asks the accountant not to give Amba the monthly amount of cash that she goes to withdraw. Preet and Raj compete in the post-wedding customs, and Preet emerges victorious.

7th April 2022, Thursday: Episode 111

Preet lets Raj draw closer, but he rethinks the decision and leaves the room. Babli and Raghvi sneak into Jagan's room during the night and take his money and then hand it to Amba the following morning.

8th April 2022, Friday: Episode 112

Babli and Sukhi come back home with the cash because Jagan asked the jewelers not to give them the cash. Sakshi, Raj's buddy since childhood, arrives at the Bajwa household and embraces Raj.

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The Heir on eExtra Teasers
Harjeet declares Raj the new head of the Bajwa clan. Gif:, (modified by author)
Source: UGC

11th April 2022, Monday: Episode 113

Jagan's henchman informs him that his sister-in-law Amba went to the temple with the cash. During breakfast, Haejeet declares his son Raj to be the new leader of the Bajwa clan. Is he ready to lead?

12th April 2022, Tuesday: Episode 114

Preet manages to break free and hurries to the prayer service. Amba goes back to the storehouse at night to link up with her daughter Simran. Meanwhile, Raj is not ready to get close to Sakshi as he requests more time to weigh in on the status of their marriage.

13th April 2022, Wednesday: Episode 115

Mohini hands Sakshi a drug to make Raj interested in her. Rohan is caught eavesdropping on their discussion but denies hearing anything. He then takes a liquor bottle from Mohini.

14th April 2022, Thursday: Episode 116

Sakshi is not happy when Raj takes the name of Preet while Simran hurries out of the storehouse and enters Rohan's vehicle. Meanwhile, Nihaal and Mohini sneak into Harjeet's wardrobe to steal the kalgi and hide it in Rohan's cupboard.

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15th April 2022, Friday: Episode 117

Rohan makes up his mind to use Simran to show his dad that he is a Bajwa. Preet finds herself in grave danger when an inferno breaks out at the restaurant. A concerned Raj enters the raging flames and manages to get her out.

The Heir on eExtra Teasers
Mohini gives Sakshi a drug to make Raj interested in her. Gif:, (modified by author)
Source: UGC

18th April 2022, Monday: Episode 118

Preet and Amba run into each other, and Amba advises her daughter to continue fighting. Simran is heckled by intoxicated men, and Rohan chases them to protect her.

19th April 2022, Tuesday: Episode 119

Amba goes to the eatery to ask about her daughter Simran, and the drunkards reveal her whereabouts. Amba gets there and sees Rohan Bajwa and Simran entering a vehicle together.

20th April 2022, Wednesday: Episode 120

The henna celebration is underway, and Raj touches the henna to be used on Sakshi. Meanwhile, Mohini puts a henna cone with chemicals alongside other henna cones.

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21st April 2022, Thursday: Episode 121

Amba is left speechless after finding out that the vehicle Simran was in belongs to the Bajwa household. She decides to send a letter to Preet, but Nijaal is the one who gets it. The Bajwa family then discovers Amba's plans to link up with her daughter Preet.

22nd April 2022, Friday: Episode 122

Preeti leaves her family speechless when she comes back to the Bajwa household. She remembers the time when she and Sukhi rescued Amba from confinement. She then puts the blame on Raj for being responsible for her mother's abduction.

The Heir on eExtra Teasers
Simran refuses to leave Rohan Bajwa when her mother asks her. Gif:, (modified by author)
Source: UGC

25th April 2022, Monday: Episode 123

Amrit makes Sakshi aware of Preet and Raj's marriage ceremony and asks her to get out of the house. Sakshi has an emotional breakdown, while Simran does not want to return home to her mom because she believes Rohan is a nice person.

26th April 2022, Tuesday: Episode 124

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Raj accuses Preet of trying to take his mother's life, and the family later brings Amrit home. Sakshi takes Mohini's advice, writes a suicidal letter, and then sends it to Raj.

27th April 2022, Wednesday: Episode 125

Preet takes her sister Simran to the Pawania household and before the council members from the village. People cannot believe their eyes when they see that Simran is still alive. The council resolves to pardon their mother Amba and allow Simran to live in the house.

28th April 2022, Thursday: Episode 126

Jagan chases Amba out of the house and asks her to stay in the compound. Meanwhile, Simran threatens Preet with a knife as she plans to escape from the house.

29th April 2022, Friday: Episode 127

Mohini and Nihaal hand Rohan a bottle of liquor to prevent him from taking Simran to the medical facility. Later, Raj prevents Preet from taking her sister Simran out of the house.

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The Heir on eExtra Teasers
Raj saves Preet when a fire breaks out at the eatery. Gif:, (modified by author)
Source: UGC

What happens to The Heir in the eExtra cast?

In the April episodes of The Heir on eExtra, Amba's suffering at the hands of his cruel brother-in-law Jagan continues while Raj is made the head of the Bajwa clan. Here is a recap of what happens to the show's characters during the month.


Raj does not want to get intimate with her, and Mohini gives her a drug that will make him interested in her. Later, Raj's mother, Amrit, informs her about Raj and Preeti's wedding and asks her to leave the house. Later, Mohini advises Sakshi to write a suicidal letter and send it to Raj.


She starts seeing Rohan Bajwa, and her mother Amba finds out. She refuses to return home with her because she considers Rohan a good person despite the long-term feud between the Bajwas and the Pawanias. Preet returns her to the Pawania house, and she later threatens her with a knife to escape the house.

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From The Heir on eExtra teasers, the show has an exciting and thrilling episode lineup that you do not want to miss. The Indian telenovela airs on eExtra from Mondays to Fridays at 3.50 p.m.

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