The Scent of Passion Teasers for May 2022: Gaviota starts living with Leonidas

The Scent of Passion Teasers for May 2022: Gaviota starts living with Leonidas

In the previous The Scent of Passion premiere episodes, Gaviota had gone to New York to look for Sebastian. Her American adventure did not turn out as expected, and she decided to return to Colombia after cutting ties with Sebastian. She agrees to live at Leonidas' house with her mother but is reluctant to have a romantic relationship with him. Will the birth of her baby change her mind? Keep reading The Scent of Passion teasers for more.

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The Scent of Passion Teasers
The Scent of Passion on Telemundo airs from Mondays to Sundays at 10.00 p.m. Photo: @rudelkisDF
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Ivan and Lucrecia's marital issues seem to be getting out of hand. Lucrecia wants Ivan to take a fertility test, but he keeps evading her questions. Elsewhere, Sebastian informs Julia about the company's financial irregularities and considers leaving Café Elite.

The Scent of Passion teasers for May 2022

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Gaviota is pregnant with Sebastian's baby but is yet to tell him. Meanwhile, Lucia is also expecting a baby she alleges is Sebastian's and wants him to marry her, but he insists she signs a prenup. Go through The Scent of Passion on Telemundo teasers for more on how the action unfolds this May.

The Scent of Passion Teasers
Diana teaches Gaviota how to operate a tablet. Gif:, (modified by author)
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1st May 2022, Sunday

Paula and Martin get to the Casablanca farm and are given a tour of the coffee plantations by Aurelio. Elsewhere, Lucrecia gets to New York City.

2nd May 2022, Monday

Diana hands Gaviota a tablet and offers her a lesson on how to operate it. Meanwhile, Margarita goes to search for Wilson at the police station while Marcia and Ivan link up at a hotel.

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3rd May 2022, Tuesday

Margarita makes it clear to Aurelio that she does not want to associate with him anymore. Gaviota decides to blow off steam by singing a hateful melody at the coffee shop.

4th May 2022, Wednesday

Lucia takes advantage of Sebastian while Margot asks Ivan to give her more cash. Meanwhile, Gaviota begins attending English lessons.

5th May 2022, Thursday

Danilo asks Diana to persuade Gaviota to elongate her stay in New York. The coffee shop has seen improved performance since Gaviota started singing there.

6th May 2022, Friday

Gaviota teaches her peers how to look after coffee during the coffee lesson. Marcia goes to see Ivan at the office.

7th May 2022, Saturday

Sebastian reaches the coffee shop and finds Gaviota singing. He seeks her forgiveness and asks her to take him back. Elsewhere, Marcela has an argument with Lemarcus.

8th May 2022, Sunday

Sebastian sets up a poster in Times Square with a message for Gaviota saying 'I Love You', and she is left speechless after seeing it. Meanwhile, Lucia shows up for her first ultrasound appointment.

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The Scent of Passion Teasers
Gaviota returns to Colombia after cutting ties with Sebastian in New York. Gif:, (modified by author)
Source: UGC

9th May 2022, Monday

Lucia finds out Gaviota's location after checking Sebastian's GPS. Elsewhere, Margarita and Aurelio set aside their differences while Gaviota reveals to Leonidas that she is expecting a baby.

10th May 2022, Tuesday

Lucia gets to Diana's coffee shop and introduces herself as Sebastian's fiancé as she seeks to talk to Gaviota. She then reveals some heartbreaking news.

11th May 2022, Wednesday

Gaviota asks Danilo and Diana not to reveal her whereabouts to Sebastian. Later, Sebastian finds out that Lucia has been admitted to a medical facility.

12th May 2022, Thursday

Lemarcus and Marcela argue while Gaviota narrates to her mother all that happened during her visit to New York City.

13th May 2022, Friday

Aurelio seeks Gaviota's forgiveness. Elsewhere, immigration officers reach Diana's coffee shop and inquire about Teresa Suarez.

14th May 2022, Saturday

Gaviota and Carmenza decide to live at Leonidas's place and pay him rent. Lucrecia has a discussion with Marcia regarding her marital issues.

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15th May 2022, Sunday

Leonidas asks Gaviota to go with him to a coffee farm that Carlos Mario wants to purchase. Elsewhere, Julia advises Bernardo to consider seeing a psychologist.

The Scent of Passion Teasers
Gaviota and her mother start living at Leonidas' house. Gif:, (modified by author)
Source: UGC

16th May 2022, Monday

Sebastian reveals to Ivan that he does not want to do business with Carlos Marlos as he doubts his intentions. Bernardo decides to go to a psychologist.

17th May 2022, Tuesday

Bernardo receives a job offer from Sebastian to manage the special coffee's branding. Elsewhere, Margarita and Wilson link up at a bar, and he gives her a letter that her son wrote for her.

18th May 2022, Wednesday

Lemarcus heads to Don Pedro's bar and reveals to Vicky that he called it quits with Marcela. On the other hand, Leonidas decides to convert his house into an office.

19th May 2022, Thursday

Leonidas purchases some wooden beams to create a cradle for the baby that Gaviota is expecting. Ivan and his brother Sebastian head to Carlos Mario's supposed piece of land.

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20th May 2022, Friday

An emergency caesarean section has to be performed on Lucia after she develops complications. On the other hand, Marachucha assists Gaviota as she suffers labour pains.

21st May 2022, Saturday

Margarita reveals to Aurelio that she could not reach him because someone stole her cellphone. Meanwhile, Carlos Mario decides to purchase another coffee plantation.

22nd May 2022, Sunday

Marcia cannot stop thinking about Lemarcus, and she decides to head to the bar to see him. Lucia persuades Sebastian to elongate his stay at Julia's household.

The Scent of Passion Teasers
Lucrecia asks Ivan to take a fertility test. Gif:, (modified by author)
Source: UGC

23rd May 2022, Monday

Sebastian cautions Lucia that he will not make her his wife if she fails to put her signature on the prenuptial agreement. Marachucha and Margarita have an argument.

24th May 2022, Tuesday

Ivan wants Lucrecia to help him watch Lucia, while Carlos is concerned about the loan he got from the bank. Elsewhere, Lemarcus and Marcela rekindle their relationship.

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25th May 2022, Wednesday

Lucia wants the physician to release her daughter Sofia as she promises to look after her. Elsewhere, Lucrecia wants Ivan to go for a fertility examination.

26th May 2022, Thursday

Carlos Mario asks Wilson to keep an eye on Marcia all the time. Lucrecia accosts Ivan, but he does not give her the answers she needs. How long will this marriage last?

27th May 2022, Friday

Gaviota reveals to her mother that she is not ready to start dating Leonidas. Elsewhere, Eduardo takes Julia's cash without asking her.

28th May 2022, Saturday

Sebastian accosts his brother Ivan regarding the unexplained irregularities appearing in the company's accounts. Ivan lies about the situation. Meanwhile, Lucia asks Paula about how she and Martin met.

29th May 2022, Sunday

Sebastian reveals to Julia that Ivan is using the company accounts for his own gain. Eduardo comes up with the idea that Lucia should seek work at Café Elite.

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30th May 2022, Monday

Carlos Mario seeks Marcia's forgiveness after he hits her. Gaviota and Leonidas get to the Casablanca plantation, where they are set to shoot their documentary.

31st May 2022, Tuesday

Eduardo has not stopped stealing Julia's things. Sebastian has another argument with his mother, and he starts thinking of quitting Café Elite for good.

The Scent of Passion Teasers
Sebastian informs Julia about Ivan using company finances and considers leaving the company. Gif:, (modified by author)
Source: UGC

What happens to The Scent of Passion cast members?

The Scent of Passion May episodes are full of surprising twists you never saw coming. Here is a recap of the drama to expect during the month.


Diana teaches her how to operate a tablet and later starts attending English lessons in New York. She starts singing at Diana's coffee shop and contributes to the café's improved performance. Gaviota later accepts Sebastian's apology, but Lucia reveals heartbreaking news that makes her cut all ties with him.

She returns to Colombia, where she starts living at Leonidas' house with her mother. Leonidas knows that she is expecting a baby and is happy to assist all the way. However, Gaviota reveals to her mother that she is not ready to have a romantic relationship with him. How will things turn out for her after she delivers her baby?

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He seeks Gaviota's forgiveness, but their reconciliation does not last long after Lucia takes advantage of him. He later cautions Lucia, who had just given birth to daughter Sofia, to sign a prenup agreement if she wants them to get married. Meanwhile, Sebastian discovers irregularities in the company accounts and asks his brother Ivan who lies about it. He informs Julia about the situation and later considers leaving Café Elite after arguing with his mother.

From The Scent of Passion teasers, the upcoming May episodes are worth watching. What will Sebastian do when he finds out Gaviota has his baby? The Colombian soap opera airs on Telemundo from Mondays to Sundays at 10.00 p.m.

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