The River 3 on Mzansi Magic Teasers for May 2022: What decisions will Tumi make?

The River 3 on Mzansi Magic Teasers for May 2022: What decisions will Tumi make?

The South African soapie, The River 3 has been airing for some time now and captures the reality of the Refilwe community, which defines modern South Africa and its citizens. There is abundance on one side and insufficiency on the other, but they interact now and then. The River 3 on Mzansi Magic teasers for May 2022 will afford you a sneak peek of some of the best forms of story writing converted into actions on the screen.

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The River 3 on Mzansi Magic Teasers
The River cast season 3. Photo: @TheRiverMzansi
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The River 3 teasers for May 2022 show how characters continue to be suspicious of one another's intentions because everyone has a skeleton in their dirty cupboard. Tumi is all about protecting her secrets, but how long can she keep doing this until it blows up in her face? Nobody seems to know Cobra's true intention, and when he disappears, it is assumed that he was planning to draw blood.

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The River 3 on Mzansi Magic teasers for May 2022

The River 3 South African drama is one family drama that has continually proved why it remains a significant source of entertainment to viewers. If you have been trying to find a good entertainment show to keep your evenings busy, the show has captivating and educational scenes that will meet your needs always.

Episode 156 - Monday, 2nd of May, 2022

Title: All-consuming lie

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Khabzela finally gets a home to live in while Tumi tries hard to make sure her secrets are not made public.

Episode 157 - Tuesday, 3rd of May, 2022

Title: Like a drug

Khabzela lets everyone in his life go, which only leads to more problems for him, and Tumi keeps on being secretive about her private life.

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Episode 158 - Wednesday, 4th of May, 2022

Title: Withdrawal symptoms

Lindani decides that it is best to catch Tumi by surprise. Khabzela's woes are only beginning when someone strangely familiar comes into his life.

Episode 159 - Thursday, 5th of May, 2022

Title: He came out of nowhere

Andile and Lindiwe help Tumi to face the reality of the situation in her marriage. Then, the disturbing news about Khabzela begins to go around the town.

Episode 160 - Friday, 6th of May, 2022

Title: The unfortunate truth

Tumi is scared about Mabutho blackmailing her with the things he knows about her; meanwhile, Refilwe's associates finally realise how dire their friend's situation is.

Episode 161 - Monday, 9th of May, 2022

Title: Where do broken hearts go?

Lindani life changes devastatingly upon the uncovering of important information while the Mokoena household is agog with the excitement of competition.

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The River 3 on Mzansi Magic Teasers
Tumi is looking for a golden chance to start fresh. GIF:, (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Episode 162 - Tuesday, 10th of May, 2022

Title: What does that mean again?

Tumi is looking for a golden chance to start fresh, but it does not look like anyone is willing to spare her any. Elsewhere, Cobra is doing more than necessary when training Morena.

Episode 163 - Wednesday, 11th of May, 2022

Title: The announcement

Tumi makes more mistakes in a failed attempt to cover up her secrets, while Morena is greeted by a shocking message.

Episode 164 - Thursday, 12th of May, 2022

Title: Mr Celebrity

Cobra becomes envious of a family member while Tumi finally decides to go where her heart is headed.

Episode 165 - Friday, 13th of May, 2022

Title: Broken promises

Morena can feel the increasing pressure, while Lindani is surprised at what happens next in his life.

Episode 166 - Monday, 16th of May, 2022

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Title: Free to live or leave

Tumi is shocked at the realisation of how the members of her household view her. Cobra attempts to make Morena see reason with him.

Episode 167 - Tuesday, 17th of May, 2022

Title: Request and demands

Father and son are more closely knit than ever before as they get ready for what can be described as a life-changing moment. However, Paulina and Tumi are at loggerheads, especially when Tumi fails to take responsibility for her actions.

Episode 168 - Wednesday, 18th of May, 2022

Title: Taunts

Lindani passes a fearful message across to the Dikana household and Tumi. Morena's old associate sows a seed of discord and doubt in his mind.

Episode 169 - Thursday, 19th of May, 2022

Title: Relief

Tumi and Lindani cannot quite agree on a decision they made earlier, while Cobra will do anything to prepare his son for facing his fears.

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Episode 170 - Friday, 20th of May, 2022

Title: Speech!

Lindani has a message for Mabutho while it is a matter of time before everyone knows whether a change in tactics will work in Lindiwe's favour.

Episode 171 - Monday, 23rd of May, 2022

Title: It's a celebration

Morena is making waves in the community and gets a lot of gifts and lovely attention, while Tumi, on the other hand, must reach a difficult decision.

the river 3 teasers
Morena is making waves in the community and gets a lot of gifts and lovely attention. GIF:, (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Episode 172 - Tuesday, 24th of May, 2022

Title: Foolish at heart!

Lindani needs help for his wedding ceremony and even asks for it, but no one is willing to go along with his plans. Unfortunately, pride goes before fall, and this Sashimi proves true in Morena's new situation.

Episode 173 - Wednesday, 25th of May, 2022

Title: Is there a problem?

Morena's history haunts his present and eventually ruins his big day. Yet, Lindani is unwilling to take what life has to offer him at the moment.

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Episode 174 - Thursday, 26th of May, 2022

Title: Bad ending?

There is not a single soul in Refilwe that is not taken aback by the course of the event, while the Dikana household assists Tumi to settle into the new reality of her life.

Episode 175 - Friday, 27th of May, 2022

Title: Street justice

Cobra is nowhere to be found, and the rest of his family believes he is on a mission to avenge his wrongdoings. Lindiwe seems to think that Tumi has reverted to her previous lifestyle and is displeased with it.

Episode 176 - Monday, 30th of May, 2022

Title: A season of love and death

An enemy feels overly comfortable inside Lindiwe's home while the Mokoena household is trying to hang the wind of the changes they are experiencing.

Episode 177 - Tuesday, 31st of May, 2022

Title: Egypt or Canaan

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Tumi does everything within her power to keep a secret safe, especially after realising that someone might be out to use it against her. Unfortunately, her desperation leads her to commit multiple blunders, worsening her situation. She must eventually make a life-changing decision and how she reacts to this is totally up to her and her support system.


This young man gets mentorship from a father figure, and it seems as though all will be well even though he can feel the pressure of expectation on himself. At some point, he gets the love and attention of the people in the community where he resides; he becomes famous on the streets. It did not take long before this popularity got into Mokoena, and he became haughty; this would eventually lead to his downfall or not. Watch out.

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