Generations: The Legacy Teasers for May 2022: Nontle regrets her impromptu party

Generations: The Legacy Teasers for May 2022: Nontle regrets her impromptu party

If you want to know the extent to which people will go to make their dreams come true, you must see the South African television series Generations: The Legacy. When a couple decides that their collective goal would be to start the biggest media company in Africa, little does one-half of the entrepreneurs realise that the other is only after self-glorification. Generations: The Legacy teasers for May 2022 allow you a sneak peek into the world of goals and betrayals.

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Generations latest episode
Generations: The Legacy cast. Photo: @Generations: The Legacy
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Generations: The Legacy highlights for May 2022 are out, and they will introduce you to an array of actions that you could not have imagined in your wildest dreams. Sphe is obviously over her former lover and acts it, but it leaves you wondering why her present and future happenings seem to be tied to this past. But then, whatever Pele is looking for as a leader in solving the case of attempted murder is increasingly challenging to find. Will he ever break through?

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Generations: The Legacy teasers for May 2022

This television soapie is one of the longest-airing series in South Africa as it premiered in 1994. It already has thousands of captivating and educating episodes about the workings of the corporate world, especially in the media sense. Check out the teasers below to know what this month's show has for you.

Episode 116 (1936) - Monday, 2nd of May, 2022

The Malingas are taken aback because Oby is desperately banging at their door. Melokuhle finds it challenging to decide whether or not to assist her frantic buddy. Then, finally, the hospital delivers terrible news to Mo about his father over the phone.

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Episode 117 (1937) - Tuesday, 3rd of May, 2022

Sphe is yet to be over her traumatic experience. Mrekza installs a ruthless loan shark as his replacement and gives no mind to whether something sinister might come out of this decision. As usual, Nurse Betty is at her mischievous best.

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Episode 118 (1938) - Wednesday, 4th of May, 2022

Nontle is beginning to see why her impromptu party is a wrong choice, while Luyolo is the recipient of terrible news, making his day worse. Joel is deeply asleep, unaware of the sinister event that draws closer to him with his very breath.

Episode 119 (1939) - Thursday, 5th of May, 2022

Lucy's reassurances to her husband are not well received. But, then, a mysterious discovery is made beneath the bed at the health centre. Mpho seeks the assistance of a friend to ease his attempt to help another friend.

Episode 120 (1940) - Friday, 6th of May, 2022

Mo is bothered when the police call for him; meanwhile, Mbali is astounded by her old friend's decision to get in touch with her. Lerumo plans to compensate the doctor who rescued him from death's ready hands.

Generations the legacy latest episode
Lerumo plans to compensate the doctor who rescued him from death's ready hands. GIF:, (modified by author)
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Episode 121 (1941) - Monday, 9th of May, 2022

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Oby becomes agitated when Thembeka makes a remark that is not intended for that purpose while Sphe witnesses the killing of a man. Finally, Nontle discovers that freedom is a kind of prison and that independence comes at a cost that could be difficult to pay.

Episode 122 (1942) - Tuesday, 10th of May, 2022

Tracy advises a caller but is oblivious that it is indeed her colleague on the other end of the phone. Mpho is caught snooping around for information while Luyolo receives a threatening message that leaves him with something more than friendly goosebumps.

Episode 123 (1943) - Wednesday, 11th of May, 2022

Ms Taylor's agitation heightens with every compliment that Mbali passes, while Ayanda is livid after realising the true nature of Pele's scheming. Philani is increasingly getting pressed by the amount of apprehension around, and it is only a matter of time before the cracks become a wide hole.

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Episode 124 (1944) - Thursday, 12th of May, 2022

When Nontle thinks that the morning can never worsen, something terrible happens. Sphe becomes privy to information that is not meant for her ears, and a customer videos an ugly incident happening at the Shebeen.

Episode 125 (1945) - Friday, 13th of May, 2022

Luyolo does not seem to be able to stop this game of lies, and they drown him dangerously. Mazwi is in a bad mood, and his employees must bear the brunt of this mood. Mo's father is proof that turning a new leaf is alien to some people.

Episode 126 (1946) - Monday, 16th of May, 2022

Tracy is unwilling to let go of her goals in life, and the Diales will require all the help they can get to reach Mbali. But then, why is Philani unhappy even though there is a juicy offer on the table, courtesy of Kabisi.

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Generations: The Legacy Teasers
Tracy is unwilling to let go of her goals in life. GIF:, (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Episode 127 (1947) - Tuesday, 17th of May, 2022

When Mpho decides to stick to his guns, he is amazed by how his friend reacts. Sphe does not sugarcoat her words while talking to a former lover. Tracy attempts to get some information secretly but may have just bitten more than she can chew.

Episode 128 (1948) - Wednesday, 18th of May, 2022

There is pandemonium at the Moroka media building when a guest draws a gun. While Oby is more than ready to carry out a rescue mission, Nkosiyabo thinks he is one step ahead of his adversaries, but events suggest otherwise.

Episode 129 (1949) - Thursday, 19th of May, 2022

The Diales are getting frustrated with the situation of Mbali, while Lelethu becomes the saviour when the employees decide to go offensive. Luyolo believes that disappearing is the best option for him.

Episode 130 (1950) - Friday, 20th of May, 2022

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Nontle is at a loss about helping her miserable flatmate. Fikile gets another eye-opening opportunity to understand that the Morokas are a bunch of manipulative people. Pele seems to have made surprising headway in getting a lead on the case of attempted murder.

Episode 131 (1951) - Monday, 23rd of May, 2022

Gog'Flo successfully manipulates the police towards a better cause. But then, Philani and his woman can not believe the information they are getting from the listening gadget.

Episode 132 (1952) - Tuesday, 24th of May, 2022

Mpho discovers that there is a possibility that he just destroyed any means of reconnecting to some people in his past. Mbali is in too much trouble to be worried about what is happening in Mpho's romantic relationship. Tracy seeks out Lelethu for assistance when her plots do not go as planned.

Episode 133 (1953) - Wednesday, 25th of May, 2022

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Someone breaks into Oby's property, and the latter promises to find whoever is responsible. However, Pamela and her superior are at loggerheads over a piece of information revealed by Moroka Media, while Luyolo is drowning in his folly, and a way out seems impossible.

Episode 134 (1954) - Thursday, 26th of May, 2022

Thembeka discovers that their supposed innocent acquaintance has deceived them. Sphe comes in contact with something classified as a massive discovery in the clinic storeroom. Lucy is sure that something is off and decides to act on it.

Generations the legacy today
Thembeka discovers that their supposed innocent acquaintance has deceived them. GIF:, (modified by author)
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Episode 135 (1955) - Friday, 27th of May, 2022

Zikhona visits Nontle, but the way the latter welcomes her gives off a bad vibe. Kabisi enjoys the thought of getting back at his nemesis, and after waiting for a breakthrough, Pele finally gets it.

Episode 136 (1956) - Monday, 30th of May, 2022

Luyolo is happy about pleasant news, but this is short-lived when he gets terrible news in a text message. Mpho's persistent investigation yields something good after he makes a shocking discovery.

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Episode 137 (1957) - Tuesday, 31st of May, 2022

Mrezka is agitated and rightly so because Lucy had angrily left the house armed, while Mbali is shocked at the plots of her abductors. Even though Winston is no longer in the picture, Sphe's nightmares have only just begun.


Luyolo seems to love courting trouble, whether willingly or otherwise, and the repercussions are usually days of unpleasant news. He begins to cover some of his ineptitudes with layers of lies, and at some point, he gets so immersed in the lies that there is no way out without terrible consequences.


Oby has a somewhat matching energy on all sides and can flip both ways (good or bad), depending on the situation. She seems to have gotten in trouble that she is unwilling to share, and any discussion in that direction triggers her. She will do anything to salvage whatever she loves, but she gets a burgled home as compensation for her trouble. This drives her mad, and now, she must uncover the miscreant(s) involved.

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The Generations: The Legacy teasers intend to allow viewers to preview the happenings in the fresh episodes of this fascinating television series. This South African soapie has been a source of home edutainment to millions of viewers. It continues to offer insights into the everyday realities of average South Africans.

Where can I watch the next Generations The Legacy episodes? Upcoming episodes air on SABC1 Mondays to Fridays at 20:00 or on DSTV Channel 191.

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