Skeem Saam Teasers for May 2022: Chef Kgosi gets full control of Eunice's life

Skeem Saam Teasers for May 2022: Chef Kgosi gets full control of Eunice's life

Eunice starts living life in the fast lane after her risky ventures turn out fruitful. The immediate success blinds her as she fails to see the impending destruction. Eunice ends up losing everything, giving Chef Kgosi the opportunity to take over her life. Will she learn from these recent misfortunes? Keep reading the Skeem Saam teasers to find out how the drama unfolds this May.

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SABC1 soapie teasers
Skeem Saam airs on SABC1 from Mondays to Fridays at 6.30 p.m. Photo: @SkeemSaam3
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Koloi is desperate to locate Ruth after hearing rumours about her whereabouts, while Lehasa is happy when two key witnesses in his case lose all credibility. Elsewhere at Turf High, grade 8 students and the Principal land each other in trouble.

Skeem Saam teasers for May 2022

The endless drama at Turf High and Turf Hospital is landing some people into serious trouble in the upcoming May episodes of Skeem Saam on SABC1. Here are all the teasers on what to expect during the month.

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South African soap opera
Grade 8 learners punish Mosebjadi for snitching. Gif:, (modified by author)
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2nd May 2022, Monday: Episode 216

At last, Lehasa receives information on where his money is located. Nothing seems to be going right on Meikie's first day of community service, while Lewatle gives Mosebjadi the last chance to make things right.

3rd May 2022, Tuesday: Episode 217

The grade 8 students decide to teach Mosebjadi a lesson for being a snitch. Elsewhere, Eunice makes up a false narrative when her dad comes to her apartment with Babeile. An aged woman escapes from Turf Hospital when she spots Meikie.

4th May 2022, Wednesday: Episode 218

A student going through a traumatic experience wants to quit learning at Turf High. Meanwhile, an acquaintance asks Eunice to think about becoming a drug dealer, while a humiliated man has a hard time talking to his troubled wife.

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5th May 2022, Thursday: Episode 219

People start facing the consequences of Mosebjadi's punishment at the school while Eunice is living her best life, which is quickly headed for destruction. Meikie finds out that Charles was able to access her file of trade secrets.

6th May 2022, Friday: Episode 220

The Executive commits the worst mistake when she hands an irresponsible overspender her credit card. Babeile catches his daughter with a boy in a romantic moment. Meikie is doing her best to remain hopeful, but Mr Kgomo wants her to fall.

Local television shows
Eunice's friend advises her to consider selling drugs. Gif:, (modified by author)
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9th May 2022, Monday: Episode 221

The latest venture that Eunice sets up is part of a crime, and Lewatle tries to understand her position with someone who is likely to become her lover. Elsewhere, Meikie promises to accompany John to the cleaners.

10th May 2022, Tuesday: Episode 222

Eunice is convinced that Kenny took care of the mess he created, but he might not have fixed it. The teachers and Mahlatse hold a meeting, but it does not unfold well, while Mapitsi finds out that sister Beatrice has not been completely honest with her.

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11th May 2022, Wednesday: Episode 223

Unfortunately, Eunice is involved in a car accident. Will she survive? Mahlatse finds out that if one wants to break the rules without repercussions, they should become class leaders. Mapitsi agrees to help Sister Beatrice finish her GEPF application, but she discovers she is yet to work on certain things.

12th May 2022, Thursday: Episode 224

Pax finds a solution to the test results for everybody, while former workmates surprise Eunice when they come to see her unannounced. Elsewhere, Alfred accosts Mapitsi regarding her latest assignment.

13th May 2022, Friday: Episode 225

Chef Kgosi places Eunice in her place while the Magongwas' plan to be a step ahead of Thobakgale unfolds as expected. At last, the article that Mapitsi wrote is now on the shelves.

Skeem Saam local series
Pax incites grade 8 students to protest. Gif:, (modified by author)
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16th May 2022, Monday: Episode 226

Eunice experiences success after making a very risky bet while the Principal finds a way to vex the grade 8 pupils regarding the missing test papers. Elsewhere, Melabana reveals a life-changing detail to Babeile, while Lehasa is happy when two key witnesses in his case do not have the credibility to testify against him.

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17th May 2022, Tuesday: Episode 227

An intoxicated Eunice finds out that she was meant to be a musician, while Pax incites the grade 8 students to protest. Elsewhere, Mr Kgomo fears linking up with Sister Beatrice, but it appears there is no way out.

18th May 2022, Wednesday: Episode 228

Eunice almost loses consciousness when she finds out her bank balance. The Principal is humiliated in front of the entire school, while Koloi is left speechless when he finds out about Ruth's whereabouts.

19th May 2022, Thursday: Episode 229

Eunice's secrets are now out in the open, while the Principal's anger increases. Meanwhile, rumours spreading regarding Ruth make Koloi go on a blind search.

20th May 2022, Friday: Episode 230

Everything in Eunice's life goes down the drain, including her music career. Elsewhere, Alfred accosts the Principal regarding her unhealthy workplace bullying, while Koloi finally finds out where Ruth can be located.

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Alfred confronts the Principal regarding her workplace bullying. Gif:, (modified by author)
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23rd May 2022, Monday: Episode 231

Alfred is excited to embarrass the Principal, while Chef Kgosi is now in total control of Eunice's life. Finally, Ruth helps Koloi leave his misery behind.

24th May 2022, Tuesday: Episode 232

Alfred gets a disturbing call from the district office while Eunice's parents finally take action. Elsewhere, Ruth starts her walk towards financial relief.

25th May 2022, Wednesday: Episode 233

Everything about a shower prank fails terribly. Pretty agrees to return a favour that Eunice asks her but after she fulfils a certain condition. Meanwhile, Ruth is making positive progress with the GEPF claim and is already eying UCT.

26th May 2022, Thursday: Episode 234

Turf High's Principal has nowhere to hide when Celia unleashes anger while a derided addict steals Alfios's cellphone. Malebana is almost completing all his pension documents.

27th May 2022, Friday: Episode 235

Alfred is haunted by darkness even in broad daylight, while Solomon has no choice but to pay for Eunice's careless behaviour. Ruth has everything in place and prepares to return to Cape Town.

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30th May 2022, Monday: Episode 236

Celia lands an unsuspecting Elizabeth in a sticky situation at the medical facility. Nobody can tell where Eunice is as new details emerge. Is she okay? Ruth starts the 60-day countdown until she gets the GEPF.

31st May 2022, Tuesday: Episode 237

The Principal is asked to report to the police station, while Turfloop's physiotherapist is finally discovered. Meneer Manaka decides to suspend all the grade 8 students.

May 2022 teasers
Chef Kgosi gains control over Eunice's life when she goes broke. Gif:, (modified by author)
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What happens to the Skeem Saam cast members?

Here is a summary of what happens to some of the characters in the upcoming May episodes of Skeem Saam on SABC1.


Her friend advises her to think about becoming a drug dealer. She starts enjoying success but fails to see the impending destruction. Later, all her dreams come tumbling down after realising she has nothing in her bank account. Her situation gives Chef Kgosi the perfect opportunity to take over her life. Her parents finally take action, but it appears she is not ready to change as Solomon is forced to pay for her reckless behaviour. Eunice later disappears. Is she safe?

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Principal and grade 8 students

The Principal finds a way to vex the students regarding the missing test papers, but this rubs grade 8's the wrong way. Pax incites the students to go on strike, embarrassing the Principal before the entire school. Alfred confronts her about her workplace bullying, and she is later asked to report to the police station. Meanwhile, Meneer Manaka decides to suspend all grade 8 students.

From the above Skeem Saam teasers, your daily evening entertainment is going to be lit the entire May. Will Eunice learn from her mistakes? Ensure you catch up on the local drama by tuning in to SABC1 from Mondays to Fridays at 6.30 p.m.

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