Elif 3 Teasers for May 2022 episodes: Arzu is back for revenge

Elif 3 Teasers for May 2022 episodes: Arzu is back for revenge

Arzu is back from the hospital and is determined to seek revenge against the Emiroglu household. Her presence worries Melek, and the family panics when she threatens Elif again. What will Melek do to keep her daughter safe? Can Selim outsmart Arzu to ensure the family's safety? Keep reading the Elif 3 teasers to find out how the drama unfolds.

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Afrikaans dubbed series
Elif season 3 airs on eExtra from Mondays to Fridays at 6.25 p.m. Photo: @etv
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Serdar wants to take revenge against everyone, including his wife, Gonca. However, Gonca realizes that he has been fooling her and tries to catch him out. Elsewhere, Umit is smitten by Arzu and later confesses his feelings for her.

Elif 3 teasers for May 2022

The situation at the Emiroglu house will never be the same. Since losing Kenan, the family has faced endless setbacks, and things are getting worse now that Arzu is back for vengeance. Can Selim find a lasting solution? Here are all the Elif 3 teasers for May episodes.

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Turkish television series
Melek is concerned about Elif when Arzu comes back from the hospital. Gif: youtube.com, imgflip.com (modified by author)
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2nd May 2022, Monday: Episode 11 (424)

Elif and Inci do not want anyone to know about the accident, and they try to hide it, while Asuman is convinced that Erkut has feelings for Arzu. Melek spots a ghost from the past.

3rd May 2022, Tuesday: Episode 12 (425)

Asuman narrates fascinating details about the Emiroglus with Erkut and Arzu. Meanwhile, Tulay has a plan in place for Veysel's new venture. Someone steals from Suna, and Cevahir knows the thief's identity.

4th May 2022, Wednesday: Episode 13 (426)

Melek empathizes with Aysel while Emirogulllari experiences another serious setback. Murat does all that is necessary for the plan to work while Arzu discovers the owner of Doruklar.

5th May 2022, Thursday: Episode 14 (427)

Pelin tries to persuade Zeynep to continue teaching Cansu while Bahriye has had enough of Melek and the other girls. Elsewhere, Arzu seeks Erkut's assistance while Murat lies about being sick so that he stays home to carry out his other plans.

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6th May 2022, Friday: Episode 15 (428)

Arzu threatens Serdar with recorded evidence of how they conspired against Gonca. Serdar then tries to persuade Gonca to let Arzu live with them. Meanwhile, Melek is worried about Elif and informs Selim that Arzu was discharged from the medical facility.

May 2022 teasers
Serdar plans to take revenge on everyone. Gif: youtube.com, imgflip.com (modified by author)
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9th May 2022, Monday: Episode 16 (429)

The Emiroglus are frightened when Arzu threatens Elif again. Meanwhile, Serdar is determined to make everyone pay, including Gonca, while Aysel escapes to the farm to seek help.

10th May 2022, Tuesday: Episode 17 (430)

Aysel wants to commit suicide. Will Melek arrive in time to save her? Someone is stalking Melek, while things take a turn for the worst in Murat's love interest.

11th May 2022, Wednesday: Episode 18 (431)

Umit comes across a good-looking stranger along the way, while Murat's actions cause immense loss to his family. The Emiroglus are emotional when Elif decides to assist Selim.

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12th May 2022, Thursday: Episode 19 (432)

Cansu lands herself in danger, and Selim and Zeynep have to do their best to locate her. Someone is killed at the workshop, and people are convinced Yusuf is the murderer. What if he is not?

13th May 2022, Friday: Episode 20 (433)

Asuman tries to trade certain details to Gonca, while Aysel is under pressure from Kazim. The information that Elif delivers leads to Yusuf's arrest, while Zeynep looks for employment.

Elif on eExtra series
Someone is murdered at the workshop and everyone suspects Yusuf. Gif: youtube.com, imgflip.com (modified by author)
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16th May 2022, Monday: Episode 21 (434)

Elif has doubts regarding what she said about Yusuf, while Aysel has a hard time trying to overcome temptations. Selim does not want Aliye to help him while Zeynep reports to her new work.

17th May 2022, Tuesday: Episode 22 (435)

Murat has difficulty quantifying his self-worth while Feride is doing all she can to get help. Later, Melek comes across a horrifying sight inside the bookshop.

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18th May 2022, Wednesday: Episode 23 (436)

Melek assists siblings and hopes to make things right. Elsewhere, Umit is intrigued with Arzu, while Aysel finally agrees to meet the demands made by Kazim.

19th May 2022, Thursday: Episode 24 (437)

Aliye and Aysel's plan to frame Kazim unfolds as expected. Melek accompanies Ferhat to the police station to record a statement that almost lands him in a sticky situation. Gonca comes to know that Serdar is taking advantage of her.

20th May 2022, Friday: Episode 25 (438)

Melek is happy when Elif attends school on her first day, while Gonca comes across a crucial document. Arzu has come back to seek revenge. ut she is in more danger. ,Yusuf returns to his shop.

Elif on eExtra teasers
Gonca realizes that Serdar has been fooling her. Gif: youtube.com, imgflip.com (modified by author)
Source: UGC

23rd May 2022, Monday: Episode 26 (439)

Melek is happy when Elif attends school on her first day while Gonca comes across a crucial document. Arzu has come back to seek revenge.

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24th May 2022, Tuesday: Episode 27 (440)

Umit rescues Arzu and confesses he loves her. Melek desperately searches for Elif when she goes missing, and she eventually locates her outside the Emiroglu house. Meanwhile, Selim unearths evidence that shows Arzu is the one who abducted Elif.

25th May 2022, Wednesday: Episode 28 (441)

Elif recalls her traumatic experience while Selim wants the culprits to pay. Later, a firearm goes missing.

26th May 2022, Thursday: Episode 29 (442)

Selim feels he is being pushed to the wall. Is he ready to proceed with his plan? Gonca does not reveal the truth to Serdar, while Feride has a plan to make Elif feel better.

27th May 2022, Friday: Episode 30 (443)

Selim has shocking details for the family, while Umit reveals his feelings for Arzu. Meanwhile, everybody is concerned that things might change permanently for the household.

30th May 2022, Monday: Episode 31 (444)

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Elif returns to school and has to bid Findik along the way. Later at school, a certain pupil says mean things to her. Someone attacks Melek in the neighbourhood while Veysel lands a new deal.

31st May 2022, Tuesday: Episode 32 (445)

Elif lands in a sticky situation at school when a classmate frames her for something she did not do. Meanwhile, Veysel has a hard time handling his popularity, while Zeynep and Aliye are concerned about Selim.

May episodes of Elif on eExtra
Elif is bullied at school. Gif: youtube.com, imgflip.com (modified by author)
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What happens to the Elif 3 cast members?

The May episodes of Elif season 3 are full of chilling drama that will elicit mixed emotions from viewers. Will Arzu's revenge mission work? Melek is excited that Elif is back to school, but can she keep her safe?


She is concerned about her daughter's safety now that Arzu is back from the hospital. She is excited when Elif starts second grade but things change when she disappears. Melek eventually finds her daughter at the Emiroglu house, and Selim finds out that Arzu is the one who abducted her. Selim feels pushed to the wall and starts planning his revenge.

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Serdar tries to persuade her to let Arzu stay with them, unaware that the two had once conspired against her. She later realizes that Serdar is making a fool of her and tries to trick him into doing something wrong. Gonca later discovers a crucial document, and she decides to start keeping secrets from Serdar. Can she manage to bring the man down before he takes his revenge on her?

From the above Elif 3 teasers, the show's third season promises to keep you engaged. Will Selim proceed with his revenge plan? The Turkish show airs on eExtra from Mondays to Fridays at 6.25 p.m.

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