Legacy 2 Teasers for May 2022: Drastic change of the Legacy CEOs raises eyebrows

Legacy 2 Teasers for May 2022: Drastic change of the Legacy CEOs raises eyebrows

Felicity’s darkest secret is almost being uncovered, and Dineo, who knows everything, refuses to comprise. Meanwhile, Angelique is close to unearthing the truth, forcing Felicity to make the most drastic decision. Angelique later resigns, and Dineo takes over as the Legacy CEO. The sudden change of CEOs makes Gordon and Elizabeth suspicious. For how long will Felicity be able to cover her crimes? Find out how the drama unfolds from the Legacy 2 teasers.

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M-Net South Africa teasers
Legacy season 2 airs on M-Net from Mondays to Fridays at 7.00 p.m. Photo: @Legacy_mnet
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Charmaine is guilt-ridden after cheating on Willem with Stefan. She is confused about whether she should tell Willem the truth or let their planned wedding proceed. How will Willem react when the truth comes to light?

Legacy 2 teasers for May 2022

It is becoming harder for Felicity to keep her secrets and lie to stay out of prison. How does she handle her tricky situation in the Legacy 2 May episodes? Go through these teasers for more on the upcoming drama.

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Legacy season 2 teasers
Dineo refuses to make a deal with Felicity in the upcoming episodes. Gif: youtube.com, imgflip.com (modified by author)
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2nd May 2022, Monday: Episode 129 (When the skeletons come calling)

Dineo informs Angelique about the individual who murdered Sebastian, while Charmaine and Stefan have a hard time trying to work together. Dineo decides to put Sefako into a sticky situation when she asks him to choose which side to support.

3rd May 2022, Tuesday: Episode 130 (Fickle fortune)

Angelique stops doubting Felicity, and Dineo vows to find concrete evidence that will make Angelique believe her claims. Willem is back from the medical facility and is grateful to his family for looking after him. Meanwhile, Stefan and Charmaine are filled with guilt.

Denise is the winner of a Lottostar draw, and she decides to give some of her winnings to Robbie’s Bobbi Bear fund initiative. Her donation gives Robbie a fantastic idea.

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4th May 2022, Wednesday: Episode 131 (More questions than answers)

Angelique is almost getting the truth regarding Felicity’s actions while Denise organizes a special surprise for Janet. Willem has a hard time recovering after the horrific accident.

5th May 2022, Thursday: Episode 132 (The truth will come out)

Willem discovers a shocking detail regarding his mental illness. Dineo threatens Felicity with her past dark action, while Janet realizes the importance of family.

May 2022 teasers
Angelique almost finds out about Felicity's dark secret. Gif: youtube.com, imgflip.com (modified by author)
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9th May 2022, Monday: Episode 133 (The truth is a noose)

Felicity must come up with a convincing lie to avoid imprisonment. Stefan has to relocate after he and Chermaine tarnish the family home.

10th May 2022, Tuesday: Episode 134 (The thicket of lies)

Felicity is convinced that Dineo is ready to compromise, but it seems she is wrong this time. Dineo is ready to see Legacy falling rather than to make a deal. Meanwhile, Willen starts to suspect that Charmaine is hiding a secret.

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11th May 2022, Wednesday: Episode 135 (House of Secrets)

Felicity reprimands Dineo for being overoptimistic and accuses her of landing them both in trouble. Angelique has no choice but to make the difficult decision of disregarding someone she cares about. Willem is aware of the ongoing tension at his home, and he decides to accost Charmaine about the situation.

12th May 2022, Thursday: Episode 136 (Matricidal mania)

Felicity does not know what else to do to Angelique, forcing her to make the most drastic decision. Meanwhile, Stefan and Charmaine are afraid that Willem might have heard them talking about something he is not supposed to hear.

Local television shows
Angelique resigns as Legacy CEO, and Dineo takes over. Gif: youtube.com, imgflip.com (modified by author)
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16th May 2022, Monday: Episode 137 (Cruel justice)

The consequences of Felicity pulling a firearm on her mother are being felt. Will their relationship get back to how it used to be? Charmaine and Stefan are delusional and keep asking themselves if Willem knows what happened between them.

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17th May 2022, Tuesday: Episode 138 (Moving on)

Angelique steps down from the CEO position, and Dineo takes back her place at the top. Felicity bids Angelique goodbye and warns her to refrain from making the same mistake she made of being consumed by Legacy. Elsewhere, Charmaine decides not to inform Willem about her unfaithfulness so that the wedding can proceed as planned.

18th May 2022, Wednesday: Episode 139 (The Queen is dead. Long live the Queen)

Elizabeth and Gordon start asking themselves if something wicked led to Angelique’s decision to resign. Will they unearth the truth? A concerned Willem makes up his mind to accost Stefan and Charmaine.

19th May 2022, Thursday: Episode 140 (Playing with fire)

Elizabeth and Gordon are on a mission to establish the reason for the sudden change in the company CEOs. Dineo is having fun being at the top as she makes the Price family feel her anger after betraying her. Stefan and Charmaine struggle to find the best solution, and they suffer both physically and mentally because of the guilt. Meanwhile, Willem continues to suspect something is not right.

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Legacy 2 May episodes
Willem is angry when his wife-to-be, Charmaine, has an affair with Stefan. Gif: youtube.com, imgflip.com (modified by author)
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23rd May 2022, Monday: Episode 141 (First dance)

Willem is ready for the upcoming wedding, while Stefan and Charmaine have a hard decision to make. Dineo and Angelique have a heated argument that is temporarily calmed down. Elsewhere, Angelique and Gordon are left speechless when they find two strangers swimming in their pool.

24th May 2022, Tuesday: Episode 142 (Interesting visitors)

The Potgieter family gives a warm welcome to two important guests. Gordon starts having fears regarding the new visitors at the Price house.

25th May 2022, Wednesday: Episode 143 (All that glitters)

Maddie starts working on a plan that will make Gordon support her. Meanwhile, wedding preparations are underway, and Charmaine feels pressure.

26th May 2022, Thursday: Episode 144 (Betrothed and betrayed)

Chloe and Maddie start working on a plan against the Price family, but Gordon comes to their home unannounced. Is Charmaine ready to live with her secrets and proceed with marrying Willem? How will Willem react when her betrayal destroys a day that is supposed to be her happiest?

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30th May 2022, Monday: Episode 145 (Cheaters never prosper)

Willem wants to know everything regarding Stefan and Charmaine’s affair. Elsewhere, sisters Chloe and Maddie shrewdly gain Angelique’s trust, while Gordon plans something else.

31st May 2022, Tuesday: Episode 146 (Facing the music)

Maddie decides to take advantage of the kindness shown by Angelique and Gordon, while Chloe is left speechless by their genuine generosity. Later, Gordon talks to Robbie about his worries regarding Maddie, and he takes the advice seriously. Elsewhere, Charmaine is doing all she can to receive Willem’s forgiveness.

Legacy season 2 on M-Net
Gordon and Elizabeth want to establish why there is a sudden change of CEOs at Legacy. Gif: youtube.com, imgflip.com (modified by author)
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What happens to the Legacy 2 cast?

In the May episodes of Legacy 2 on M-Net, the Legacy company has become a haven for hiding deadly secrets. However, the increased interest in making the Prices pay for their betrayal might change all that.

Felicity and Dineo

Dineo threatens Felicity with her darkest murder secret. Felicity tries to make the former compromise, but she would rather see Legacy fall than take the deal. Felicity accuses Dineo of landing them both in trouble, and she also has to tackle Angelique, who is close to discovering the truth. After running out of options on how to deal with Angelique, Felicity makes the most drastic decision that leads to her resignation as CEO. Dineo then takes over and is happy to occupy the corner office as she plans to make the Prices feel her wrath for their betrayal.

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Dineo tries to make her see that Felicity murdered Sebastian, but she doubts it. Later, Angelique almost finds out the truth but Felicity is quick to act. She decides to step down as CEO, and Dineo takes over. The sudden change of Legacy CEO raises suspicions, and Gordon and Elizabeth are determined to find out the truth. Will the secret be uncovered?

Charmaine and Willem

After being bed-ridden following his accident, Willem is finally discharged from the hospital and returns home. Stefan and Charmaine feel guilty about his return after having an affair behind his back. Willem starts suspecting Charmaine is hiding something and confronts her about it. Their wedding date is approaching, and Charmaine does not know if she should keep the secret and marry Willem. She finally opens up on their big day and a vexed Willem refuses to forgive her. Is it the end for them?

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Your May home entertainment is going to be lit more than ever before, as seen from the Legacy 2 teasers. Will Gordon establish the reason for the sudden change of Legacy CEOs? Ensure you catch up on the local drama on M-Net from Mondays to Thursdays at 7.00 p.m.

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