Muvhango Teasers for May 2022: Imani and James’ marriage hangs by a thread

Muvhango Teasers for May 2022: Imani and James’ marriage hangs by a thread

In the previous Muvhango episodes, Imani and James’ son Lesedi ran away from home. James starts questioning Imani’s parental skills and even installs spy cameras in the house to monitor how she looks after their son. Their strained relationship worsens, and Imani starts thinking of divorce. Will their marriage survive? Keep reading the Muvhango teasers to find out how the drama unfolds in May episodes.

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Muvhango on SABC2 teasers for May episodes
Muvhango television series airs on SABC2 from Mondays to Fridays at 9.00 p.m. Photo: @muvhangosa
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Gugu stabs Azwindini after Susan, Vhutshilo and Kgosi help her escape the mental hospital. Elsewhere, Ndiwavho demands freedom while Nomasonto threatens to execute her plan against Vho-Masindi if she fails to play by the rules.

Muvhango teasers for May 2022

Azwindini gets ready to walk down the aisle after previously refusing to elope with Nomasonto. Will he realize Nomasonto is an imposter when it is too late? Here are all the teasers for the upcoming May episodes of Muvhango on SABC2.

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Muvhango May episodes
Kgosi and Vhutshilo plan to rescue Gugu from the asylum. Gif:, (modified by author)
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2nd May 2022, Monday: Episode 4067

Rose and Noma get Vhutshilo at the Royal house and want him to be taken into police custody for violating bail conditions. James finds himself uttering words he should not have said, while Tenda believes the self-harming child is a coward.

3rd May 2022, Tuesday: Episode 4068

Kgosi and Vhutshilo are on a mission to save Gugu, while Itseng makes James doubt Imani’s affection for Lesedi. Nothing seems to be going right in Ndiwavho’s life.

4th May 2022, Wednesday: Episode 4069

Vhutshilo and Kgosi only have one opportunity to follow Rose, but their mission is distracted when someone threatens to murder Susan. Will Imani and James’ relationship survive the recent test? Meanwhile, Ndiwavho’s saga has a drastic turn.

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5th May 2022, Thursday: Episode 4070

Tendamudzimu and Mpho accost Ndiwavho for trying to take her own life. Meanwhile, time is not on Nomasonto’s side as Gugu will not live for long in her condition. Vhutshilo and Kgosi reach the mental asylum for an impossible mission.

6th May 2022, Friday: Episode 4071

Vhutshilo finds Gugu in bad condition and tries to figure out the best way to get her out of there. The situation in Imani and James’ relationship takes a turn for the worst when Lesedi harms himself while Ndiwavho shocks her parents with a surprising declaration.

South African television series
James installs CCTV footage inside the house to monitor how Imani looks after Lesedi. Gif:, (modified by author)
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9th May 2022, Monday: Episode 4072

Susan starts working at the mental hospital while James criticizes Imani for something she has not done. Elsewhere, Vho-Masindi is threatened by Nomasonto with a particular plan if she fails to conform.

10th May 2022, Tuesday: Episode 4073

Kgosi, Vhutshilo and Susan set their plan in motion to get Gugu out of the mental hospital. Meanwhile, James and Imani’s tense relationship worsens when James decides to install cameras inside the house to ensure he sees how Imani looks after their son Lesedi. Ndiwavho’s disappearance worries Mpho, and she asks Tendamudzimu to utilize her contacts to locate her whereabouts.

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11th May 2022, Wednesday: Episode 4074

Gugu suffers from drug withdrawal, while Ndiwavho wants to be liberated. Imani finds out about the cameras that James placed in the house to monitor her movements.

12th May 2022, Thursday: Episode 4075

Rose finds out that Susan is pursuing her while Tenda decides to do things his way. Is there hope for Imani and James’ relationship?

13th May 2022, Friday: Episode 4076

Azwindini is ready to take her marriage vows while the Mukhwevhos go to the wedding, hoping that the ancestors will intervene. Meanwhile, Susana, Vhutshilo and Kgosi manage to get Gugu out of the mental hospital, but someone is seriously injured in the process.

SABC2 May teasers
Gugu has a nightmare about Nomasonto and later stabs Azwindini. Gif:, (modified by author)
Source: UGC

16th May 2022, Monday: Episode 4077

Susan reaches to Thathe before it is too late to prevent the reveal. James does not want to find a nanny to look after Lesedi while Mpho and Tenda play a game.

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17th May 2022, Tuesday: Episode 4078

Gugu gets a bad dream regarding Nomasonto, while Tenda has plans to fake being interested in counselling. Elsewhere, James speaks angrily to Lesedi.

18th May 2022, Wednesday: Episode 4079

James has to miss an important meeting to take Lesedi to the medical facility after he develops an allergic reaction. Susan is not happy when Azwindini decides to reward her for rescuing Gugu while Gugu wants Susan to be her friend.

Tenda is ready to fulfil everything on Ndiwavho’s list and wants to pick a date for their nuptials. Later, he manages to contain his temper after meeting a drunk guy when with Ndiwavho.

19th May 2022, Thursday: Episode 4080

Azwindini thought that everything was back to normal, but it appears he was wrong when a messenger comes with a message from the ancestors. Meanwhile, Imani is ready to end her marriage with James, while Susan is not happy with the excessive attention she is receiving online.

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20th May 2022, Friday: Episode 4081

Avhasei comes with a message from the ancestors that reveals Azwindini will be ruled by his wife. James is admitted to a medical facility after being involved in a road accident, while Susan is surprised to learn that people are talking ill about her on social media.

Muvhango on SABC2
Susan is upset when Azwindi rewards her for rescuing Gugu. Gif:, (modified by author)
Source: UGC

23rd May 2022, Monday: Episode 4082

Gugu stabs Azwindini. Will he make it? Meanwhile, Kgosi and Vhutshilo try to clear Susan’s name, while Imani and James have a hard time trying to make things work.

24th May 2022, Tuesday: Episode 4083

The royal council discovers that Mulimisi has returned from the mountains. James sends Imani a package while Shaz tries to convince Susan to take the invitation.

25th May 2022, Wednesday: Episode 4084

Gugu finds out that she is not expecting a baby, while Imani and James set their differences aside as they give their relationship another try. Nothing goes right during Susan’s interview

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26th May 2022, Thursday: Episode 4085

Mulimisi has heartbreaking news for Vhakwevho while James does his best to gain Imani’s complete trust again. Susan is gratified.

Local soap operas
James does all he can to regain Imani's trust. Gif:, (modified by author)
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What happens to the Muvhango cast?

Muvhango on SABC2 has been keeping South Africa entertained for the last 25 years, and its storyline keeps getting better. Here is a recap of what happens to some of the characters in Muvhango May episodes.

Imani and James

Their relationship worsens when they disagree on how to parent Lesedi. James refuses to get a nanny for the boy and starts accusing Imani of something she has not done. He even decides to install spy cameras in the house to monitor how his wife parents their son. James’ actions make Imani start rethinking their marriage and the possibility of divorce. After James is involved in a car accident, the two try to make things work as they set their differences aside.

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Her health is deteriorating as she suffers from drug withdrawal symptoms. Vhutshilo, Kgosi and Susan work together to break her out of the mental asylum. After returning home, she asks Susan if they can be friends and later stabs Azwindini after having a nightmare about Nomasonto.

From the Muvhango teasers, May episodes have a fascinating storyline and thrilling drama to keep you entertained throughout the month. The South African show airs on SABC2 from Mondays to Fridays at 9.00 p.m.

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