Giyani: Land of Blood 2 Teasers for May 2022: Will Mahlori's surprise work?

Giyani: Land of Blood 2 Teasers for May 2022: Will Mahlori's surprise work?

Khensani is in self-doubt after she decides to stick with being romantically involved with Musa and goes southward. On the other hand, Mahlori continues to be the man who will do anything to reach his goals, even if he must grovel to his superiors, but to what extent? Giyani: Land of Blood 2 teasers for May 2022 show you the mounting difficulties in the Baloyi household.

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giyani land of blood
Giyani Land of Blood cast members. Photo: @Giyani Land of Blood
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Giyani: Land of Blood 2 South African soapie tells the story of what is obtainable in modern-day South Africa after the apartheid regime. It is a tale of the struggle for power and land among prominent families. This will later result in creating influential members from formerly less privileged families. This month's teasers let you enjoy a sneak peek of the repercussions of some of the decisions made by characters in this series.

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Giyani: Land of Blood season 2 teasers for May 2022

The current season of Giyani: Land of Blood started airing on the 1st of November, 2021. With mind-blowing twists and turns, this month's episodes have some dramatic scenes you do not want to miss. Get to know more about the series by checking out the highlights below:

Episode 79 - Monday, 2nd of May, 2022

Manoko attempts to quench the fire that Vukosi had started while the Baloyi household encounters another scary situation.

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Episode 80 - Tuesday, 3rd of May, 2022

Mahlori does something that has a long-lasting negative effect on the Baloyi family, while Vukosi reveals some awful secrets.

Episode 81 - Wednesday, 4th of May, 2022

Manoko is confident that Vukosi will no longer be a part of their lives, but he has some devilish plots. Musa and Khensani will do anything to make sure that Mahlori is rescued.

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Episode 82 - Monday, 9th of May, 2022

Mahlori comes up with another foolproof plan to fulfil the promise he made to Kokwani, while Vukosi has more surprises in stock for Manoko.

Episode 83 - Tuesday, 10th of May, 2022

Richard is worried about Manoko's unusual attitude while Mahlori's day goes differently from what he planned.

Episode 84 - Wednesday, 11th of May, 2022

Khensani and Musa are experiencing the repercussions of sticking to love instead of family. Manoko's help arrives, but she cannot access it because she is missing.

Giyani: Land of Blood 2 Teasers
Khensani and Musa are experiencing the repercussions of sticking to love instead of family. GIF:, (modified by author)
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Episode 85 - Monday, 16th of May, 2022

Mahlori attempts to do something extraordinary to get some praise from his superior, just as Khensani must find a way to settle into her new reality.

Episode 86 - Tuesday, 17th of May, 2022

Mhani Tsakani and Mike intend to make sure that they are noticeable to everyone, while Mahlori must look for a way to prove some of his enormous claims, but this may be more difficult than it appears.

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Episode 87 - Wednesday, 18th of May, 2022

Manoko's attempts to recover some of her stolen properties are met with some hindrances. Meanwhile, the atmosphere in the Baloyi household is tense.

Episode 88 - Monday, 23rd of May, 2022

Khensani is beginning to second guess the wisdom of continuing her association with Musa. Mahlori may be more intelligent than most of his acquaintances realise.

Episode 89 - Tuesday, 24th of May, 2022

Mahlori's actions lead to mounting tension at the lodge. Khensani earns Mike's admiration and confidence for her, but she may be unwillingly getting into a single battle with Mhani Tsakani.

Episode 90 - Wednesday, 25th of May, 2022

The grudge between Mhani Tsakani and Khensani is increasing while Mahlori and Elias battle it out.

Giyani: Land of Blood 2 Teasers
The grudge between Mhani Tsakani and Khensani intensified. GIF:, (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Episode 90 - Monday, 30th of May, 2022

Unavailable teasers

Episode 91 - Tuesday, 31st of May, 2022

Unavailable teasers

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Mahlori's actions prove to be a bane in a family's peaceful existence while he attempts to devise a plan that will help him see out the terms that he agreed with somebody. When his plans do not work, Mahlori decides to impress his superior by doing more than is expected from him. His attempt to show proof for some of his theories may be an eye-opener for the people who do not regard him as intelligent.


When Khensani chooses to stick with her lover instead of listening to the hesitations of her family members, she later realises that she is inviting loneliness into her life. The weight of the repercussions of choosing love over family proves to be a little too much for her to bear, and she begins to second guess her choices. Finally, she gained the admiration of someone but only at the expense of a brewing enmity with another.

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Giyani: Land of Blood 2 teasers for May 2022 is your surest bet if you are hoping to familiarise yourself with the intrigues of suspense that await you in the fresh episodes of this television show.

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