The Queen Teasers for May 2022: Schumacher and Petronella's feud escalates!

The Queen Teasers for May 2022: Schumacher and Petronella's feud escalates!

In the previous episodes of The Queen, Petronella and Schumacher clashed on the best way to run the restaurant. They decided to bury the hatchet, but it seems Petronella went against her word. She starts taking all the credit, making Schumacher feel left out. How will things turn out between them? Go through The Queen teasers to find out!

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May episodes of The Queen on Mzansi Magic
The Queen television series airs on Mzansi Magic from Mondays to Fridays at 9.00 p.m. Photo: @Mzansimagic
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Mlungisi plans to get revenge on Hector and Harriet while MaJalu finds out the truth regarding the family business. Meanwhile, Brutus and his sons are also ready to make their enemies pay, while Petronella ends up paying dearly for her accusations.

The Queen teasers for May 2022

Thando and Bhambatha take their relationship to the next level, but Thando ends up torturing Bhambatha with her determination to find answers and seek revenge. Will their love survive? Here are all the teasers on the upcoming drama in The Queen May episodes.

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The Queen television series
Schumacher feels left out when Petronella takes all the credit. Gif:, (modified by author)
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2nd May 2022, Monday: Episode 201 (War of the Khozas)

Harriet accosts Brutus, and MaJali is not ready to tolerate it. Patronella is doing well, but Schumacher feels nobody cares about him.

3rd May 2022, Tuesday: Episode 202 (Beware of the green monster)

Hector advises Harriet on how to deal with Brutus' problem. Thando creates a distraction for Bhambatha to ensure she has more time on her hands.

4th May 2022, Wednesday: Episode 203 (Battle Lines)

Hector is ready to get rid of a foe. Elsewhere, Schumacher feels left out when Patronella decides to take all the credit for the party.

5th May 2022, Thursday: Episode 204 (Stolen hope)

Thando tries to persuade Bhambatha to purchase a ring for her. Harriet requests something that leaves Hector speechless, while Schumacher has a plan to steal cash from Patronella.

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6th May 2022, Friday: Episode 205 (Where is the money?)

Patronella is convinced someone is deceiving her in her house. Meanwhile, Bhambatha and Thando want to take their relationship to the next level.

The Queen on Mzansi Magic teasers
Hector plans to eliminate an enemy. Gif:, (modified by author)
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9th May 2022, Monday: Episode 206 (Guilty until proven innocent)

Thando's life is turned upside down. Elsewhere, Patronella is very angry with Schumacher.

10th May 2022, Tuesday: Episode 207 (Broken hearts)

Thando and Bhambatha try to figure out what to do after being heartbroken. Georgina arrests Schumacher after learning about his deceit.

11th May 2022, Wednesday: Episode 208 (Caught in between)

Hector finds himself caught between two unavoidable circumstances. He wants to help Thando get her revenge and listen to Harriet's voice of reason. Schumacher tries to contact Georgina but cannot get through to her.

12th May 2022, Thursday: Episode 209 (Escalation)

Thando is determined to make her offenders pay as she sets her revenge plot in motion.

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13th May 2022, Friday: Episode 210 (Broken trust)

Thando makes Bhambatha suffer as she searches for the truth. Hector is planning to raid Brutus' home, while Patronella is angry when she finds out that Mjekejeke paid Schumacher's bail money.

South African soapies
Schumacher's life reaches its lowest. Gif:, (modified by author)
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16th May 2022, Monday: Episode 211 (Down and out)

Brutus gets ready for war while Thando finds it hard to let go of her lover. Schumacher starts begging for employment.

17th May 2022, Tuesday: Episode 212 (Ups and downs)

Bhambatha receives a warm welcome back in the fold, but not everyone is impressed with his return. Meanwhile, nothing seems to be getting better for Schumacher when his lower keeps getting lower.

18th May 2022, Wednesday: Episode 213 (A poisonous end!)

Schumacher hits rock bottom, but there is nobody to help him. Bhambatha and Thando engage in something dangerous.

19th May 2022, Thursday: Episode 214 (Trust no one!)

Brutus gives his enemy a message. Meanwhile, Patronella feels double-crossed after a close individual wants to go back to the past.

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20th May 2022, Friday: Episode 215 (Strike while the iron is hot)

Harriet gets ready to carry out her plan against Brutus. Meanwhile, Patronella is terrified to learn that she has committed a big mistake, while Schumacher is homeless and cannot find a place to sleep.

May 2022 teasers
Brutus and his sons prepare for revenge. Gif:, (modified by author)
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23rd May 2022, Monday: Episode 216 (The attack)

The situation turns chaotic in the Khoza household. Meanwhile, Schumacher cannot believe it when he goes back to the Zulu household.

24th May 2022, Tuesday: Episode 217 (Lifeline)

The Khoza family tries to keep it together to help a wounded MaJali. Elsewhere, Thando attempts to right her wrongs, but her lover does not seem ready to compromise. Petronella's accusations end up costing her a lot.

25th May 2022, Wednesday: Episode 218 (Close calls)

Mlungisi has plans to make Hector and Harriet pay for what they did. Elsewhere, Schumacher is determined to see Patronella in prison.

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26th May 2022, Thursday: Episode 219 (New ways forward)

MaJali finds out everything regarding the family business. Thando and Hector do not agree on what the family should do next.

27th May 2022, Friday: Episode 220 (Revenge tastes good)

Schumacher is out of options while Brutus and his sons get ready for vengeance.

30th May 2022, Monday: Episode 221 (Everything has changed)

Bhambatha questions himself on whether he made a good decision. Brutus's decision leaves his family and Harriet in shock, while the return of Vuyiswa comes with an unforeseen revelation for Georgina.

31st May 2022, Tuesday: Episode 222 (Peace reigns)

At last, the Khoza and Sebata families are at peace. Georgina decides to burst Vuyiswa's bubble.

May episodes of The Queen on Mzansi Magic
Thando plans her revenge. Gif:, (modified by author)
Source: UGC

What happens to The Queen cast?

The Queen on Mzansi Magic is again proving it is one of the best local soapies. In the May episodes, many people want revenge, including Brutus and his sons, Harriet, Mlungisi, and Thando. Who will have their way?

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He feels left out when Patronella takes all the credit. He starts planning to steal money from Patronella, and she is outraged when she finds out. Georgina later arrests him for being dishonest. Mjekejeke bails him out, and he tries getting employment. However, nothing seems to be going right for Schumacher as he finds himself with nowhere to sleep, and there is no one to help him. He later returns to the Zulu house and is determined to see Petronella in jail.


She keeps Bhambatha distracted to buy herself some time to carry out her plan. She persuades him to purchase her a ring as they get ready to move to the next level. However, things start going wrong in her life, and the lovebirds are left to nurse their heartbreak. Thando starts plotting revenge and ends up torturing Bhambatha in her quest to find answers.

From The Queen teasers, the show has a thrilling episode line-up to keep you entertained throughout the month. The soapie airs on Mzansi Magic from Mondays to Fridays at 9.00 p.m.

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