Who is Hush in Batman? Everything you need to know about the character

Who is Hush in Batman? Everything you need to know about the character

Die-hard fans of the DC comics may pride themselves in knowing all of the characters centred around the DC universe. New DC comics fans may be especially left in the dark about certain characters. One of those characters people ask about frequently is the character Hush in Batman; since there are eerily similar traits between him and The Riddler. So, who is Hush in Batman? Here, we will discuss the character, origin story, storyline, etc.

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Hush gotham
The character Hush in the comics has a distinctive look that resembles The Riddler in the new Batman movie. Photo: @GothamMovies
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Comic book fans generally know that movie adaptation does not always follow the storyline of the original comics, their storylines and especially their characters. Instead, movies based on comics may include their twist on a superhero or villain, creating contrasts to the original or creating some similarities between plots and characters.

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The hush character is one such character that makes for a prime example of how some storylines can confuse fans or even create some valid fan theories on whether the characters are the same, inspired by the other or two completely different entities altogether.

Is Hush The Riddler?

So, is Hush The Riddler? Based on what we know from the comics, they are not the same person or character. Hush has a different origin story and storyline to The Riddler if we go on the original comics. Hush's real name is different from The Riddler's, for starters. Edward Nashton, who later changed his name to Edward Nigma, is the super-villain known as the Riddler. On the other hand, Hush is Dr Thomas Elliot, a character with a surprising background and come-up story.

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Hush DC comics
Paul Dano plays The Riddler in the latest Batman movie. Photo: @MGMarano
Source: Twitter

Is Hush Jason Todd or the Riddler?

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The question of 'Is Hush Jason Todd?' can be easily solved through a quick glimpse into the DC universe. Edward Nashton, who later changed his name to Edward Nigma, is the 'real name' of the character known as The Riddler, which we see feature in the latest Batman movie. But, on the other hand, Jason Todd is actually on the side of Batman. Todd first appeared in number 357 of the Batman comics in March 1983. This character was intended to take over from Dick Grayson as Robin; Batman's trusted vigilante partner-in-crime. But, eventually, Todd struck out on his own as the vigilante called Red Hood.

Batman Hush's storyline

The Hush DC comic concept is centred around feelings of jealousy, betrayal and destain. Thomas Elliot in The Batman is where the origin story around Hush is centred. Full name Dr Thomas Elliot, the now-villain has a chip on his shoulder regarding the Batman, which stems from childhood. Elliot also came from wealth and befriended Bruce Wayne when they were in school. Elliot was considered a child sociopath and attempted to kill his parents to get his hands on inheritance money.

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Much to the young villain-to-be's destain, Bruce's father saved his parents' lives since he had incredible surgical skills. Elliot grew to blame Bruce for his father's actions and used the own surgical skills he attained as he aged to work in his favour. He covered his face with surgical bandages, which became part of his villain identity.

Hush Batman's powers

Since the character is a regular person-turned-villain, he lacks unique superpowers. However, he has various skills that help him execute his extravagant, devious plots that usually end in chaos and death.

Hush DC real name
Robert Pattinson as Bruce Wayne in The Batman. Photo: @TheJokerFan2
Source: Twitter

Why did Riddler become Hush?

The Batman: Hush reference, which may have been done unknowingly, is likely where some confusion comes in for fans. The latest movie adaptation, dubbed: The Batman, sees The Riddler taunt the Batman through various letters as he uses his dark approach to 'clean up the corruption and filth' of Gotham City.

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The antagonist does this through cruel torture methods that require riddles to solve, or else the victim is left to suffer a terrible fate. However, the aspect that confuses fans is that The Riddler's aesthetic in the new movie is similar to Hush, based on the comics. The similarity in looks has created some conspiracy theories from fans, but it seems there is no correlation between the two villains.

Another aspect that makes fans wonder if The Riddler and Hush are the same people is a scene in the new movie where The Riddler highlights corruption during the Wayne mayoral campaign on live television and displays the word 'HUSH' on it. This action can be interpreted as a nod to the iconic villain of the same name. Still, some theorise it is simply a coincidence. He shows civilians how there seems to be a pact of secrecy between politicians and significant, influential figures in the city.

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Now that we know the answer to the frequent question: 'Who is Hush in Batman', we can better understand the intricate ins and outs of the DC universe and all the intriguing characters that each play a part in bringing the storyline to life.

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