Good Trouble season 5: Cast (with images), trailer, release date, episodes

Good Trouble season 5: Cast (with images), trailer, release date, episodes

After several months, Good Trouble, an adaptation of The Fosters, an American family drama TV series, will be back. Really? Is Good Trouble coming back? Yes, the American serial will be back on air. The show tells the story of two adopted sisters as they try to navigate their adult life in Los Angeles. So, when is Good Trouble season 5's release date? These details about the Good Trouble 5 cast, release date, episodes and trailer highlight what you should brace yourself up for.

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Is Good Trouble coming back?
The American drama is set to premiere on July 7th on Hulu. Photo: @goodtrouble on Instagram
Source: UGC

Why was Good Trouble cancelled? The American Sitcom was not cancelled; it was the original TV series called The Fosters, which ended in 2018. It is an offshoot of The Fosters on Freeform.

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The Plot

The romance drama is a spin-off series of The Fosters featuring Callie and Mariana Adams Foster as the main antagonists. They relocate to Los Angeles to begin the next chapter of their lives and settle at the Coterie apartment building.

Callie begins working as Judge Wilson's legal assistant, and Mariana begins her career as a software developer. As they transition into early adulthood, the two of them interact with their neighbours and the friends they establish.

They balance work, love, and friendship and discover that standing up for what they believed was crucial. It starts with episode 13 of the first season and takes place a few years after the events of the original movie.

Will there be a Good Trouble season 5? Yes, in this new season, only one of the two Foster sisters—Cierra Ramirez, will return, as Maia Mitchell returns home.

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Did Good Trouble get cancelled? No, it has not yet been discontinued. Season 5 of the series, which began in January 2019 with a thirteen-episode first season, will see new things turn. The status of Dennis and Davia's relationship is still up in the air; we might even witness a reconciliation.

Good Trouble Season 5
The TV show follows the members of the Los Angeles coterie as they balance work, love, and friendship. Photo: (modified by the author).
Source: UGC

What will there be in season 5 of Good Trouble?

It will be interesting to see the characters of Gael and Isabella played by Tommy Martinez and Priscilla Quintana, respectively, as the show returns. A major theme of the upcoming fifth season would be Mariana and Evan's new relationship and how it will impact their jobs.

Good Trouble Season 5 episodes

How many episodes will there be in season 5 of Good Trouble? Unfortunately, it is difficult to accurately forecast the number of episodes, as it has varied in past seasons.

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Whether Joaquin is successful in finding Jazmin may also become obvious. Things can get worse if Angelica presses Malika for information on her history. We may discover what happened to Alice and what plans Gael and Isabella have for their child. We will have to wait and see if Dennis and Davia can work things out.

Is there a Good Trouble Season 5 trailer?

Yes, there is a trailer on Freeform, and major turns and shocks can be anticipated in the fifth season, pushing the characters' boundaries. Everyone will experience issues because of the numerous characters and their interwoven lives.

These open ends might be resolved to allow for intriguing character growth this season. However, if Angela confronts Malika about her background, things could get even worse for her.

Good Trouble cast with images

The following characters will feature in the new season.

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Cierra Ramirez (Mariana Adams Foster)

Is Good Trouble coming back?
The TV show will be back in July 2022, and we will see more of one of the Fosters sisters - Callie's adopted sister. Photo: Matt Winkelmeyer
Source: Getty Images

She is a software engineer and Callie's adopted sister, who just received her MIT degree. Marianna Adams is of Colombian and Mexican descent, the adopted daughter of Steff and Lena Adams Foster and the biological daughter of Ana Gutierrez and Gabriel Duncroft and Callie, Brandon's sister.

Malika Williams (Zuri Adele)

Good Trouble season 5 trailer
Freeform's Good Trouble stars Zuri Adele as Malika Williams. Photo: Matthias Clamer
Source: Getty Images

The actress plays a bartender and political activist who resides in the Coterie with Callie and Mariana. She is also the Coterie apartment building manager. In the Freeform television show Good Trouble, Malika plays a significant role of a Coterie dweller with a passion for social justice.

Sherry Cola (Alice Kwan)

Is Good Trouble Cancelled on Hulu?
Sherry Cola, an American actress and comedian, stars as Alice Kwan in the show. Photo: Brian Bowen Smith
Source: Getty Images

Sherry Cola is an Asian-American stand-up comedian and actress from Shanghai, China. She stars in the role of Alice Kwan in Freeform's Good Trouble.

Gael Martinez (Tommy Martinez)

Good Trouble release date
He was hired in 2018 to play Gael Martinez in the upcoming 2019 television series Good Trouble on Freeform. Photo: Kopaloff
Source: Getty Images

Tommy is a graphic designer and artist who develops feelings for Callie. The TV star portrays the role of Coterie's resident artist, Gael, who is socially conscious and politically engaged.

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What do Gael and Isabella have in common in Good Trouble? First, Gael and Isabella have a child together. As the trailer opens, we see this even as their reunion is still a mystery.

Josh Pence (Dennis Cooper)

Will there be a season 5 of Good Trouble?
You can watch Dennis Cooper on the fifth season of Good trouble, which streams on Hulu. Photo: Matthias Clamer
Source: Getty Images

Josh is Coterie's oldest resident and an aspiring musician. So, is Josh Pence a singer? Yes, the actor is seen trying his hand at music in the episodes. He is a musician who sings Acappella and plays the piano, clarinet, and guitar.

Isabella Tavez (Priscilla Quintana)

Is this the last season of Good Trouble?
It is not clear whether this is the last season we will be seeing this American actress with the recurring role of Isabella. Photo: Bowen Smith
Source: Getty Images

Isabella is a lovely, friendly young model/actress who exudes confidence but is yearning for attention. She will undoubtedly stir things up at the Coterie with her outgoing personality and attractive appearance.

Other cast members include:

  • Maia Mitchell (Callie Adams Foster) is Mariana's adopted sister and a recent UCSD law school graduate. Did Callie leave her position as a defence attorney? Yes, Callie confessed leaving her position at legal aid in the third season's fourth episode because of major life changes.

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Will Callie return to Good Trouble? We do not know yet, but the screenwriter Joanna Johnson said in an interview that she will always be a family member.

  • Jamie Hunter (Beau Mirchoff)
  • Bryan Craig

Is this the last season of Good Trouble?

Season five of this TV series could be the final one. This is because The Fosters, the show's parent, had five seasons, and the drama series may follow suit and finish after season five.

Was Good Trouble cancelled on Hulu?

No. The show is still available to stream on Hulu. In addition, the fifth season began streaming in July 2022 on American TV networks.

Good Trouble season 5 brings you more than what you had anticipated. You cannot afford to miss the show's drama and storyline. Consider going through its trailer on video streaming sites like Hulu.

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