Man Claims "Cheating" Was Created by White People to Destroy Black Families, Mzansi Roasts Him

Man Claims "Cheating" Was Created by White People to Destroy Black Families, Mzansi Roasts Him

  • A Mzansi man identified as Lunga Thwema took to social media to share his personal view on the concept of cheating in romantic relationships
  • According to him, infidelity is a concept created by white people in order to break up black families, saying people aren’t ready for that conversation
  • Saffas clapped back, taking to the comments to share their views and opinions on his bold statement

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A local man may have bitten off more than he could chew after taking to social media with his views about cheating in romantic relationships. According to Lunga Thwema (@Thwema1), otherwise known as “Mr Red Flag” online, infidelity is a concept invented by white people.

Man, Cheating Created by White People, Destroy Black Families, Mzansi
A man's bold statement about infidelity caused a stir online. Image: @Thwema1/Twitter
Source: Twitter

He posted a controversial tweet where he wrote:

“Cheating is a concept created by white people in order to break up black families. But you guys aren’t ready for that conversation.”

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But boy was Mzansi ready to open up the heated conversation! Many people seemed annoyed and frustrated by Lunga’s views, saying he was not only being biased but also uninformed in his statement.

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What one person considers cheating, someone else may not. Nonetheless, cheating is unfaithfulness in a marriage or relationship. It can severely strain a relationship and the people involved.

Such affairs can leave the other person feeling devastated, alone, betrayed and confused. Sometimes, couples can repair the relationship. Other times an affair ends a relationship, or even more sadly, families break down leading to dysfunctionality in many ways.

Saffas clapped back at “Mr Red Flag”, taking to the comments to share their views and opinions on his bold statement. While few responded with sarcasm, others asked him to elaborate on his views and many put him in his place.

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@Nandi_hla responded:

“Sure. If your wife/ girlfriend gets with another man she is not cheating, they just want to break up the family.”

@Sibuh_ndlovu asked:

“Uzoya nje kodwa ezulwini Lunga mucabanga?”

@ThandoClementyn said:

“If you're saying that before cheating there was polygamy then that too was invented by a man for his own benefit. Not the benefit of society as a whole or his wives, there was no nobility there. Just a man wanting multiple cakes.”

@NeneAnathi reacted:

“Cela iThread uchaza, asizwa kahle.”

@lmavuya shared:

"Western norms are punitive, whereas Africans are interventionist. The term "cheating" criminalises, "akaziphathi Kahle, uyafeba" focuses on ill behaviour that can be redeemed. Africanness is rooted in humanizing. A "cheating" partner would be fined a cow. Not this western do or die!"

@_dinidontdie replied:

“Okay Idk how much merit this take has but I'm pretty sure we've grown enough to know right from wrong. I don't know about blaming a whole other race for what your partner chooses to do. Ai but that's just my opinion.”

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@RefilweMoromane commented:

“You’re living up to your name Mr Red Flag.”

@MokoneGalalets2 wrote:

“Y’all understand this but can’t understand that abandoning your kids is also breaking families? A man starting a new fam every 3 years, abandoning them, being problematic when it comes to financial aid knowing the reality of the costs it takes to keep the household going?! Men with 5 1st-borns!”

Saffas spill the tea on why they cheated

In a separate story, Briefly News reported that Mzansi is apparently not afraid to confess their cheating ways on a public platform with everyone reading.

We at Briefly News dared to ask a question many people don't want to know the answer to because sometimes ignorance is bliss. We asked:

"Have you ever cheated on your partner? Why did you do it?"

In fine style, Mzansi came out baring their souls and using a social media platform to air their dirty laundry. The comment section will have you in shock at the reasons people cheat and will make you feel like no one is safe from this five-letter word, including you.

Source: Briefly News

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