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Amanda Gouws avatar

Amanda Gouws

Professor of Political Science at the University of Stellenbosch
Amanda Gouws holds a National Research Foundation Chair in Gender Politics. Her research focuses on women and citizenship, women’s movements and gender-based violence. Her books include Overcoming Political Intolerance in South Africa and (Un)Thinking Citizenship: Feminist Debates in Contemporary South Africa. Gouws’ latest book is Feminist Institutionalism in South Africa: Designing for Gender Equality. Gouws was a Commissioner for the South African Commission for Gender Equality (2012-2014).
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Candice Lambert avatar

Candice Lambert

Mental health advocate and director at Kids Dialogue
Candice Lambert, with a background in neuroscience coaching, psychology, and business strategy, is currently pursuing her Master’s in Neuropsychology. She leads the Wellness Dialogue Group, supporting families with the Teddy Clinic and Life Healthcare. She’s also involved with the NPO Healthy Future Kids and runs the World Changers Holiday Club for children. Candice has been a featured speaker on TV and radio, including 702 and Newzroom Afrika, and serves as a resident coach on INX Prime Live.
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Jabu Zwane avatar

Jabu Zwane

Founder of The Mindset Development Institute and Success Mindset Summit
Jabu Zwane is an entrepreneur, keynote speaker, executive coach and facilitator. He has conducted workshops for companies such as BMW GROUP SA, Standard Bank SA and the TUT. He serves as an Associate Partner for Sewells MSX International and is a Diversity and Inclusion Facilitator at The Lenses Group. He is a non-executive director at Preferental Technologies and holds the position of Vice-President for the Professional Speakers Association of Southern Africa.
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Karabo Malope avatar

Karabo Malope

Architect at Prosite Plan Architects
Karabo Malope is an SACAP-registered Professional Architect. She holds an MTech (Prof) in Architectural Technology from the University of Johannesburg. Malope has worked on projects alongside the World Bank in Tanzania and designed public spaces in Dar es Salaam. Karabo is committed to empowering black women in the architectural industry with a platform to showcase talents and innovative ideas that meet Africa’s architectural needs.
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Lazaros Sumbane avatar

Lazaros Sumbane

Founder of Pro Love Salon and Pro Love Academy
Lazaros Sumbane is a qualified artistic and creative hairstylist. With over 14 years of experience, he excels in cutting, colouring, styling, weaving and crafting for special events. Sumbane was featured in the 2021 SABC3 show "A Cut Above the Rest". In 2018, Lazaros initiated a programme to give back to the elderly.
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Lungile Mkhize avatar

Lungile Mkhize

Director at Lungile Poultry Farm
Lungile Mkhize holds a diploma in Agricultural Science: Animal Production and a degree in Agriculture Management from Cape Peninsula University of Technology. She started her farming business at age 24 after saving a year's salary, together with additional funding of R50 000 from the National Youth Development Agency. Mkhize has served as a temporary faciliator for an Agriseta learnership.
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Mbali Nhlapho avatar

Mbali Nhlapho

CEO and Founder of Sisters at Work Cleaning Service
Mbali Nhlapho, born in Diepkloof, Soweto, is a housekeeper and managing director of Sisters at Work Cleaning Service (Pty) Ltd. Known for her cleaning tips on social media, the wife and mother of two advocates for creating homely and liveable spaces through cleanliness and hygiene.
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Merishka Megnath avatar

Merishka Megnath

Founder of The Wellbeings Practice
Merishka Megnanth is a social anthropologist and relationship wellbeing facilitator. In The Wellbeings Practice she offers holistic family consulting and education, re-parenting, and emotional regulation training. Merishka also mentors youth in transition at SAYes Mentoring, and creates content for Arhanta Yoga Ashrams and Online Academy. She was selected to present research at ASnA Anthropology Southern Africa 2011 Stellenbosch, and in Cape Town in 2012.
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Neo Nontso avatar

Neo Nontso

Chef and author of Dinewithneo Cookbook
Neo Nontso, popularly known as Dine With Neo, is a self-taught cook, food writer, entrepreneur and two-time international award winning cookbook author with over 570K followers across social media platforms. The former celebrity make-up artist made her way into the food industry in 2017 through her Instagram blog. She has worked with reputable brands across the globe through campaigns, partnerships, endorsements and collaborations.
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Nick Evans avatar

Nick Evans

Snake Rescuer and Educator
Nick Evans is based in Durban. He spends his time rescuing snakes (and people!) from households, conducting research on reptiles and educating the public on these animals in his blog The Mamba Mail. He researched Black Mambas, pet and snake conflict, human and snake conflict, Southern African Pythons, Green Mambas, Nile Monitor Lizards and more. Nick has been doing this full-time since 2015 but has been interested in reptiles his whole life.
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Nikki Symons avatar

Nikki Symons

Owner of Sweet LionHeart Online Bakery
Nikki is a graphic-turned-cake designer and owner of the online bakery Sweet LionHeart (founded in 2015) from Woodstock, Cape Town. Nikki completed her BA in Multimedia Design from Vega Cape Town in 2012 and has experience working for advertising agencies, online food publications and an online-based lifestyle brand. In 2019, she received Food XX Awards (Woman in Food, Bakers).
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Paula Quinsee avatar

Paula Quinsee

Certified Relationship Therapy Educator and founder of Engaged Humans
Paula Quinsee is the founder of Engaged Humans, facilitating connection between individuals and organisations to create a more human-connected world. She is a certified Imago Relationship Therapy educator and facilitator, NLP practitioner, PDA analyst, coach and trainer. Paula is also the author of two self-help guides - Embracing Conflict and Embracing No - as well as an international speaker, advocate for mental health and activist for gender-based violence.
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Penny Holburn avatar

Penny Holburn

Founder of Penny Holburn Coaching
Penny Holburn is a life, career and business coach running her own coaching business since 2010. She has spent 20 years as a consultant in psychological assessment, organisational development, personal and business change, leadership development, coaching and counselling. Penny has majors in psychology and industrial psychology and an MSc Cum Laude in psychology and has completed a Senior Management Development Programme through Wits Business School.
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Takkies avatar


Choreographer and brand influencer
Takkies is a brand ambassador and influencer, focused on female empowerment and wellness through dance fitness and self-confidence development. She is a choreographer and professional dancer highly experienced in artist development, live shows, music videos, product launches and corporate events. Takkies is a founder of Rockingnheels.
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Thokozile Sewela Nhlumayo avatar

Thokozile Sewela Nhlumayo

Political and social justice activist
Thokozile Sewela Nhlumayo, an advocate for political and social justice, founded the #NotTooYoungtoLead campaign and serves as the Secretary-General of the International Youth Parliament. She introduced the Women and LGBTQI+ Political Leaders Program in several African countries.
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Tshegofatso Seoka avatar

Tshegofatso Seoka

Managing Director at MS Simone Art
Tshegofatso Seoka, a SA Master's graduate in Fine and Applied Arts, is deeply influenced by African aesthetics, Afro-futurism and art theory. Seoka, a project manager, successfully curated exhibitions like Ms. Simone at the Turbine Art Fair and served as a public art facilitator for the US Embassy. Acknowledged as one of the M&G Young South Africans in 2022, Seoka envisions an African Renaissance in arts and academia, with a focus on decolonisation and queer theory.
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Xolisile Ellah Sikhosana avatar

Xolisile Ellah Sikhosana

Internationally Recognised Professional Chef
Xolisile Ellah Sikhosana, a professional chef and a food blogger (Food Bliss With Chef Xolisile), found her culinary calling through her mother's inspiring home-cooked meals. Later she became a founder of Shaka's Cuisine, an all-African cuisine shop and graduated as an internationally recognized professional chef (Capsicum Culinary Studio). With unwavering self-belief, resilience, and a diverse skill set, Xolisile is excited to share her exceptional talent and culinary creations with the world.
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