5 best computer courses in South Africa 2019

5 best computer courses in South Africa 2019

Computer courses in South Africa have a huge bearing on the country’s economy. In a fast-paced global economy, the internet is a magic potion that modern businesses need to make a quick buck over a reasonably short period. Computer courses equip students with the right skill and mindset towards the economy and other aspects of human livelihood, thus strategically placing them at a point of advantage in the market. However, the big question remains, what is the best computer course to study? Here is a list from which you can choose the best computer science course for you.

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Half the number of students ask, what is the best computer course to get a job? To be fair, you can leverage almost all computer skills acquired through objective studies to get a well-paying job that will sustain your livelihood. Both the hardware and software space provide good job opportunities for everyone hungry enough to make a career for themselves. Richfield courses are popular in South Africa. Courses that will position you well as a software expert include cyber security courses and software programming languages. Here are the 5 best computer courses in SouthAfrica.

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The best 5 computer courses that you can study online

1. VFX and animation

What is the best computer course to study?

PC training and business college and Richfield college among other institutions have discovered the importance of this course. VFX and animation courses deal with topics like 3D technology, visual effects, and graphics. The demand for these skills increases by the day. Animation professionals and artists are in high demand in the film industry across the globe. This is a result of increased consumption of animated movies globally. The quality of visuals in movies and other visual content has increased, thus the need to employ these skills more often.

With this skill, you can work independently, as a freelancer. The compensation package is good. However, it is wise to settle for this course if your heart is in animation and visual arts because this job requires a lot of work over long periods.

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2. Tally

Tally is a computer studies course that focuses on the computation of accounting data. Tally itself is an accounting software. This course teaches you how to use tally efficiently. It is trusted by most big organizations as well as governments to keep and transfer crucial financial data. Tally keeps updating periodically, and it is wise for you to keep abreast of the latest version. Once you complete this course, you can easily get hired in a private firm and secure a future for you and your family.

3. Cyber security course

What is the best computer course to get job?

The cyber space is increasingly becoming populated as the year goes by. The internet has become busy and most businesses and other basic functions are done via the internet. Crucial survival tasks like banking, paying bills and shopping are done online. This is making things easier for people at the same time, exposing them to security threats. Therefore, having technical knowledge of cyber security will go a long way in ensuring that you get employment in a well established institution.

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Cyber security courses teach you methods of how to ensure the security of people and businesses online. Once you are done with this course, you can secure a job as a cyber security specialist or brand yourself as a freelancer who deals with ethical hacking and security auditor.

Companies are looking for top brains when hiring cyber security personnel. This is because fraudsters are getting smarter by the day. The best companies offer great compensation to retain the best and smartest cyber security guys.

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4. Web & Graphics design

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This is one of the essential computer studies course that one can pursue. With businesses increasing their online presence, the need to hire a seasoned web designer is high. This course equips a student with basic programming skills – JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3 among others. It also teaches one about various graphic design tools. Some of the tools that you will understand at the end of the course include Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Bootstrap, and Acrobat among others.

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5. Software developer

This is a course that equips you with programming skills that you can use to create functional mobile applications as well as good software for your PC. Part of the lessons you will learn include: Software Fundamentals (MTA), Database Fundamentals (MTA), MCP, MCSA, MCSD Web Application Development, C#, Microsoft Azure, Python, Software Testing and Java Programming courses. With such programming courses, you can later on get online computer science degree South Africa.

Computer courses in South Africa are quite a lot, just like anywhere else. You can find one that is marketable and appeals to your interest. The secret is to find one that you can expose you to more opportunities. To do this, you have to ensure you are adequately qualified and that you have your heart fully vested in it. You can browse many free online courses that you can study at home and then find yourself a good freelancing job.

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