Free South African payslip template doc and download links 2022

Free South African payslip template doc and download links 2022

South African payslip template doc is an important modelling doc that allows you to create the perfect payslip for your employees. Just like the contract for employment, there are many laws and regulations involved with creating the right payslip. One of these regulations includes calculating the right taxes. Most employers go to paycheck calculator for calculations on tax withholding estimates among other calculations. Others have an integrated pay slip creation system that combines payroll spreadsheet, net employee pay, and tax withholding estimates.

Free South African payslip template doc
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It is important for you to choose a system, as an employer, that will take into account employee information, time worked (in hours), payroll payments and all the necessary calculations. For small businesses, an excel spreadsheet gets the job done quite well. However, for big firms, excel spreadsheets might prove unreliable. Do not worry though because you can easily find editable payslip template South Africa that you can adjust accordingly to create a unique payslip for your employees.

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How do I create a payslip for my employees?

Creating a payslip for your employees is simple when you use a free payslip template, South Africa. If you are a small business, you can hire an accountant who will help you automate specific tasks within your payroll software or OPS (Online Payroll Service), or combine several payroll models and tools. The good thing with a model is that it allows you to keep track of employee info, calculate payroll costs, organise schedules, and finally provide elaborate pay statements. We will provide you with several free payslip templates in Microsoft excel, word and Google sheet, which you can easily modify to create an efficient payroll for your business.

Tips for choosing the right doc

Using a simple editable payslip template is a quick way for a small and medium business to standardise their payroll process. The automatic calculations and pre-formatting save on time and allows you to make the necessary changes to the model according to your needs. In addition to these, the information that will be included in your payroll is an important determiner of the payroll policies, more so, if it is a new business. That said, here are some of the important qualities that you need to look at when choosing the right payslip model.

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You can look at this template pack to get a wholesome view of what is explained.

Easy to customise

Payroll models can be used by different businesses. They are however better suited for small and medium-sized businesses that do not need complex systems. Even these type of businesses still differ significantly, thus the need to find a model that can be modified to suit your specific business environment.


Find a model that you can fine tune to achieve the right degree of accuracy. The model should be able to accommodate all your business needs.

After locating the right model and adjusting it to the right fit, you need to counter check the information you have added so as to make sure that the template has everything you need. You should, however, ensure that you keep things simple because the model needs to be easy to use and understand by you and your employees respectively.

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The model needs to make things easier. It should save on money and time. If it adds paperwork, then you need to discard it and find a better model. Find a model that will ensure your workflow is very smooth.

Payslip sample

The internet is full of different payslip template samples. Most of which are editable payslip template South Africa pdf. They come in different formats. Some have an image section where you are supposed to add your image, while some do not have this section. However, all the models have the name of your company and the name of the employee. Here are some free payslip template South Africa and payslip samples that you can use:

Basic salary slip

Basic salary slip is of great importance for every employee. It shows the amount of money your employee is expected to earn without deductions. Here is a sample that you can use to model your company’s slip.

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Customizable salary slip

Customizable salary slip can be edited to create the perfect salary slip for your company. It contains an employee’s basic salary, Allowances and all deductions. It, therefore, indicates the net pay that your employee is expected to earn. You can use it to model your payslip.

Editable sample

South African payslip template doc
Source: UGC

You can find different payslip models including editable payslip template excel, which can be used to create the best payslip for your business.

Apart from these options, you can use software to generate and disburse your employee’s payslip. GreytHR is one such software. It creates monthly settlement payslip and reimbursements for your employees at once and sends it to their respective employee portals.

So, can I do my payslip? Yes, you can, as long as you find the right model or software. There are many Payslip template South Africa free download options on the internet that you can choose. Find one that addresses your particular issue quite well and use it. The South African payslip template doc should take to account the laws and regulations of South Africa.

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