30+ good excuses to miss work on short notice. Missing work has never been easier

30+ good excuses to miss work on short notice. Missing work has never been easier

Every now and then, we often feel overwhelmed by work. Most supervisors and managers prefer to get notified before you take time off. Failure to do that makes one look unprofessional. However, some managers understand that there are situations that do not allow us to give prior notice. What excuse can I give for not going to work? This article analyzes some of the 30+ good excuses that might be considered for missing work without raising eyebrows.

Reasons to call out of work
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What is an excellent last-minute excuse for work? Whether you want to miss work because of your friend, family, or just for yourself, you need a reasonable excuse to miss work on short notice. Find a good excuse that fits your situation here.

Reasonable excuses to miss work on short notice

There are several reasons to take a leave of absence from work. This article analyzes 30 plus good reasons to do so. Hopefully, a little white lie will keep you out of trouble.

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1. Personal illness

Whether genuine or not, it often seems to work. If you are not feeling too well or you have a contagious infection, it is necessary to call out of work. Many people have to work from home with the pandemic, but you would be considerably slower at work while ailing.

2. Appointment

We get swamped at work most of the time and forget to check our calendars. We might have had prior knowledge of an appointment, may it be therapy, general check-up, dental check-up, or counselling etc. As long as you cannot reschedule the appointment and your employer is familiar with it, they will permit you to miss work.

3. Family or home emergency

An emergency means urgency. This could be a child getting sick or injured, a car accident, a severely injured family member, unexpected surgery, or the demise of a loved one. A home emergency could be a pipe bursting, a broken car, a fire, or any other issue that must be dealt with immediately that prevents going to the office.

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4. Major purchase deliveries

When deliveries are being made, someone must be at home waiting for the delivery. Therefore, it is necessary to inform your boss that you have new appliances or furniture being delivered during the day. Inform them you are not exactly sure of the time, so you need to have the day off.

5. Missing pet

A sick pet is a traumatising and stressful experience. It is essential to let your inform your employer that you need to search for the animal as soon as possible before bad turns to worse. A situation like this will mostly take up a day if not two.

excuses to get out of work
What is a good last minute excuse for work? A sick, injured or missing pet. Photo: @mini.chihuahua
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6. Court date

If you have a court case, you must show up in court or you can be charged with contempt. You may have missed the dates, and if your employer is already aware of the case, there is no need to panic.

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7. Religious event/holiday

Whatever religious denomination you come from, a religious day, especially those not recognized as a holiday in your country, would be one of the believable excuses for missing going to the office.

8. Unavoidable circumstances that prevent you from going to the office

This can be something like heavy rains that made a tree fall in front of your car, and you have to wait for the relevant authorities to get it out of the way. Maybe the flight was delayed.

9. Car trouble

Car trouble is another commonly used excuse. This will earn you a day or two off. This method works well if it is used spontaneously.

10. Locked out of the house

Being locked out of your house is among some good excuses to call off work last minute. This cannot be used more than once; you have to be very careful with the timing of this excuse.

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11. Menstruation cramps

What is the best excuse to miss work? This is often reasonable, like a charm, and it only works for ladies. This should be done in a very suggestive tone; you can expect that there will be no further questions after this.

excuses to miss work on short notice
Cramps can really be a downer in the morning before work. Photo: @carolinamunhoz
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12. Schools closing

This is among the very believable excuses for missing work. It is necessary to let your boss know that schools are closing and you have to pick up your child from school; especially if it is a boarding school.

13. Visitors from out of town

This might be the case, but it may also be false. It, however, makes it to our list of reasonable excuses to miss work on short notice. Inform your employer that you are having visitors coming from out of town, and if you are not at home, you might not get a chance to see them.

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14. Babysitter cancelled

It can be cumbersome to be a working parent, especially during a pandemic. If you do not have someone to take care of your child while at work and your kids are not at school, you can do nothing about it.

15. Lost keys, wallet or phone

Losing your keys, wallet, or phone is a big deal and surprisingly a very common occurrence. Our phones hold so much information about us and losing it can result in having your identity stolen.

16. Moving

If you and your family are relocating suddenly due to a natural disaster or any other reason, you need to engage in this activity. Explain to your boss that this cannot be evaded and it is a true emergency.

17. Family problems

One of the bulletproof excuses to get out of work includes family problems. For example, if you have received news that your sister got divorced and kicked out of her house, so you need to help her resettle.

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18. Dental problem

If you have ever struggled with dental issues, you know how painful a cavity or an exposed nerve can be. This is one of the good excuses to call off work last minute.

Bulletproof excuses to call off work last minute, good excuses to call off work last minute examples
What's the best excuse to miss work? Dental cavities is at the top of the list. Photo: @riverroaddetal
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19. Food poisoning

Food poisoning serves as one of the good excuses for missing work and not calling. It may be humiliating and relatable. Your employer is not interested in the details and probably understand the discomfort you are going through.

20. Sore Back

This excuse makes sense if you are involved in work that could potentially cause further harm to your back. If you work while seated, it is necessary to explain the gravity of the pain as you need to keep lying down for long to restore your back.

21. Pet appointment

This is a good excuse to miss work on short notice. It can be used more than once if necessary and is often out of your control.

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22. Donating blood

Whenever there is an urgent need to donate blood, may it be for family members or friends. This would be among the most bulletproof excuses to miss a day in the office.

23. Death

The demise of a family member, neighbour, friend, or relative is a good excuse not to come to work. It would be best if you were not allowed to go through this issue while at work because you will be unable to concentrate and function at your best.

24. Allergies

Allergies are very seasonal and cannot be depended on. An allergy can be related to a chronic disease or something that can be treated.

What's the best excuse to miss work?
Allergies are a really unusual sick day excuses. Photo: @sius.doctor
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25. Migraine

Migraines are always complicated to deal with. You cannot be able to go to work when you are suffering from persistent migraines.

26. DMV appointment

No one wants to miss a DMV appointment. However, no one wants to go to the DMV, but this can be a very valid reason to miss work on short notice.

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27. Newborn baby

When there is a new member in the family, you must take part in the initial stages of the baby being welcomed. No one can predict the arrival of a baby, and you cannot afford to miss out!

28. Medical Test

If your doctor calls you in for a medical test urgently, there is nothing you can do about it. Inform your boss that you will have to go to the hospital first before coming to the office. It is a good excuse to get out of work.

29. When school and class schedules collide

You may be in a master's program, or your children study remotely. An understanding employee will push and help you achieve your life goals and ambitions by giving you ample time to attend classes while still doing your role in the office.

30. Computer problems

You will not be able to deliver work promptly if you do not have the proper equipment to use, especially now when most people work remotely. This could be a good excuse for missing work.

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Excuses to call out of work, What excuse can I give for not going to work?
Computer problems can be a menace. Photo: @iambarisavsar
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If you are plan to use these excuses, you must ensure that you do not have the fake illness and find a proper reason to need time off. Once you have found it, ensure that you inform the relevant parties; email them, text them, or call them. You should be honest and make your reason very believable.

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