Where to sell sports cards online and offline in 2022: best places

Where to sell sports cards online and offline in 2022: best places

One of the most important things you need to remember when venturing into the sports cards business or any business for that matter is doing your homework. You must research several aspects, particularly the best marketplace for selling sports cards. Lack of research will have you getting ripped or settling for very unrealistic prices. So what marketplaces are the best to make these transactions? Check them out here!

Best ways of selling sports cards 2021
Dean Fuller, owner of Nick's Sports Cards & Memorabilia in Dallas, Texas, pictured at his shop. Local shops are one way of selling sports cards offline. Photo: Kyodo News Stills via Getty Images
Source: Getty Images

Before the internet era, collectors of these items used to make their transactions offline. However, with technological advancement, they can now consider selling their merchandise either online or offline. So how do they choose a marketplace and what are some of the marketplaces to consider when selling sports cards? Take a look!

Best venues for selling sports cards online and offline

Before we look at these platforms, there are several questions we need to answer about the sale of baseball cards. The first one is what is the best guideline to use to learn how to start selling sports cards?

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It should be one that clearly explains the step by step structure of selling these items. Although the process may differ among different sellers, some of the basics that are common in all processes include:

  • Confirming the relevant statistics such as year and manufacturer
  • Identifying the star items you have by doing a quick run-through on Google
  • Validating their condition by looking to see if they have any defects and if they can be rectified
  • Learning the operational process of the grading system to comprehend how these are assigned points
  • Checking the recent sales of the items to determine how much they can fetch
Selling sports cards online and offline 2021
Is selling sports cards profitable? Indeed it is if you have vintage cards and those with fewer defects. Photo: Mindy Schauer/Digital First Media/Orange County Register via Getty Images
Source: Getty Images

Are sports cards still worth money? They are, especially if you have valuable cards. How much should I sell my sports cards for? The price will vary as each item has a different worth based on the star on it, age, and presence or absence of defects. Vintage ones tend to fetch more in the market, going for hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

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What is the best way to sell trading cards? It may come down to preference or the most accessible platform. For example, if you prefer Amazon, then you may choose to be selling sportscards on Amazon. Similarly, if you google ‘selling sports cards near me’ and the search shows local shops, you may end up selling the items offline.

How can I sell a lot of sports cards? It may come down to the items in your possession. You will sell a whole lot of them if you have vintage items or those with fewer defects. Nonetheless, it also depends on your selling capacity and ability to convince a buyer.

With that in mind, let us now look at the best platforms for selling sports cards online and offline. They are as follows:


Selling sports cards online
eBay is one of the best platforms of selling sports cards. It is flooded with buyers, meaning the chances of making a sale are high. Photo: Thiago Prudencio/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images
Source: Getty Images

One excellent site for selling sports cards online is eBay. The platform allows you to post a picture of the items you are selling and provide a brief description of their condition. If it does not have a blemish or crease and is in pristine condition, it will fetch higher and also sell quickly.

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Note that selling sportscards on eBay taxes you a particular amount. For example, if the sale amounts to $7, 500 and above per item, you are taxed 12.35% of the figure. However, if the total sales are over $7, 500, the tax rate is 2.35%


Check out my collectables (COMC) is another online platform to consider when selling sports cards collection or top-selling sports cards. The site Selling sports cards: Best ways to sell sports cards online and offline to sports enthusiasts as it only deals with the sale of such merchandise. You will most likely get a huge collection of autographed stuff here or single baseball merchandise from specific players. You may want to look at this site if you want to sell baseball cards.


Selling sports cards on Facebook
Facebook is one of the best online marketplaces of selling sports cards. Find a suitable group, engage with them and proceed to make your sales. Photo: CHRIS DELMAS/AFP via Getty Images
Source: Getty Images

Selling sports cards on Facebook marketplace groups is also pretty common. All you have to do is find a group of collectors, get in touch with them, and start selling your products.

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Beckett is among the most popular platforms for making these transactions. It is a large marketplace, meaning the chance of selling are high as there are numerous individuals looking for different items.

Auction houses

Auction houses are excellent choices on where to sell sports cards that are a bit pricy. With this option, you never know how things could turn out. The only thing you can do is set a price and hope for an amazing offer.

What is the best auction house for sports cards? There are a couple, including PWCC Market, Heritage Auctions Sports, and Pristine Auction.

Card dealers and shops

Selling sports cards at shops
Sports cards can also be sold at shops. Good display and advertisement will have clients knocking your way in no time. Photo: Barrie Fanton/Education Images/Universal Images Group via Getty Images
Source: Getty Images

What is an example of a target shop selling sports cards? Try shops established by card dealers. They buy vintage items and you can possibly sell to them if you want to dispose your merchandise quickly.

Blowout Forums

This is an online hub of collectors who are open to buying, selling, and trading these items. You can, therefore, consider this platform if you are selling trading cards and would like to engage with other sellers. It is an excellent opportunity still for someone who wants to learn how to sell sports cards due to the massive interaction of sports enthusiasts.

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Selling sports cards is a very good business venture so long as you have decent items and the right platform. You can sell them online on sites like Facebook, COMC, Beckett, and eBay. Similarly, you can sell them offline at card dealer shops.

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