South African Military Health Service: academic qualifications, application requirements, training

South African Military Health Service: academic qualifications, application requirements, training

Are you looking to join the South African Military Health Service? Here are all the detailed facts of the organization and the qualities you have to meet to join. The SAMHS is part of the SANDF that deals with the training and allocating of health personnel within the force.

The South African Military Health Service
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After the birth of the SANDF out of the integration of the old SADF and other resistance movements, the SAMHS was formed on 1st July 1979. The Service incorporates other South African Military Health Services such as psychology, veterinary, and other social work branches.


The Health mission is 'to support the SANDF by providing quality health services for the full range of armed forces deployments and to sustain the health members and armed forces and their families, and others eligible for SAMHS.'

how do i join the south african military health service?
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SAMHS structure

The headquarters of the Health Service is in Gauteng, Pretoria. SAMHS operates three hospitals: The 1 Military Hospital in Pretoria and two others in Cape Town and Bloemfontein. The current Lieutenant General and Surgeon general of SAMHS is Aubrey Phegelelo Sedibe, and he has been in office since 2013.

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The Service also has four specialized units, including the Institute of Aviation Medicine, the Institute of Maritime Medicine, the Military Veterinary Institute, and the Military Psychological Institute. They provide comprehensive medical care for the armed forces and those who depend on them.

The SA Military Health Service departments

  • There is the regional medical command whose purpose is to provide support to the Army's units, hospitals, and unit sickbays in their respective regions.
  • The Medical Logistics Command is responsible for the logistics of pharmaceuticals, medical and surgical supplies, medical equipment, and any other devices needed to support the doctors and nurses in the Army.
  • The Medical Training Command oversees the South African Medical Institution, the South African Military Health Service Nursing College, and the SAMHS Training Centre. This unit has also partnered with other establishments such as the University of South Africa to provide a four-year training programme in nursing.

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South African Military Academy

The SAMHS also works with the SA Military Academy, which is another unit of the SANDF, to provide private military training for civilians in South Africa. The Academy houses the School of Military at the University of Stellenbosch, offering a three-year bachelor's degree in Military Science, which includes the fields of Natural science and Social sciences. The Academy offers postgraduate programmes at the masters and doctorate levels.

The South African Military Health Service
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How do I join the South African Military Health Service?

The SAMHS works with the Military Skills Development System to recruit citizens, allowing them to join private military training South Africa.

The South African Military Health Service requirements

To join the Service, one must:

  • Be an SA citizen (no dual citizenship)
  • Be preferably single
  • Not bound to a certain area
  • Have no criminal record
  • Be physically and medically fit
  • Be 26 years if you have a degree or a diploma
  • Be 18-22 years having completed grade 12

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To join, find the South African Military Health Service application forms 2020 online, fill them in, submit, and wait.

Q & A

Here you will find the answers to the most frequent questions.

How much do SANDF soldiers earn?

SANDF soldiers earn from R99K to 262k a year, while registered nurses earn between R158K and R265K a year. Senior Accounting clerks make between R46k and R291K yearly.

Who can go to the military hospital?

Only the Army and their dependents can be served in an armed forces hospital.

The South African Military Health Service is a vital unit in SA, not only providing medical services to its people but also creating employment opportunities for the youth. Apply now and get to learn new skills as well as serve your Nation.

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