"This Is a Historic Moment": WHO Recommends Earthshattering Malaria Vaccine Use for Children

"This Is a Historic Moment": WHO Recommends Earthshattering Malaria Vaccine Use for Children

  • Children in African countries can now get vaccinated against malaria following the World Health Organization's approval
  • The news about the WHO's recommendation has been received well by people from all around the world
  • The WHO says it conducted a study that comprised 800 000 children from African regions such as Kenya

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JOHANNESBURG - The World Health Organization is finally giving the thumbs-up for the RTS,S/AS01 (RTS,S) malaria vaccine to be used for young children living in African regions.

This groundbreaking recommendation by the international health body comes after trials had been conducted in Ghana, Kenya and Malawi.

WHO, Malaria Vaccine Use for Children, African regions
Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus of the World Health Organization says the approval of the malaria vaccine for children is a historic moment. Image: Fabrice Coffirn / AFP
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According to GoodGuyThings, approximately 800 000 children from these regions were part of a pilot programme conducted by the WHO.

WHO Director-General Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus says this is a breakthrough for science and the prevention of malaria as well as the health of children.

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“This is a historic moment. The long-awaited malaria vaccine for children is a breakthrough for science, child health and malaria control,” said Ghebreyesus.

According to the World Health Organization, malaria is still the leading cause of sickness and mortality among children in Sub-Saharan Africa, with over 260 000 children below the age of five dying from the disease every year.

WHO notes that malaria kills one child every two minutes.

Global reaction to the World Health Organization's announcement about the malaria vaccine

The news that children can now get vaccinated against malaria has had many reactions from people all over the globe. Some people have highlighted how there has not been that much investment in the malaria vaccine as compared to the Covid 19 vaccine.

Here's what they had to say:

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@shmr50 said:

"Somehow, I don't expect vaccine resisters to rise in righteous wrath to prevent millions of African children from being vaccinated 'against their will'."

@JavierHGuzmanC said:

"Encouraging step forward. BUT rather than a sweeping, one-size fits all recommendation, @WHO should have given more nuanced guidance that took different countries' economic and health situations into account. You can read more about the issue @CGDev"

@pleadcharlie said:

"Be interesting to see if there any anti vaccination protests in Africa like we have here in the good old USA."

@VeritasFerre said:

"Huge news! This could change the whole family dynamic in Africa and lead to even bigger changes across society. Just hope 1st world countries continue to offer support as it will most definitely still be needed."

@Kennethmwirich2 said:

"Let's learn to celebrate the little victories. But this is a big one. Anything that can save lives is welcome. Pease let us educate everyone on the benefits of these vaccines. Even the sceptics now were saved by vaccines when they were little. 30 years in the making."

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@gibrilnjie said:

"Unfortunately then that there has been little investment in the development of a malaria vaccine. Compare this with the numerous coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccines developed within a record speed time of months and in less than a year… (2/3)"

@April02233545 said"

"Awesome. And no protests or violent outrage against this. Hmmm. Maybe our country should take a better look outside of our boundaries and learn. #wishes"

@gagaslick said:

"This is commendable, great. I hope that the vaccine has been fully tested for safe use in humans."

@landomoes said:

"Nooooo. Not another vaccine! Imagine all the lives that will be saved."

Network issues arise as SA launches digital Covid 19 vaccine certificate

Briefly News previously reported that South Africa has officially launched its digital Covid19 vaccine certificate which contains a QR Code that can be scanned. It was launched on Tuesday, 5 October, by the South African Department of Health.

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Reports state that the Vaccine Certificate System went live without being announced. The development of the system follows Government's move to adjusted Alert Level 1 while creating solid and certifiable evidence of vaccination.

Currently, the vaccine passport system is only accessible to South Africans who have been fully vaccinated against the virus. It is necessary for users to fill in details which include the EVDS code, according to Business Insider.

Source: Briefly News

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