What happened to Andy Bassich of Life Below Zero? His bio

What happened to Andy Bassich of Life Below Zero? His bio

If you have been watching the famous Life Below Zero documentary television series on subsistence hunters' lives in Alaska's remote areas, you should know Andy Bassich. He was away from the show for a long time, only for him to appear in crutches. Surprised, most fans began to ask what happened to him.

Andy Bassich
Andy Bassich of Life Below Zero. Photo: @NatGeoTV
Source: Twitter

The Life Below Zero series exposes viewers to the challenging winter in Alaska and residents' resilience in staying a step ahead of storms to survive the season. BBC Worldwide produced the television series which broadcasts on National Geographic. When Andy, most fans' favourite cast member, went off-camera, it was glaring because of the outstanding performance he had been delivering.

Andy Bassich profile

  • Real name: Andy Bassich
  • Date of birth: 25 January 1958
  • Andy Bassich's age: 63 years old
  • Birthplace: Washington D.C, United States
  • Zodiac sign: Aquarius
  • Nationality: American
  • Ethnicity: White
  • Height: 1.81m
  • Marital status: In a relationship
  • Girlfriend: Denise
  • Education: Kennedy High School
  • Occupation: Reality TV personality

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Who is Andy Bassich?

Andy Bassich is an American television personality famous for his role on the television series, Life Below Zero. He was born on the 25th of January, 1958, in Washington DC, the United States of America. This makes him 63 years old in 2021. His family lived a humble life because of the financial challenges they faced. To make ends meet, Andy ended up as a carpenter. He attended John F. Kennedy High School but could not further his education.

After developing an interest in rearing dogs and hunting, he moved to Alaska to be a musher and supplemented it with other menial jobs to augment what he was earning. He did his mushing work exceptionally well and ended up landing a role on the Life Below Zero television show.

Besides his feature on Life Below Zero, the TV personality has also featured in a few other shows, including Sue Aikens, Jessie Holmes, and Chip and Agnes Hailstone. Unfortunately, a flood broke out in 2009 that made him lose his possessions. He has more than 25 sledge dogs, and he makes his abode around river Yukon.

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What happened to Andy Bassich of Life Below Zero?

Unfortunately, Andy sustained an injury when he was moving a snow machine that was stuck in the snow. He sustained two infections, one in the muscle and the other in the bone, which nearly took his life.

So, why did Andy Bassich leave the show? He left the Last Frontier to get better treatment in Florida since Alaska's facilities could not effectively treat his injuries. During an interview, he said:

I've been gone for six months due to a really bad hip injury. [I] couldn't get the treatment I needed in Alaska so I headed down to Florida to get the treatment I needed and spent the last six months with my girlfriend Denise.

Although he was away from the camera, he saw the opportunity to get back to his home and catch some fun, while getting his house back in order. According to him, he had to get back to his home in "Calico Bluff, play a little bit of catch up this summer with getting my dogs back down there, getting my house back in order." The house had been unmanned and unguarded for six months.

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Andy Bassich's wife

Andy Bassich and Kate Rorke met in 2003. Andy worked as a riverboat captain as of that time while Kate was on vacation at the Alaska Wilderness. Within a short period, they fell in love and got married.

Andy Bassich
L-R: Sue Aikens, Andy Bassich and Kate Rorke speak on stage. Photo: @Frederick M. Brown
Source: Getty Images

What happened to Andy Bassich and Kate?

According to Kate, Andy Bassich and Kate announced they were calling it quits in 2015 because the relationship was mentally and physically abusive. After a year, their divorce was finalized, and Kate moved away, which brought an end to her time on the Nat Geo series. In a video recording that she posted a few years after, she said:

It's good to be home. The memories are good, the friends are good, and it's nice to be around people who have known me since the beginning of time it seems as we get older... You guys, you all got me here and you saved my life in a way, so love to you. Over and out.

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Andy Bassich and Denise Becker

Later on, Andy met Denise Becker, who became his girlfriend. Denise is a Canada-born trauma nurse from Florida. She grew up on a farm in northern Saskatchewan. Both met on a canoe trip. Fortunately for them, she was a trauma nurse when Andy got his hip treatment, which brought them back again.

His resolve to have a partner is because of the life he lives in Alaska. In his words, he said, "If I didn't have a partner to help me, there's no way I could've come back here and accomplished what I need to do."

Is Andy Bassich still with Denise?

Based on a post shared on Life Below Zero's page on Facebook, both of them are still together. According to the post, the two lovers "head into the town of Eagle to collect their mail when along the way, they spot caribou crossing the river."

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How does Andy Bassich make money?

Considering the time Bassich spent on Life Below Zero show, most of his earnings must have come from his roles. From reports, he made about $100,000 annually with minimal expenses.

Moreover, he reportedly operates a survival camp, where he offers both classroom and outdoor lessons on survival strategies. Those who sign up for the course can get 20 days of exposure to the wilderness, use dog sledges, and travel by boat. Although it is unknown how much he makes from it, this source of income must have contributed to his annual earnings.

How much is Andy Bassich worth?

As of 2021, the television star was worth around $250,000. Even though he lost his possessions to a flood in 2009, he has managed to achieve something.

Is Andy Bassich still on Life Below Zero?

Considering what happened to Bassich, a major question people have been asking is whether the actor is still on the show or not. The good news is that Andy is still on the show.

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While preparing for the new season's premiering on the 1st of January, 2021, he was spotted posing in celebration of the show's 150th episode. He is celebrated as a long-time resident of the Yukon Territory.

Despite all that happened to Andy Bassich of Life Below Zero, it is interesting that the television personality is still on the show.

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