Marli Van Breda age, family, speaks out, where she is today and injuries

Marli Van Breda age, family, speaks out, where she is today and injuries

Marli Van Breda survived a murder attack by her brother, Henri, in January 2015 in South Africa. He killed their parents and an older brother. Marli, the family's youngest member, escaped death but sustained severe injuries. The article delves into the murder case. It also unveils Henri's whereabouts and Marli's inheritance after their parents' death.

Marli van Breda's story
Marli van Breda swearing a pink attire on a sunny day. Photo: @marli.vanbreda (modified by author)
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Marli Van Breda's recovery process involved battling retrograde amnesia. She could not recollect events at her family murder incident. Henri was convicted in May 2018 and is serving a life sentence. Learn more about Marli and the van Breda story below.

Profile summary

Full nameMarli van Breda
Year of birth1999
Place of birthAustralia
Age24 (as of 2024)
NationalitySouth African
FatherMartin van Breda (late)
MotherTeresa (late)
SiblingsRudi van Breda (late) and Henri van Breda
Hair colorBlonde
Eye colorBlue

Marli van Breda's family

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Marli van Breda was born in October 1999 in Australia in a wealthy family. Her 54-year-old father, Martin van Breda, owned at least 25 companies and was a managing director of Engel & Völkers (the Australian branch).

Marli van Breda's mother, Teresa, was a Computer Science graduate from the University of Johannesburg. She was 55 at the time of death. Marli had two older brothers, Rudi and Henri.

Marli van Breda
Marli van Breda wearing a sweater, standing at a rocky place, and skating. Photo: @marli.vanbreda (modified by author)
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The 22-year-old Rudi was a master's degree student at the University of Melbourne in Australia. It is believed the 20-year-old Henri was addicted to narcotics and spent time at a rehabilitation center in Cape Town.

The family lived in Perth, Australia, before relocating to South Africa in 2014. They had a luxurious home in De Zalze Golf Estate, 10 Allemann Street in South Africa.

How old is Marli van Breda now?

Marli van Breda's age is 24 this year. She was in Australia in October 1999 and was 16 in 2015 when her brother murdered the family.

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What happened to the van Breda family?

Marli van Breda could not vividly remember what happened on the evening of 27th January 2015. Her parents and brother, Rudi, were found dead in their home in Stellenbosch with severe axe injuries.

Marli was in critical condition, having sustained serious head injuries. Her other sibling, Henri, had minor knife wounds and was covered in blood.

Marli van Breda's family murder
Marli van Breda's family posing for a picture. Photo: @ewnupdates
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What injuries did Marli van Breda sustain?

Marli sustained cut wounds to her head. She was rushed to an intensive care unit and underwent extensive surgery and physiotherapy for a few months.

Marli was later diagnosed with retrograde amnesia and could not recollect what occurred on the evening of the attack. She returned to school but was separated from Henri. They lived with relatives while he continued to plead innocent.

Henri van Breda trial and court proceedings

After a year and a half of investigations, the police requested Henri to hand himself over. He did that on 13th June 2016 and was released on R100,000 bail on 14th June.

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According to court papers, Henri called his girlfriend at 4:42 in the morning, but she did not pick up. He called a local emergency number about four hours late to report that a man with an axe had attacked his family.

Investigations revealed the blood on him was of his parents and brother. According to Henri, he helplessly watched through a crack in a bathroom door as the man attacked his loved ones. He blacked out from a head injury after fighting the intruder for some hours and managing to chase him away the intruder.

Henri also claimed he did not know how to raise the alarm when he came around. Investigations showed no forceful entry into their home, and a list of emergency numbers was stuck to the family fridge.

Marli van Breda's family house
Marli van Breda's family house. Photo: @henrivanbredatrial
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Marli van Breda refused to testify on behalf of her brother and kept off the stand to protect her privacy.

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Henri and his girlfriend, Danielle Janse Van Rensburg, were arrested on 6th September for possessing narcotics and released on bail. On 7th June 2018, he was sentenced to three-life jail terms for killing his mother, father, and brother. He got fifteen years for the attempted murder of his sister and twelve months for obstruction of justice.

What is the latest news on Henri van Breda?

Murder convict Henri van Breda was relocated from Drakenstein Correctional Centre in Paarl to a facility in Gauteng after a prison attack.

What was Henri van Breda’s motive for the murders?

Reports claim Henri killed his parents and brother after his allowance was cut off due to his addiction to narcotics. He allegedly spent time at an expensive drug rehab center in Loevenstein, Bellville, in Cape Town.

How much did Marli Van Breda inherit?

Marli inherited about R200 million after her family's death and her brother's conviction. Her estate was placed under curatorship until she turned 21.

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Where is Marli van Breda now?

The latest news on Marli van Breda reveals she is now healthy and back to normal living.

Marli van Breda's brother
Marli van Breda's brother, Henri, wearing a black coat. Photo: @ewnupdates
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Where is Marli van Breda today?

The whereabouts of Henri Van Breda's sister are unknown to the public. She stays away from the limelight.

Facts about Marli van Breda

  • She was the only daughter and youngest child in her family.
  • She neither showed up in court nor testified against/for her brother.
  • She inherited around R200 million after her family's death and her brother's conviction.

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