Complete list of hospitals in South Africa and their locations

Complete list of hospitals in South Africa and their locations

The government of South Africa under the ministry of health has ensured that its citizens can conveniently access medical care. In a bid to ensure that this directive is met without any hiccups, it has set up medical centres in different regions of the country. These are the details of the different hospitals in South Africa and their locations.

Complete list of hospitals in South Africa and their location
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According to Maslow's hierarchy of needs, health is one of the fundamental needs of a human being. For the case, it is vital for one to ensure that they access the service with ease, which makes it necessary for one to establish the location of some of the best medical centres that are within their reach. This list of hospitals in South Africa will serve its purpose as it will enable every one to establish the location of medical centres nearby; hence, making it easier for them to choose which one to go to.

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South African hospitals

How many hospitals are there in South Africa? The country has more than five hundred medical centres, out of which, more than half of the number of facilities are state-owned. Some of these state-owned hospitals offer free basic health services, and those services are not only limited to South African citizens. For the best services, making it to some of the best hospitals in South Africa will play a very important role.

List of hospitals in Johannesburg South Africa

1. Netcare Rand hospital

Complete list of hospitals in South Africa and their location
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This is one of the best private hospitals in the Johannesburg. It is part of the Netcare chain of medical centres in South Africa. The Netcare Rand Clinic is among the best in offering specialised care, as it has invested in some of the top-notch specialists to provide services such as:

  • Robotic-assisted surgery
  • Transplant facilities and services
  • Cancer care services
  • Bariatic services
  • Cardiac services
  • Women, mother, and baby services
  • Burns services

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One of the features that the facility provides is the online pre-admission service which aims at making it smoother for patients when they check-in. It also has a stand-by customer care service that one can contact for help.

The medical facility is situated at 33 Bruce Street, Berea Johannesburg.

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2. Tara psychiatric hospital

Tara psychiatric hospital is one of the three specialised psychiatric medical centres in Gauteng province. The medical centre is a public facility that provides public medical services to patients with mental illnesses. It has both the inpatient and outpatient facilities. For the inpatient facilities, it has nine wards that have been classified in different categories depending on the intensity of a patient's illness. These facilities are geared towards ensuring that patients attain maximum recovery.

The facility is situated at 1 Jan Smuts Avenue in Braamfontein 2000 in Johannesburg. For more inquiries regarding the services offered, you can contact the centre through: +27 (0)11 717 1000.

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3. Chris Hani Baragwanath hospital

Complete list of hospitals in South Africa and their location
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Do you ever stop to ask yourself: what is the biggest hospital in South Africa? If that is one of the questions that you have been asking yourself, Chris Hani Baragwanath hospital is the biggest medical centre in the country. It also stands as the world's third-largest facility. It is situated along 26 Chris Hani Road in Johannesburg.

The facility has 3200 beds geared towards offering the best services for inpatients, and it offers special care and services such as care for gunshot patients. It also offers other services like maternity and Ophthalmologic care. The Ophthalmologic care is offered by St John Eye Hospital.

This facility is situated in Soweto, Johannesburg. For more details regarding the services, one can check out its website.

Apart from these private and state-owned medical centres, you could also check out some of the semi private hospitals in Johannesburg that could be near you. They will also guarantee to offer the best services.

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List of hospitals in Cape Town South Africa

1. Life Vincent Palloti hospital

This is one of the best medical facilities in Cape Town. It is geared towards providing a wide range of services ranging from Cardio-thoracic surgery to ENT surgery. The facility is equipped with some of the best-qualified practitioners with a wealth of experience in their fields.

The medical centre is situated along N2 highway in Pinelands in Cape Town. To find out more about the services that the facility offers, you could check out for more details here.

Other medical centres situated in Cape Town include:

  • Christiaan Barnard Memorial Hospital which is located at 13 Rua Bartholomeu Dias Plain, Cape Town City Centre. To find more about the centre, you could do so by clicking here.
  • Groote Schuur Hospital is located along Main Rd, Observatory, Cape Town. For inquiries, one can reach out through 021 404 9111 or check the hospital's website.

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List of hospitals in KwaZulu Natal South Africa

1. Newcastle provincial hospital

This is one of the most reliable Regional Mother and Child Hospital in KwaZulu Natal. It operates under the jurisdiction of Amajuba Health District and aims at providing the best care for mothers and children. The facility provides the best care for its patients as it is well equipped and has the most reliable staff who are trained to provide the care that patients may require.

The facility is situated along Natalia 330 Langalibalele street in Pietermaritzburg, although you can find out more information about it by clicking here.

2. Fort Napier hospital

This is another special facility that intends to offer its services to the mentally challenged. The largest percentage of the patients are the state presidential ones who are admitted to the facility for at least ten years before they are taken for trial. The other category of patients are the chronic high functioning ones who require to be admitted for at least fifteen years, and the observation cases, who, in most cases, are prisoners who are awaiting trial. The patients under the observation cases category are admitted for at least a month to be observed by the special doctors before being discharged.

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One can find out more details about Fort Napier Hospital by clicking here.

Hospitals in Eastern Cape

1. Uitenhage provincial hospital

Uitenhage provincial hospital is a public medical facility that is situated along 36 Channer Street in Uitenhage, Eastern Cape. The facility provides a wide range of services ranging from gynaecology services to surgical services. The other services that the hospital offers include: physiotherapy, maternity services, post-trauma counselling, ICU and renal care, Anti-Retroviral treatment, and general medical care.

2. Andries vosloo hospital

Complete list of hospitals in South Africa and their location
Image:, @Vusumzi Lovemore Sibiya
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This is another facility that is situated in the Eastern Cape region. It is situated along Charles Street in Eastern Cape and is proud of the specialised services that it offers. The services include gynaecology, maternity, dental services, among other medical services. It also boasts of being home to some of the most reliable special doctors.

3. Port Elizabeth provincial hospital

This is one of the largest state-owned facilities in the Eastern Cape region. It is a public facility that has a capacity of more than 400 beds for inpatients. It offers a wide range of services for its patients, both in the inpatient and the outpatient sections. These services include physiotherapy, ophthalmology, obstetrics, and gynaecology.

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Hospitals in other parts of the country

1. St Helena hospital Welkom

This facility is situated along Hamlet road in Free State. It is a private medical centre that offers general medical care to patients regardless of their social backgrounds. One could know more about the facility by contacting: +27573914611.

2. Zoutpansberg private hospital

Complete list of hospitals in South Africa and their location
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Zoutpansberg is one of the best private hospitals in the region of Limpopo. The facility boasts of providing the best medical care with the help of the best medical practitioners. It is situated along 47 Joubert Street in Limpopo.

3. Denmar psychiatric hospital -petoria

Denmar psychiatric hospital is another special facility in the country. The location of the facility is ideal in helping patients recover. It also has some of the best-qualified practitioners whose contribution towards the patient's healing process is key. For more inquiries regarding the admission of a patient, one can check out the mode that the centre uses to attend to its patients by clicking here. Denmar psychiatric hospital is situated along Lancelot Road in Pretoria.

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Which is the best hospital in South Africa? By now, you can give an answer from the options in this list about the best hospitals in South Africa. They are also a source of pride for the country since they are proof that medical care is a key area of focus for the government.

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