Top 20 things to do in George: attraction and activities

Top 20 things to do in George: attraction and activities

There are so many things to do in George that it can be overwhelming. However, with a good plan, it is possible to cover a lot of the exciting destinations and have maximum fun, especially with the kids. This starts with identifying the most suitable destinations first and narrowing it down to those that may work for you during the particular trip. After all, it is meant to be fun and not work.

Top 20 things to do in George 2019
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Have you wondered about the things to do George? Do you know of some of the must-see places? These are just but a few of the questions that most visitors may be asking themselves. As you ponder and deliberate, you may want to divide your visits into manageable portions for the days that you have around. This way, everything will run smoothly. Check out the following 20 suggestions.

What to do in George

Whether it is a farm visit, a trip to the playground or an easy day at the beach, the most important thing is to have fun. This said, how much fun you have depends on the places you choose to visit. Here are a few suggestions that could work.

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1. Outeniqua Transport Museum

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Even with limited time, you should find a few minutes to walk into this amazing museum and zoom through the huge steam locomotives, and get to check out the massive selection of vintage cars and other varieties of motor vehicles. Make sure to visit on the days that the train house is opened, this would be Saturdays and Wednesdays. This way, your kids can enjoy a ride in one or more of the old trains.

2. Powervan

You cannot leave town without visiting one of the most famous destinations, the power van. The unique eco-experience will take you up into the Outeniqua Mountains on fascinating scenic railway passes in the country. This is an experience like no other. You will get to experience the forest as well as four passes, a number of waterfalls as well as six tunnels, fynbos and proteas, a panoramic picnic area and bird and animal life.

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3. Herold Winery

A perfect little gem that is hidden rather well. You will get to talk to the owner of the winery, who happens to be a winemaker himself. A tour into the cellars containing his wine and a wine tasting experience will make for a perfect morning.

4. The Seven Passes Drive

This should be one of the things to do in George and Knysna. The Seven Passes Road was built between 1867 and 1882 under the guidance of Thomas Bain a South African famous roads engineer. This scenic old road was at some point Garden Route’s main highway. Today, it remains as just a quiet country lane offering an exhilarating driving experience in the country. You should plan to use this route when in the area just to take in its beauty.

5. Vic Bay

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Ranked as one of the premier surfing beaches in the area, it makes for a perfect afternoon hanging out joint for the family. Plan an afternoon out with people you love.

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6. Wilderness Beach

This would be a perfect destination for anyone around George South Africa. The expansive stretch is just a 20-minute drive from George. It offers a tranquil environment that would be great for anyone that needs to stretch their legs after a long drive. Apart from that, it is an ideal destination for lovers looking for fun things to do in Cape Town for couples. You can be sure that the romantic environment will improve the levels of intimacy between the two of you. Catch the clouds gathering late in the evening when a storm prepares itself, or better still wake up early in the morning and watch the sunrise over the horizon.

7. Valcor Dairy Farm

Are you a farmer that may be interested in seeing the Outeniqualand farm life hands-on? If so, then the Valcor dairy farm. Feel the grass and smell the clover plants as you take it the farm freshness that every farmer and farm lover identifies with. This modern farm has over 900 cows that are milked twice every day.

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8. George Botanical gardens

These tranquil gardens offer a lot for people that want to have an adventurous trip. Offered at the place are geo-caching adventures, hiking trails, mountain biking, and gentle garden walks, meaning that there is always something for everyone. You can also choose to relax over the garden that overlooks the mountains as your children enjoy themselves in the park. You can all later get a table at the Getafix Garden Café and grab some delicious lunchtime snacks and some tea.

9. Red Berry Farm & Maze

This strawberry farm George is one of the most popular spots for families in the area. It has a myriad of activities including taking a ride on a miniature train, pedal go-karts, cruising around in bubble balls, pony rides, bumper cars, not to mention that it has the largest maze in the Southern Hemisphere. Your kids will especially love the place and the space it offers as well as the exciting playground area. What's more, you can always crown the family day by picking fresh, juicy strawberries from the farm as your take-home gift. What is not clear though is whether you will even get to the car with them considering how sweet they are.

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10. Wonki Ware

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Anyone that has been to the Wonki ware George town can attest to the gem that this find truly is. Get yourself a souvenir piece and confirm that you were indeed in South Africa. There will always be a beautiful range of pieces to select from. Visit the factory for real bargains, especially at the backside.

Top things to do in the Garden Route

As you consider a few things to do in the wilderness of George town, you may want to focus specifically on Garden Route, where numerous activities, especially those involving kids are. Do not worry about these trips being exhaustive but rather fun-filled for the entire family. All your kids will have something to do, no matter how old they are.

1. Featherbed Nature Reserve, Knysna

Have you been wondering what to do in Knysna? If so, then this is a perfect plot for you. The Featherbed nature reserve has the perfect family excursion since it comes with a little bit of everything in one package. You can take a tractor ride, a boat cruise, or even go for a boat cruise. You are guaranteed an experience of a lifetime with unique views. If you manage to arrive at lunchtime then you will be in luck as you will get a perfect buffet lunch served to all. You may want to leave your toddlers behind because of the journey through the forest that may not be suitable for them.

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2. Birds of Eden, near Plettenberg Bay

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This may be one of the most romantic things to do in Cape Town but is also suitable for people of all ages. The giant aviary set in the forest is next to the Monkeyland. The birds' den is more fun for families due to the fact that it is not guided and as such offers the cane to explore without fear. Bu your kid the bird identification book at the entrance to increase their fun as they will be thrilled every time they are able to identify a bird's species. As your kids enjoy and even go to the monkey section, you can enjoy a cup of your favourite drink at the restaurant as you wait for them.

3. Puzzle Park, near Plettenberg Bay

This usually comes as a surprise to many since it is a man-made joint. Nevertheless, families seem to enjoy the destination especially because of the two different puzzles that are available, is the large wooden maze as well as a series of forest puzzle challenges. The exciting bit is that the puzzles are difficult enough for parents to enjoy and simple enough for kids to figure them out. The wooden maze challenge will take 40 to 60 minutes which means that they are a bit challenging. The forest challenge is more interesting with over 10 puzzles to enjoy and may take another 40 to 60 minutes with parents required to help kids that are 10 years and below.

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4. Elephant sanctuary

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Also located close to Monkeyland, this is another ideal location to visit as a family. It will be exciting to take a walk with the elephants and even ride with them. You will also learn lots of things about elephants, most of which will be fascinating, especially to the kids.

5. Tenikwa Wildlife Awareness Centre, near Plettenberg Bay

Your kids will be able to get an experience that they will never forget. They get an opportunity to see a lot of African wild cats in a natural environment. You will get to interact with some of the rarely seen small cats and learn about their struggles for survival in the world.

6. Ocean Safaris, Plettenberg Bay

Although this activity is suited for everyone, it is preferred that kids at the age of 6 years and above be allowed. Enjoy whale and dolphin watching among other marine mammals. You will also learn about pelagic birds, seals, sharks, their history, and marine geology. The 2-hour long cruise will be full of adventures.

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7. Yachting on Knysna Lagoon

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You will enjoy sailing on the 50-foot luxury yacht. It offers the ultimate Indian Ocean sailing experience. You will really enjoy your afternoon on the boat as you sail out to see the dolphins and the great White Whales.

8. Cango Caves Adventure Tour, Little Karoo

These are some of the largest limestone caverns in the world that still but are only partially explored. This is one of the most interesting adventures that will take at least one and a half hours. If you enjoy thrilling adventures then you will love squeezing through the crevices. You will enjoy this experience with your family.

9. Adventureland

It is a perfect joint for your kids, especially during a hot summer afternoon. Your kids will enjoy swimming in water through water slides. The fact that it is affordable makes it even more interesting for families. You can let your kids enjoy the water as you read the book when lying on the lush grass.

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10. Keurbooms Strand beach

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The holiday village of Keurbooms is about 10km to the east of Plettenberg Bay. It has some purple summer flowers which make the beach even more beautiful. Enjoy the golden sand and visit a number of beachside restaurants.

Now that you know the best things to do in George, all that is left for you is to establish the best places to visit. There are numerous activities for couples, families, and individuals. Check out what you want and book in advance.

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