Nurses Day 2022: theme, images, quotes, ideas, what you say

Nurses Day 2022: theme, images, quotes, ideas, what you say

May 12th, or International Nurses and Midwives Day, is the day set aside to appreciate nurses globally for their collective effort in sustaining health care systems. It is also a special day to commemorate the life of Florence Nightingale and her contribution to modern nursing. Thus, Nurses Day 2022 needs to be properly celebrated.

How do you celebrate Nurses Week?
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Nurses Day 2022 comes in the wake of the spread of COVID-19, and health care workers have given us more than enough reasons to appreciate them. As the virus continues to ravage netizens, nurses have not let their guard down and given up in the fight. But, unfortunately, some have lost their lives in the battle! So, marking this special day to honour them is the least we can do.

Nurses Day 2022

The World Health Organisation recommends that 9 million nurses and midwives are required by 2030 to achieve the Sustainable Development Goal. This recommendation is proof of how lucrative the field is. However, the working conditions have been challenging, especially during the pandemic.

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Why do we celebrate Nurses Day on May 12th? The twelfth day of May was chosen as the day to celebrate the birth anniversary of Florence Nightingale in January 1974. Florence Nightingale was an English nurse, statistician, and social reformer known for her contribution to modern nursing.

Nurses Day 2022 ideas

Why do we celebrate Nurses Day on May 12th?
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What do you do on Nurses Day? With the increased hospitalisation rate, most health workers will not have the inclination to celebrate the day. However, if you are fortunate enough to be healthy, you ought to celebrate the heroes that have held us down throughout the pandemic. These are some of the ideas you can choose from.

1. Creating a platform for them to share their stories

The pressure in the nursing space can be mentally draining. Therefore, creating a platform for them to take a breath, share their experiences, and encourage one another can go a long way.

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2. Have a virtual awards ceremony

Marking this day can involve issuing awards. It is a noble way of recognising and appreciating their efforts and sacrifices in the demanding healthcare field.

3. Treat your colleagues to coffee

A little treat goes a long way. Coffee is a good idea since it is a great way to beat stress, help them stay alert at work, and improve their memory.

4. Make personalised cards

If you are artsy and would love to showcase your creativity, you can make your friends and colleagues feel valued by creating personalised cards, and you can choose the message you wish to send them.

5. Nurse pins

If you are looking for a cost-effective idea, you can consider getting them nurse pins. You can customise the message on the pins according to your colleagues' or friends' personalities.

6. Make treats

If you love to bake, you can treat your colleagues or friends to tasty pastries. For example, you can make nurse-themed cookies, cupcakes, or cakes.

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7. Get them pens!

Losing pens is a norm for nurses. Therefore, on Nurses Day, you can treat them with new pens. You can also go the extra mile to customise them with their names or messages.

8. Arrange for a Yoga class

You can arrange for a yoga teacher to hold a yoga session. Ensure to pick a quiet place that will not distract the other health practitioners and patients.

Nurses Day 2022 theme

Nurses Day
Nurses Day: theme, images, quotes, ideas, what you say. Photo: @mag_121
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What are the themes in nursing? Four main themes are encompassing the social and cultural challenges facing the nursing profession: gender-segregated profession, issues around marriage settlements, inappropriate portrayals by the media, and identity from a religious perspective. A theme is set out every year to address the issues facing nurses.

What is the theme of Nurses Day 2022? The theme for Nurses Day 2022 is A Voice to Lead-A Vision for Future Healthcare. Despite the challenges brought about by the pandemic, the theme is a testament to how much health care workers are willing to sacrifice to keep health care systems running.

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Nurses Day 2022 images

Why we celebrate Nurses Day on 12 may?
Nurses Day. Photo:
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If you communicate best through graphic images, you can purchase a custom-made art piece to appreciate your friends and colleagues. Alternatively, you can download pictures and write your message to explain how much you appreciate them.

Nurses day 2022 quotes

What do you say on International Nurses Day? While there are several wishes and ideas on how to mark the special day, these are some of the Happy Nurses Day quotes you can share.

  • Save one life, and you are a hero. Save a hundred lives, and you are a nurse.
  • The character of the nurse is as important as the knowledge she possesses.
  • You warm the hearts of many with your kindness and compassion. You are a great nurse and a wonderful person. Happy Nurses Day!
  • A trained nurse has become one of the greatest blessings to humanity!
  • Caring is the essence of nursing.

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What to say on International Nurses Day 2022

If you are looking for ideas on messages to tell your friends or colleagues, these options will go a long way.

  • Happy Nurses Day to all the wonderful nurses of the world! The dedication you show towards your job is marvellous and praiseworthy.
  • Happy Nurses Day to a fantastic nurse! Thank you for sacrificing most of your weekends on patients.
  • God appoints our graces to be nurses to other men’s weaknesses.
  • Nurses dispense comfort, compassion, and caring without even a prescription.
  • Our job as nurses is to cushion the sorrow and celebrate the joy every day while we are just doing our jobs.

Nurses Day 2022 comes at a challenging time due to the pandemic. Therefore, remembering the frontline workers for their sacrifices to meet our health needs cannot be commended enough. These suggestions can go a long way in making them feel recognised and honoured.

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