Top 13 free online homeschooling institutions in South Africa in 2024

Top 13 free online homeschooling institutions in South Africa in 2024

Parents are increasingly adopting free online homeschooling in South Africa. The COVID-19 pandemic played a huge role in this, since normal learning was crippled with prolonged lockdowns. Parents have also realized the need to be more involved in their kids' lives as they monitor their growth.

A parent homeschooling his kid
Many parents across South Africa have decided to take charge of their kids' education through homeschooling. Photo: @DextDee Livingstone (modified keywords)
Source: UGC


Here is a list of the top homeschooling institutions in South Africa. These institutions are chosen based on their reputation for quality, the comprehensiveness and adaptability of their curricula, and alignment with South African homeschooling regulations. They cater to a variety of learning styles. Note that before you choose an educational institution, be sure to do more research about it.

Top free online homeschooling institutions in South Africa

2Dynamis Institute
3Nukleus Onderwys
5Clonard Distance Education
7SA Home-Schoolers
8Cape Home Educators (CHE)
9Eastern Cape Home Schooling Association (ECHSA)
10Pestalozzi Trust
11Think Digital Academy
12Crimson Global Academy
13Impaq Online School

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Homeschooling in South Africa

Homeschooling prices in South Africa vary. Most of the established online homeschooling programs charge certain fee amounts for the services rendered, including workbooks, audio, video, hard copy, and assessment resources that comply with SA's curriculum.

There are also free learning resources from the internet, but you must ensure they are useful to the academic growth of the learner.

Before starting home education for your child, you must comply with the requirements set by the Department of Basic Education. Parents have to apply to the Provincial Education Department to register their children.

What are the best free online homeschooling institutions in South Africa?

After deciding to take charge of your child’s education, it is crucial that they get quality academic training. You also need to find a program that ensures your child's holistic growth. Here are the best free online homeschooling institutions in South Africa.

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1. Brainline

The Brainline logo
Online homeschooling institutions in South Africa offer a flexible schedule, allowing students to learn at their own pace. Photo: @myBrainline
Source: Twitter
  • Phone: +27 12 543 5000
  • Email:

Brainline has the best accredited homeschooling programs in South Africa. The institution ensures your child gets a quality education from home.

The facility was established in 1990 and is registered with the IEB. Brainline School offers quality educational support from Grade R to Grade 12 and complies with all the standards set by the Department of Education.

2. Dynamis Institute

Dynamis Institute website
Dynamis Institute offers one of the best homeschooling programs in South Africa. Photo: @Dynamis
Source: Facebook
  • Phone: +27 (0)82 574 1433
  • Email:

Dynamis has established itself as one of the best online home schools with facilities designed to help your child beyond academics.

The facility strives to recognize every child's talent, gifts and learning preferences. Dynamis Institute offers educational materials at different prices. Consult the facility for more on their academic pricing.

3. Nukleus Onderwys

The Nuklues Onderwys logo
Online homeschooling provides a personalized learning experience for students. Photo: @nukleusonderwys
Source: Facebook
  • Phone: +27 16 931 1727
  • Email:

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If you are searching for the best homeschooling in South Africa in Afrikaans, Nukleus Onderwys has all you need. The facility is founded on the Christian faith and believes parents should be responsible for their kids’ education.

Their system complies with the National Curriculum Statement and offers online learning from Grade R to Grade 12. Nukleus Onderwys is one of the cheapest homeschooling in South Africa today.

4. Oikos

  • Phone: +27 31 828 2462
  • Email:

Oikos was established in 1989 and offers online academic services to families around the world. The institution is founded on the Christian faith. The facility provides curricula for Grade 1 to Grade 12 pupils. The learning materials can be purchased at various prices, as indicated on the Oikos website.

6. Clonard Distance Education

The Clonard logo
Clonard is accredited with SACAI. Photo: @ClonardDistanceEducation
Source: Facebook
  • Phone: (+27) 031 764 6480/(+27) 086 693 8593
  • Email:

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The Clonard Distance Education provides a curriculum for learners from pre-school to grade 12. The institution is accredited with SACAI, and its programs are designed to help learners study at their own pace.

For more than 25 years, Clonard Distance Education has been supporting parents and tutors in homeschooling their children through top-notch curricula and personalized assistance.

6. Time4Learning

Happy students holding written boards
Time4learning offers home education globally. Photo: @Time4Learning
Source: Twitter
  • Phone: (888) 771-0914

The Time4Learning offers academic services on a global scale. The facility provides learning assistance from preschool to Grade 12. Time4Learning is among the best homeschooling programs in South Africa. It makes learning fun with various engaging lessons that children of all ages enjoy.

7. SA Home-Schoolers

The SA Home-Schoolers logo
SA Home-Schoolers offers support to homeschooling parents in South Africa. Photo: @sahomeschoolers
Source: Twitter
  • Phone: +27829079696
  • Email:

The SA Home-Schoolers was established in 2011 and is not aligned to any specific curriculum or educational approach. It aims to help parents get started with homeschooling and connect them with support groups, discussion forums, and learning centres

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8. Cape Home Educators (CHE)

The Cape Home Educators logo
Online homeschooling eliminates concerns related to school safety, such as bullying or other safety issues. Photo: @CapeHomeEducators
Source: Facebook
  • Email:

The Cape Home Educators (CHE) is a program for families that opt to home-educate their kids. The parents or guardians volunteer their time to create awareness and educate people about homeschooling around the Western Cape.

9. Eastern Cape Home Schooling Association (ECHSA)

ECHSA advert board
ECHSA is a registered NPO that offers legal assistance to parents in the Eastern Cape province. Photo: @ECHSA
Source: Facebook

The Eastern Cape Home Schooling Association is a registered NPO that assists homeschooling parents in gaining access to the resources they need to provide quality education to their kids. ECHSA strives to handle amendments and policies to avoid the legal problems that come with this system of education.

10. Pestalozzi Trust

The Pestalozzi Trust logo
Petalozzi Trust is a registered public benefit organization. Photo: @tuisonderwys
Source: UGC
  • Phone: 071 192 6070/012 330 1337
  • Email:

The Pestalozzi Trust is one of the best top 10 homeschool programs in South Africa. It is a registered public benefit organization that believes in homeschooling as the best form of education. Pestalozzi Trust offers its services on a global scale. They support you and protect your children’s right to education.

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11. Think Digital Academy

Think Digital Academy
Free online homeschooling institutions in South Africa provide world-class online learning to students all over the world. Photo: @Think Digital Academy
Source: UGC
  • Phone: +27 (012) 998-1472
  • Email:

Think Digital Academy is an online school that provides world-class online learning to students all over the world. They present online content in an interactive, engaging, and effective way for virtual school students. Think Digital Academy is the first online school not only to provide the United States GED, British International and South African CAPS curricula as well as other exciting courses.

12. Crimson Global Academy

Crimson Global Academy logo
Homeschooling institutions in South Africa encourage increased parental involvement in a child's education. Photo: @Crimson Global Academy
Source: UGC
  • Phone: +27 (0)10 500 1036
  • Email:

The Crimson Global Academy is a fully registered private online high school delivering live, real-time teaching to students right in their own homes. Students who successfully complete the curriculum are awarded the internationally acclaimed International GCSE and International A-Level qualifications.

13. Impaq Online School

Impaq Online School logo
Impaq Online School offers 20+ hours of live, interactive classes every week. Photo: @Impaq
Source: Facebook
  • Phone: 087 405 2233
  • Email:

The Impaq Online School is dedicated to equipping students for the dynamic future ahead. Students are assigned to homerooms, each led by a "guardian" teacher who provides support, information, and guidance to the learners.

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Is homeschooling free in South Africa?

It is not totally free if you want your child to get a high-quality education. The purpose of educating your child at home is to ensure they have a better learning environment, but they have to adhere to SA’s education standards.

How can you homeschool online for free?

There are plenty of learning materials available to learners for free on the internet. These include apps and programs such as YouTube, Storyline, Funbrain, and Bedtime Math.

What is the best free online homeschool program?

There are various programs such as maths, science, history and economics. You can also explore some of the online platforms that offer free educational resources.

What is the best online school in South Africa?

The Cambridge Home School Online is one of the best online schools in South Africa. It is considered the most established and trusted international online independent school across the globe.

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How much does Cambridge homeschooling cost in South Africa?

Here is a table summarizing the homeschooling costs for different stages and curricula at Cambridge.

StageCurriculumAnnual Fees RangeTextbook Costs RangeExamination Fees
Primary SchoolCambridgeR10,700 - R30,581R1,700 - R3,400None
Primary SchoolCAPS (Grades 1-6)R8,520 - R23,940R1,885 - R2,534None
Primary SchoolCAPS (Grade 7)R28,152 - R36,000R1,885 - R2,534None
High School (Lower)Lower SecondaryR38,330 - R60,565R6,600 - R8,300None
High School (IGCSE)IGCSER41,350 - R82,600R5,000 - R6,650R16,629 - R33,260 (depending on the centre)
High School (CAPS)CAPSR28,152 - R36,800R2,415 - R2,890None
AS LevelA LevelR29,135 - R62,520R6,650 - R8,315R16,630 - R33,260 (depending on the centre)

Free online homeschooling in South Africa has helped thousands of families educate their kids according to their unique academic requirements. The above online homeschooling programs are instrumental to the parents who decide to take full responsibility for their child’s education.

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