“It’s a Marketing Strategy”: Massive Booze Bill Close to R200k Has Saffas Shook, Sparks Heated Debate

“It’s a Marketing Strategy”: Massive Booze Bill Close to R200k Has Saffas Shook, Sparks Heated Debate

  • Twitter user @DlalaChampion has Saffas in a heated debate after sharing a bill that reflected a huge sum of money
  • The bill shows that some big spender bought alcohol in a club worth close to R200k and spent as much as R12K per bottle
  • People are airing their views about whether spending so much money on alcohol in one day is selfish or not while some think there's a hidden game at play

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A Twitter user has Saffas caught in a big debate around the lavish spending habits of wealthy people. In the post, @DlalaChampion shared an image of a bill amounting to R182 531 (before the tip) - most of the items are expensive bottles of alcohol such as Hennessy, Dom Perignon and A de Brignac. Although it is not stated who the slip belongs to, it shows that it comes from Moja Café in Soweto.

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The bill showing the thousands one person spent on booze in one night. Image: @DlalaChampion/Twitter
Source: Twitter

@DlalaChampion captioned the post:

"I can never understand this."

Take a look for yourself:

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The post is receiving big attention on social media with close to 2 000 likes and over 300 retweets. But the comment section is where all the action is happening. The people of Mzansi are divided about how they feel about this extravagant bill - some say it's nobody's business how others spend their money, others say it's selfish as the money can be used to feed the poor, and a few try to explain how big spenders have another agenda.

The divided comments


"If you have R200 to spend on a bottle of gin, you buy it - someone who would've used it to buy food will criticise. Same here, they have the money so they spend & thina we'll criticise them because we don't have that much money, cycle of life. Let people spend how they please."

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"Alcohol is alcohol...whether you spend it on cheap or expensive brands - you get drunk the same. My opinion, I would rather spend it on less & help other family members because we live amongst brothers who spends like this & a family member doesn't have food at home."


"If one works hard for their money they will never waste it on this unless it's tenders or stolen money."


"Besides money...my question is why so much booze in one night? For who?"


"If I have R753 925 231 in my account this thing doesn't even move my bank balance so stop judging how people spend from your pockets perspective."


"Some of these people have deals with the clubs. They pay it and then the next day they come get a refund, so they only pay normal bottle store prices. It's all for hype and to get other chumps to buy."

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"Most of this cash they spend needs to be spent because the Hawks are looking for it."


"When the owner of the club is your friend, it's easy. You return the slip and he gives you back your money. It's a marketing strategy."


"You are not obliged to understand other people's money decisions anyway - it's all about affordability, choice and preference."


"If their pocket allows them, then let them be."

Cadillac hearse and R20k casket: Inside Mzansi's lavish funerals

In other similar new, Briefly News reported that the people of South Africa seem to have a tendency to spend more on the dead than on people who are alive. Funerals have now become a show-off event for many. A burial that should cost no more than R20 000 can end up costing up to R300 000.

Speaking to the Daily Sun, Funeral Industry Reformed Association spokesman Johan Rousseau said:

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“If a neighbour had this and that, the other neighbour wants to beat that. It’s insane. People need to be educated.”

He went on to say that paying R20 000 for a casket is daylight robbery. Cultural expert Mtimande Ngwenya agreed, saying that there’s no need to spend a lot on a funeral.

Source: Briefly News

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