Renewing driver's licence: How to renew your licence in South Africa

Renewing driver's licence: How to renew your licence in South Africa

According to the government of South Africa and the Ministry of Transport, all drivers must own a valid driving permit to drive their vehicles on all roads. The permit is only valid for a specified period, after which it expires, prompting one to go through the process of renewing driver's license.

How to renew drivers licence
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The process of renewing a driver's license in South Africa is straightforward if the right procedures are followed. It is a process that will save one from getting in bad books with Road Traffic Inspectorate and ending up spending more than they had planned. It will also save one from going through the process of applying for a temporary driving permit.

Renewing driver's licence

According to the requirements of the Ministry of Transport, motorists are required to make the application to renew their driver's license at least four weeks before its expiry.

This provides enough room for it to be processed. If one chooses to renew the permit after it has expired, one will have to incur an extra expense to process the temporary driver's licence.

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What do I need to renew my driver's licence?

Unlike applying for a driver's permit, this process of how to renew driver's licence is less hectic as one does not have to take a driving license test. The only test the motorist will go through is the eye test to evaluate the motorist's eyesight.

If one has a condition tampered with their sight, that will be indicated in the permit document. If one does not want to go through the process of being examined while applying for the permit, they could visit an optometrist and have the test done, after which they can submit the test results to the Driving Licence Testing Centre (DLTC).

At the centre, one will also be required to provide their fingerprints, so if you were wondering whether someone else can renew the licence for you, that is not possible.

Renew driver's licence in Johannesburg

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How much to renew drivers licence
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What is needed to renew driver's licence? Apart from the eye test that a motorist has to go through, they will be required to provide the following documents:

  • An identity document and a copy of the same. Non-residents will be required to provide their passports. One will also be required to present their expired driving licence card.
  • Four black-and-white or colour ID-sized passport photos.
  • Proof of residential address. The documents that could serve this purpose include a utility bill. For cases where the utility bill is not attached to the applicant's name, they will be required to provide an affidavit to prove the same.
  • The stipulated application fee.
  • If the applicant stays in an informal settlement, they must present an official letter that the ward councillor has stamped.

Can I renew my SA driver's licence online?

Those staying within Gauteng are required to apply online by visiting the NaTIS online site. On the website, you can access a form to renew your licence. Applicants not residents of Gauteng will access the driver's licence renewal form at the DLTC centres.

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  • All the applicants will be required to fill in the driver's license renewal form DL1. It is imperative to ensure that the details filled in the DL1 form are genuine.
  • They will also be required to fill in the NCP form, which contains the details of the notification of change of address or particulars of person.
  • The applicant will also undergo an eye test if they have not done it.

How much to renew driver's licence?

The charges for undertaking this process vary from one centre to another. Therefore, one should consult with the centre near them for the charges. However, it's a fairly straightforward process.

How long is the driver's licence expiring grace period?

Motorists should bear in mind that it is unacceptable for one to be on the roads with an expired permit. As a result, they are expected to start making applications for renewal of their permits four weeks before the expiry date.

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That way, they will be in safer positions and have ample time to process the new card without incurring any extra charges. The expiry date of the permit is normally indicated on the card.

Where to renew driver's licence

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Renewal of driver's license is done at Driving Licence Testing Centres. These are available in all cities and towns in South Africa. If you were wondering about the driver's licence renewal form and who to contact for the process, you could reach the following locations by selecting the one that is near you:

  • City of Tshwane
  • City of Johannesburg
  • City of Cape Town
  • Eastern Cape municipalities
  • Nelson Mandela Bay
  • Free State municipality
  • Gauteng municipalities
  • KwaZulu Natal municipalities
  • Limpopo municipalities
  • Northwest municipalities
  • Western Cape municipalities
  • Mpumalanga municipalities
  • Northern Cape municipalities

How do you know if your driving licence has expired?

The expiry date of your driver's licence is printed on the front of the photocard section. A driver's licence has a finite lifespan, typically five years before it must be renewed. It is therefore advisable to note the date and renew it on time.

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What happens if you forget to renew your driving licence?

Forgetting to renew your licence may be interpreted as ignorance and may result in a serious offence with harsh penalties, such as a large fine and having your car seized by the police.

Why is it important to renew driver's licence in South Africa?

By renewing your licence on time, you can avoid the fines and penalties of an expired licence. This also allows your insurance company to cover you.

The process of renewing driver's licence in South Africa is not hard to crack, especially with all this information. Following each one of the stipulated steps will save you time and money. You do not have to incur extra charges when you can go through this process on time.

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