PDP license requirements, application form, fees, and renewal in 2024

PDP license requirements, application form, fees, and renewal in 2024

PDP stands for Professional Driving Permit. It is a license issued to commercial drivers who operate buses, taxis, and trucks. The PDP license ensures that the driver is qualified and capable of safely transporting passengers or any form of goods. Find out more about the PDP requirements, application process and forms.

PDP license
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The acquisition of PDPs is now much more straightforward. All you have to do is meet the stated requirements and pay the necessary fees after filling out the application forms.

PDP requirements, application, fees, forms and renewal

You need a PDP driving licence if you plan on driving passengers, goods, or dangerous goods in exchange for monetary benefits. The PDP license is just an additional document to your standard driving license. You should obtain a Professional Driver's license to let the car meet South Africa's roads legally.

PDP car categories

When do you need a PDP license? If you plan on driving any commercial vehicles, PDPs cover the following car categories:

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  • A breakdown vehicle or a bus.
  • Light motor vehicles indicated in the economic sector for carrying passengers for a fee or set financial reward/benefit such as a taxi-cab.
  • Any vehicle for which an operating license is issued.
  • A goods vehicle with a gross vehicle mass exceeding 3,500 kg.
  • A minibus weighing more than 3,500 kg or designed to carry twelve or more people, including the driver.
  • A motor vehicle designed to hold twelve or more people with the inclusion of the driver.
  • Dangerous goods vehicles, such as fuel tankers and LPG tankers.
  • Any motor vehicle being used to transport people for payments.

What are the exceptions to having the PDP license?

PDP requirements
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There are exceptions to having the PDP license. The exemption is only given to drivers of specific categories, such as:

  • Special vehicles for road buildings and agricultural machinery
  • Hearses
  • Fire-fighting vehicles
  • Tractors
  • A learner driver is assisted by the holder of a valid PDP and a traffic officer or vehicle examiner doing their work.

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PDP license requirements

To get your PDP South Africa or temporary PDP license, you need to meet the following PDP requirements criteria:

  • Have a valid driving license for the type of vehicle in question.
  • Have been certified by an approved training body (only required for category D (dangerous goods) vehicles).
  • Have never had your driving license suspended.
  • Have never been convicted of a criminal offence or have been lawfully required to pay an admission-of-guilt fine.
  • Do not have a criminal record for (in the past five years), including driving a motor vehicle while under the influence of intoxicating substances. Driving a motor vehicle while the concentration of alcohol in your blood or breath exceeded a statutory limitation and, in the case of an application for a category P and D permit, an offence of which violence was an element.
  • Have been certified by a medical physician to be medically fit.

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If you become medically unfit or have any convictions under your name, you may face cancellation or suspension of your PDP.

Age limits for PDP application

As required by all licenses, one must have reached the legal age permissible for the document to be issued. The age limits for one to acquire the PDP license are as follows:

  • 18 years of age or older to hold a PDP for a goods vehicle
  • 21 years of age or older to hold a PDP for a passenger vehicle
  • 25 years of age or older to hold a PDP for a dangerous goods vehicle

How to get a PDP in SA?

Now that you are aware of the PDP requirements and categories, the next step is to start your application for the permit. Before beginning the steps to acquire the PDP certification, you will need to ensure you have the following:

  • Your National Identification card
  • Passport-sized photographs
  • A valid driver's license
  • Police clearance certificate and criminal record
  • A PDP medical form or certificate that must be less than two months old

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The next step involves presenting yourself to the nearest Driving License Testing Centre( DLTC), where you will complete the PDP form. It will most likely be titled as "Application for professional driving permit" form (PD1).

What documents do you need for a PDP?

What documents do you need for a PDP?
A bus on the road at night. Photo: pexels.com, @levchenko
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There are some crucial aspects of the PDP application form one must consider to complete the application process. These are the required steps, including the presentation of the required documents:

  1. Your Identity document (ID), valid driving license, or valid South African passport.
  2. A valid driving license holding the same code as that of the vehicle for which you are applying.
  3. A PDP Medical form or certificate which is only valid if it is not older than two months.
  4. Proof of postal and residential address, such as a utility account. In the case where the utility invoice is not in your name, an affidavit is required where the owner of the bill declares that you currently reside at the stated premises/address. Make sure you attach this utility bill to the signed affidavit. In the case that you reside in an informal settlement, you will be required to produce a letter from the ward councillor, with an official stamp and date, confirming your postal address and residential address.
  5. Additional professional driving permit or public driving permit that you hold.
  6. Training certificate (where applicable).
  7. Four identical black and white photographs. Make sure you confirm with the DLTC how many photos are required before you take photographs.
  8. Pay the stipulated fee. The application fees are deposited in the account below before the application is processed. The bank details are as follows:

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  • Account name: Ideco AFI Switch (Pty) Ltd
  • Bank: ABSA
  • Branch: Business Banking Johannesburg North
  • Account type: Cheque
  • Account number: 4074078548
  • Branch code: 630256
  • Reference: Fill in the applicant's ID number

9. Make sure to complete the notification of change of address or particulars of person or organization (NCP) form. Additionally, an eye test will be carried out at the testing centre. Alternatively, you can have your eyes tested by an optician and present your medical papers during the application.

10. After the completion of payment, you will be sent to the nearest police station to acquire a conviction report. The DLTC has a live capturing unit (LCU). There will be no need to go physically since the data will be sent electronically to the station.

NB: There is no PDP online application except for Gauteng residents. You will be informed once the PDP card is ready to be collected. Make sure you carry with you your ID when going to collect your permit. Note that after 120 days, uncollected cards will be destroyed.

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NaTIS online booking PDP

All applications are made at the nearest Driving Licence Testing Centre (DLTC) except for Gauteng residents.

Can you apply for PDP online?

Yes. For the residents in Gauteng and Eastern Cape, the PDP online bookings for online applications can be made via the National Traffic and Information System website. Applicants can follow the procedures on the website to finish the application.

How long does it take to get a PDP license?

As long as you submit the needed PDP requirements, permits will be available after a maximum of 12 weeks after a successful application.

How long is a PDP license valid?

How do you check if your PDP is ready for collection?
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The PDP is valid for two years (24 months). The expiration date is indicated on the front of the card. After expiration, the PDP renewal process is the same way as the first application.

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How much does PDP cost?

Different licensing offices have varied stipulated PDP license renewal costs. It is advised that you contact your local DLTC for the actual figures and fee amounts needed.

What's the difference between PDP and PrDP?

The Public Driving Permit (PDP) was replaced by the Professional Driving Permit (PrDP). The PrDP's goal was to broaden the pool of drivers who had to be medically fit and have a clean driving record.

How do you check if your PDP is ready for collection?

You can check if your PDP is ready by texting your ID number to 33214. You can also check through the following process:

  1. Visit the NaTIS website.
  2. Click Query Driving License Card.
  3. Fill out your ID type, ID Number, Surname, and Initials.
  4. Click Next.
  5. Fill out the remaining details to see your driver's license status.

It is important to know the PDP requirements in South Africa if you intend to work as a professional driver or operate a vehicle that transports goods and passengers. This is because driving without a PDP when required can result in legal consequences and fines.

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