Vehicle license renewal 2022: What do you need to renew vehicle license?

Vehicle license renewal 2022: What do you need to renew vehicle license?

In South Africa, vehicle licence renewal is done yearly, apart from motor vehicle license renewal for buses which is done twice a year because their certification of roadworthiness is effective for only six months. Failure to renew your motor vehicle licence will attract late licensing penalties as well as arrears; hence, it is very important to renew it on time. So, what do I need to renew my car license in South Africa?

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All motor vehicle license holders are entitled to a 21 day grace period if they have not yet renewed their expired car permits. This grace period is counted from the date of expiration of the existing licence disc. So, how do you renew your automobile's permit? Below we take a look at the procedure to renew your vehicle license in South Africa as well as the documents you need to have with you.

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What do you need to renew your car license in South Africa?

To renew car permit, you must have the following documentation in the various scenarios explained below.

  1. If you own a public service vehicle or a heavy load car, you should first acquire a roadworthiness certificate before anything else.
  2. If you are renewing a normal car licence registered in your name, you need
  • Your ID document and a copy of it
  • You need to fill motor vehicle licence renewal form (MVL2) or complete an Application for Licensing of Motor Vehicle (ALV) document. You can get both documents at any SAPO or download it from eNaTIS website or
  • In case the vehicle information has changed within one year, you must fill and hand over a notification of change in particulars form (NCP).
  • A document showing proof of residence such as a utility bill that is less than three months old. In case the utility bill is in someone else’s name, then the owner must write an affidavit affirming that you reside at the address. The affidavit needs to be attached to the utility bill.
  • If one resides in an informal settlement, you can have your ward councillor draft an official letter with a date stamp declaring your housing address.
  • FID book
  • The relevant licensing fees

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3. If you are renewing a car registered in a company’s name, you should have the following documents.

  • A business certificate of the establishment or company
  • An identification document of proxy
  • A letter from the company stating that you are the proxy
  • A completed Motor vehicle license renewal form (MVL2) that comes in the mail or a filled Application for Licensing of a Motor Vehicle form (ALV).
  • Payment of the permit fee as indicated on the notification.

Can someone else renew my vehicle license?

If the vehicle is registered under another person's name and they ask you to renew the car license on their behalf, you will need.

  • The individual’s ID book or ID smartcard and its copy
  • Proof of their residential address such as an utility bill
  • An official letter stating that they have sent you on their behalf to handle the car licence renewal.

Can I renew my car licence at any post office?

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Yes, you can renew your vehicle licence at the post office because most SAPO outlets do car licence renewals. Note that motor vehicle licence renewal can be done at a nearby selected post office or your relevant registering authority. Make sure you have a copy of the identity card or else you will be required to pay 80c photocopying fee at the post office. You can also go to a Road Traffic Inspectorate testing (RTI) centre to renew your vehicle license.

The best time to renew your car licence is before and after December and January holiday periods. This is because most people are on leave at these times. As such either November or February is an appropriate time to do this.

How long does it take to renew my car license in South Africa?

After you present your ID, proofs of residence, duly filled motor vehicle renewal forms and pay the relevant fees, the application is processed on the same day.

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How much is a licence disc renewal?

Now, how much is license renewal in South Africa? The amount for an average hatchback car in 2021 is approximately R570 and varies from one province to another. For your personalized vehicle permit renewal fee, contact your local licensing office or visit their website as each province has varying fees. Remember that no debit or credit card payments are accepted at SAPO; hence, carry cash when going to do your car permit renewal.

How do I renew my car licence online?

At the moment, those in the City of Cape Town in South Africa can enjoy the rolled out system that helps motorists to renew car permit digitally. Renewals are conducted on its e-service portal.

All you need to do is

  • On your browser search for
  • Tap on the e-service button located at the bottom right of your screen
  • Under the motor vehicle licensing option, tap on register

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  • When done with the registration, you will get a prompt with your temporary login and password details.
  • Next step is to log in into the e-services portal and choose the service activation tab.
  • Click on the ‘activate service’ that is situated next to the vehicle licensing field.
  • Next, fill in the registration field, upload your copy of identity card as well as the proof of residence and click on the ‘submit’ button.
  • Then, press the motor vehicle licensing icon at the top left of the page and choose ‘renew motor vehicle licence.’
  • Type in the required vehicle owner and registration information and submit.
  • Once done, an email with payment details will be sent to you showing the licence fee that you need to pay, the bank details, and a nine-digit reference code. This email is sent within two working days after applying for a renewal.
  • You can opt to pay electronically or via a bank deposit. Make sure to add the reference code you received via email.
  • After completing all this, your renewed licence will be sent to your postal address within a minimum of two weeks.

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What do you need to renew car licence online?

  • You should have an active email address
  • Digital copies of your ID book/passport a and proof of your residential address
  • The registration details of the vehicle

Now that you know how to go about your vehicle licence renewal, make sure to do it in time to avoid motor vehicle licence renewal penalties. Feel free to share this article so that you can help others too.

DISCLAIMER: This article is intended for general informational purposes only and does not address individual circumstances. It is not a substitute for professional advice or help and should not be relied on to make decisions of any kind. Any action you take upon the information presented in this article is strictly at your own risk and responsibility!

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