How to become a Takealot driver: A quick step-by-step guide

How to become a Takealot driver: A quick step-by-step guide

The Takealot app has become one of the most popular online platforms in South Africa, with millions of customers using the shopping platform to take advantage of the wide-ranging items available. Becoming a Takealot driver ensures you will always be kept busy and paid. How do you become one?

Takealot driver in South Africa
Takealot drivers have the benefit of not working in the confined space of an office environment. Photo: Tom Merton and Maskot (modified by author)
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Takealot is a massive organisation that has grown significantly since its official launch in June 2011, with some partnerships strengthening the company's growth. In 2014, Takealot acquired Mr D, formerly known as Mr Delivery, increasing its brand power.

A Takealot delivery job is ideal for individuals who do not want a standard nine-to-five office job and enjoy being kept on their toes. There are no qualifications or extensive list of requirements needed to qualify as a driver for the company, except documents showing you can drive safely, along with identification and bank statements

How do you become a driver for Takealot?

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Before we detail other helpful information regarding working for Takealot, what is required to become a Takealot driver in South Africa? The Takealot driver application process is simple, done in just a few steps.

To apply for the job, you can visit their website's driver onboarding page and include the relevant documentation, along with following the simple steps, which are all needed to become a driver for the company once they accept your application. The process is quick, simple, and has minimal requirements. Drivers need to download the Takealot driver app with their unique Takealot driver login details for security reasons.

How do I become a delivery driver?
To become a Takealot driver, you need various documents: ID, a valid driver’s license, a cell phone, and no criminal record. Photo: Luis Alvarez
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Do I need a PDP to drive for Takealot?

Takealot driver registration requires various documents for you to qualify to become a driver. According to their website, the process requires the following documentation:

  • An ID book, ID card or passport.
  • Work permit or asylum document for non-South African citizens.
  • Own a motorbike or light vehicle.
  • A valid driver's license card.
  • A valid roadworthy certificate.
  • A valid vehicle license disk.
  • A vehicle registration form (RC1).
  • A proof of address document.
  • Relevant documentation showing proof of bank.
  • Own a smartphone with Android V7 or higher (Takealot driver app and GPS).
  • A clear criminal record.

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Benefits of working for Takealot

Apart from not having to sit in an office daily, working for Takealot offers more benefits than just freedom from a restricting office environment. Here are the benefits of becoming a driver for the brand, according to the company's website:

  • The company operates from Monday to Sunday, giving you frequent income.
  • Premium rates are offered from Friday to Sunday (incentive).
  • Providing drivers with personal injury insurance to cover them from injury while on duty.
  • Free training is given to successful applicants.
  • Access to free road emergency response service.
Do Takealot drivers use their own cars?
Takealot operates seven days a week and requires your motorbike or light vehicle. Photo: Tom Merton
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Do Takealot drivers use their own cars?

Certain delivery companies provide drivers with a vehicle, promoting curiosity on whether Takealot drivers are given transport or need their own. The company states in their requirements that employees need their own motorbike or light vehicle.

Does Takealot pay for petrol?

Since it is required to use your car, does the company reimburse you for the petrol used? Unfortunately, drivers must cover their petrol and other associated expenses.

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How much money does a Takealot driver make?

A Takealot employee's average income depends on their role, and the values are reported differently on multiple platforms. It is written as anywhere between R6,416 and R8,000.

According to Glassdoor, drivers may earn an estimated bonus of R6,000 annually, resulting from commission, stock, a bonus, profit sharing or tips. Despite curiosity about what Takealot drivers' salary per delivery may be, they do not get paid per trip and are paid a flat income monthly.

Takealot driver in South Africa
Some drivers have expressed enjoyment at working for the company. Photo: Indeed (modified by author)
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Employee reviews

If you are still determining whether the job is for you, we have pulled some driver reviews off Indeed to give you a better understanding of the working experience with the company. One reviewer said:

'Very good company to work at, but you can only start to do parcels after three months have gone by. A Typical day would consist of picking parcels up and doing food orders during your trip to deliver your parcels, and management keeps you updated if you show offline on the Takealot driver app, and you can buy a car through them after six months.'

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Takealot driver working hours

Takealot drivers' working hours are reported differently by various sources. According to SASSA&Loans, the company operates from Sunday to Monday, and one online source mentions shifts from 07h00 to 15h00 or a complete shift from 07h00 to 19h00.

Indeed reported in 2017 that the hours were from 07h00 to 17h00, 08h00 to 18h00, and 09h00 to 19h00. These times may no longer be accurate, but they are worth noting as the working hours are reported differently on various sites.

Takealot contact numbers

You can use the Takealot driver contact number to compliment a driver, make a suggestion, or report a driver incident on 087 362 7666. For general customer service queries, you can call 087 362 7500.

Becoming a Takealot driver is a simple process, with just a few requirements to be eligible as a driver for the company. Working with Takealot ensures you are free from the restraints of an office job, with bonuses and incentives.

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