City to City bus ticket prices and times in South Africa in 2024

City to City bus ticket prices and times in South Africa in 2024

Various forms of transport are available for South Africans, with each mode having its benefits and downsides. If you do not mind a longer commute at a cheaper price, choosing a bus liner to get to your destination may be the right choice. Here, we discuss City to City bus ticket prices and times in South Africa.

How much is the bus from Johannesburg to Polokwane?
The City to City bus travels to South Africa’s main cities. Photo: Monty Rakusen
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City to City buses travel to the most significant parts of the country, saving you the hassle of needing further transport in metropolitan areas. Bus tickets are also more cost-effective than other modes, including aeroplane flights.

City to City prices vary, depending on where you are travelling to. The date you purchase your ticket also affects prices, as booking in advance makes it cheaper, while booking right before the trip can significantly increase your fare.

How to buy a City to City ticket online

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City to City bus tickets are sold in various ways. You can go into your local City to City agency, where you will be issued whichever tickets you need. City to City bus bookings may also be made on websites that sell authentic tickets, like Computicket.

City to City bus ticket prices

The prices vary depending on which city you are departing from and how far you are travelling. On average, the tickets cost anywhere from roughly R200,00 to anywhere over R500,00, depending on facts like distance and when the tickets were booked.

What is the price for City to City?
Using a bus liner is considerably cheaper than flying in an aeroplane. Photo: Klaus Vedfelt
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How much is City to City from Johannesburg to Sterkspruit?

According to Rome2rio, no direct City to City buses from Johannesburg to Sterkspruit exist. However, you may take a bus to Aliwal North and then take a taxi to Sterkspruit.

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The price for a bus from Johannesburg to Aliwal North ranges from R390,00 to R550,00, but it does not seem that City to City offers this route. However, Greyhound offers this route at the abovementioned rates for a one-way trip.

Does City to City go to Cape Town?

The bus liner travels to all major cities in South Africa. This includes trips from and to Cape Town.

Eldo coaches bus ticket prices and times
The bus liner prices depend on the distance travelled. Photo: Hinterhaus Productions
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How much is the City to City bus from Johannesburg to Cape Town?

City to City bus ticket prices and times from Johannesburg vary depending on distance. In the case of the Johannesburg to Cape Town route, prices begin at R430,00 for one-way.

How much is a City to City bus from Cape Town to Durban?

According to, City to City bus tickets from Cape Town to Durban may cost around R500,00 to R710,00 per seat. For price comparison, Greyhound offers the route for around R720,00 one way.

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City to City bus ticket prices and times from Durban also range from over R230,00 upwards, and departure times vary.

Intercape bus ticket prices and times
Tickets from Durban range from over R230,00. Photo: The Good Brigade
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Competitor's prices

It is helpful to compare bus service prices to see which best suits your budget and expectations. Eagle Liner is a close competitor to City to City, and Eagle Liner bus ticket prices and times can be found here.

Translux is another bus liner that is closely associated with City to City. Translux bus ticket prices range from around the same price as City to City since they are owned by the same company, Autopax Passenger Services (Pty) Ltd.

City to City bus contact number

You can contact the bus liner via 086 158-9282 or +27 (011) 774-3333, but you can find the specific contact details for your area here. There is no City to City bus WhatsApp number, but they can be contacted through the above numbers.

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Knowing the City to City bus ticket prices and times in South Africa as of 2024 will help you be better prepared for the expenses associated with travel. You can compare the prices to competitors and decide which option is best suited to your needs.

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