How to check your driver's license status online in South Africa in 2024

How to check your driver's license status online in South Africa in 2024

NaTIS has made the process on how to check if a driver's license is ready for collection accessible online. You can now apply for a Learner's License, Driving License, and Professional Driving Permits without visiting the Traffic Departments. Learn how to perform a drivers license status check.

What do you need to collect your driver's license card?
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The Motor Vehicle Crashes section on the NaTIS website also makes it easy for people to report accidents online instead of calling the South Africa Police Services, Insurance, or Emergency Rescuers to report the incidents. Note that you cannot apply for a driver's license in South Africa for free, and the relevant authorities at NaTIS dispose of driving permits that are not collected within 120 days.

Driver's license status check process

A vehicle owner should create a profile on the NaTIS website to get a motor vehicle renewal notice (MVL2) two months before its expiry date. This way, you can renew your driver's license on time.

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How do you check the status of your driver's license?

Follow these steps for your Driver's license NaTIS online status check.

  1. Visit the NaTIS website.
  2. Click "Query Driving License Card".
  3. Fill out your ID type, ID Number, Surname, and Initials.
  4. Click "Next".
  5. Fill out the remaining details to see your driver's license status.

How can I track my license card status via SMS?

Can you renew your driver's license online?
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There is an SMS service that you can use to check your license card's progress after applying for renewal. This is the easiest driver's license status check process you can use to know if it's ready for collection.

  • Text your ID number to 33214.

After a few minutes, you should receive a message indicating the license's status. However, please be aware that this is not a government-provided programme.

Therefore, you cannot use free texts and similar packages on your phone contracts to send an SMS to this number because it will not be delivered. Instead, you need airtime to access this service.

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How long is a driver's license status check process?

It takes four to six weeks for your official driver's license card (the one that fits so neatly in your wallet) to be ready. However, checking your document's status online or via SMS is instant.

What do you need to collect your driver's license card?

To collect a driver’s license card, the following documents are required:

  • A copy of ID (Front and back of smart ID card).
  • A copy of receipt received.
  • A copy of the temporary driver's license (if Received)

Collect your driver's license card from the same testing centre where you applied.

Can someone else collect my driver's license in South Africa?

If you need someone to collect the driver's license on your behalf, send them to the same testing centre where you applied with an affidavit and a certified copy of your ID.

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The affidavit should have the name and ID number of the person you are sending and explain why you cannot collect the document. The person should also bring a certified ID copy to prove you sent them.

Can you collect your driver's license on a Saturday?

Can you collect your driver's license on a Saturday?
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Only certain Driving License Testing Centres may open on weekends. You can contact your respective centre for more information.

Can you renew your driver's license online?

Renewing your license is conveniently possible online via the NaTIS system. Visit the NaTIS webpage and click on "Book Now" under the section that says, "Book now to renew your driving license card."

What is the NaTIS driver's license collection fee?

Motorists will now have to pay R22 per application when using the NaTIS online booking applications for driving license card renewal services and R250 for online reservations to renew their driving permits.

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Gazette from the government also stated that motorists would be charged R700 for online registrations of motor vehicles and R700 for online change of ownership of motor vehicles. Check the NaTIS FAQs page for more information regarding driving permits.

The above driver's license status check guide will help know when your license is ready for collection in South Africa. Do not persevere unnecessary queues when you can do it through SMS or online.

Driver's license status online in South Africa
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