Temporary drivers licence South Africa: All you need to know

Temporary drivers licence South Africa: All you need to know

It is a legal requirement for every qualified South African motorist to have a valid drivers licence. In case you have misplaced it, or it has expired, you must have the temporary DL as you wait for the official one to be ready. Herein is everything you need to know about a temporary drivers licence in Mzansi.

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A South African drivers licence card has a validity of five years from the date of issue. Most motorists forget to apply for the document's renewal before the expiry and must have the temporary version as they await their renewed card to be ready.

Who needs a temporary drivers licence South Africa?

There are two instances when motorists are required to have the document:

  • When your official South African DL is stolen, damaged or lost
  • Your Mzansi DL card has expired, and you have applied for renewal

Once you apply for the card's renewal or replacement, you will have to wait for about four to six weeks for it to be ready. During the waiting period, you must have the temporary DL to be allowed on any South African road.

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The temporary DL is issued at any driving licence testing centre (DLTC) across South Africa. It will remain valid for up to six months or until you get your renewed DL card, whichever comes first.

How do I get a temporary drivers licence in South Africa?

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The process is straightforward and hustle-free. You must have the following temporary drivers licence requirements before you can proceed.

  1. A certified copy of your regular or temporary identification document (ID). Foreigners residing in Mzansi can present a traffic register number certificate.
  2. Proof of postal and residential address, for example, a utility account. If someone else owns the bill, the legal owner should make an affidavit that confirms your residency at the said address. Ensure you attach the testimony to the bill.
  3. Motorists who live in informal establishments must get an official and stamped letter from the ward councillor to confirm their residential and postal location.
  4. Four similar black and white pictures, but the DLTC may need more than four photos. It is, therefore, prudent to confirm from the DTLC before having them taken.
  5. A duly filled application for a driving licence (DL1) form. The document can be obtained from any driving licence testing centre on or before the day you make your application. You can also download it from the eNatis website and fill it before proceeding to DLTC.
  6. A duly filled notification of change of address or particulars of a person or organization (NCP) form.
  7. Carry the required fee. How much does a temporary drivers licence cost? The amount varies across municipalities. Make inquiries from the local licensing office. On top of the licence charges, you must have R70 for a fingerprint check against the national SAPS criminal fingerprint database. The temporary driving licence cost is not part of the licence renewal fee.
  8. Eye testing results. The test is usually done at the DLTC on the day of application. If you want to shorten the time you stay at the centre, get an eye test from a professional optometrist and take the form to the DLTC.

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Drivers who reside in Gauteng can make the temporary drivers licence application online. Visit online.natis.gov.za and follow the prompts.

If your drivers licence expires when you are out of the country, you will only be required to apply for renewal and the temporary licence when you get back to South Africa.

How long does a temporary drivers licence SA take?

The document is issued on the same day you make the application. You can quicken the procedure by having your eye test done by an optometrist, downloading the DL1 form from the eNatis website, and then filling it before going to the testing centre.

As a South African motorist, there are high chances that you will need a temporary drivers licence as you wait for your DL card to be reinstated or renewed. Now that you are familiar with the process, it should be easy to obtain it to avoid getting on the wrong side of the law.

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Briefly.co.za also published the procedure that South African motorists need to follow to check outstanding traffic fines. The confirmation is made online via the AARTO system.

If you have a fine to pay, there are specific payment methods, including via Pick n Pay stores, Absa Bank, First National Bank, SA post office, Shoprite, and others. Those who fail to pay the fine will not get a driving licence, a professional driving permit, or a vehicle licence disc in relation to a vehicle registered in their name.

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