Updated AARTO traffic fines in South Africa 2020

Updated AARTO traffic fines in South Africa 2020

South Africa has a set of traffic rules which, if you go against, could cost you so much in the long run. AARTO sets these traffic fines. Observing traffic rules at all times will often assure you of the safety that you deserve on the road. What is more, knowing the AARTO traffic fines is vital for every South African driver.

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According to the AARTO bill, traffic fines will often vary with the offence in place. Unless you are conversant with the rules and penalties in place, you could end up inconvenienced. In this regard, we take a look at some of the most vital AARTO traffic fines that you will pay if you violate various traffic rules.

Violation of licensure and registration of vehicles

Often, it will be prudent for you to register as well as license your car. Failure to observe such registration guidelines could easily attract penalties depending on the below list of traffic offences.

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  • You will pay R1000 if your vehicle is not registered. Further, you will lose three points.
  • For as long as you do not license your vehicle accordingly, you will end up paying R1000 and an additional three points.
  • Operating a car with a special license on public roads attracts a fine of R500.
  • If you do not display number plates on your automobile, the court will determine your fine. You are also likely to lose a point.
  • If you display only a single number plate, it will cost you R500 as well as 2 points.
  • The court determines how much you will pay as your penalty for having obscured or illegal number plates.
  • Disposing unregistered or unlicensed cars will attract a penalty of three points as well as R1000.
  • If you do not report that you have lost your vehicle, you will lose a point as well as pay R500.
  • You will also pay R500 besides losing a point if you transport any goods without a special license.
  • Failure to display the license disc on your truck will attract R500 and a point in penalty.

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Penalties on the condition of your vehicle

Undoubtedly, the functionality of your car depends on its condition. Unless it is in the required eligibility, you are likely to end up on the wrong side of the law. What traffic fines do you pay for an unroadworthy vehicle?

  • You should display a certificate of roadworthiness. If not, you will pay R500 apart from losing a point.
  • Operating any car without a roadworthy certificate will attract R1000.
  • Running your vehicle on a public road in disregard to notice to discontinue will cost you R750.

Condition of the driver

Often, it is good if you are duly fit to drive. Competence is definitive of the safety you enjoy on the road. Here are some of the fines you could pay if you fail to comply with set rules.

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  • Driving without proper licensure will cost you R1250.
  • You will pay R500 if you do not have your license with you in the vehicle.
  • If you did not disclose disqualification when applying for your license, you could end up losing four points as well as R1250.
  • Failure to notify the necessary authorities of changes in your address could attract an R1000 fine.

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How do I pay my fine to AARTO?

Often, AARTO allows you to pay for your fines in monthly instalments. This way, you will be confident of getting the convenience that you desire. So, what do I do to pay my fine on AARTO?

Well, it will be essential for you to get form AARTO 04. You will fill it and consequently submit it. You could pay your penalty in cash, internet banking, cell phone money transfer, or a bank guaranteed cheque. Feel free to make this payment in any motor vehicle registration office.

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How do I view my fines on AARTO?

We have instances when you are not sure of how much you need to pay. In this case, it would be beneficial to understand the best way to know it.

Often, you will need to log onto www.aarto.gov.za. Here, you will navigate to fines and query your AARTO traffic fines.

Further, you could go to the official Road Traffic Infringement Agency. Navigate towards ‘query my fine’. From here, you will need to fill your notice number and submit. The system will notify you of all your pending fines and payments.

Apart from that, you could go to www.viewfines.net. Fill in your notice details and submit them. The site will offer you a comprehensive statement of your current standings.

How do I pay my AARTO fines online?

Most motorists ask "how do I pay my AARTO infringement?" Nothing offers you more convenience than the chance to pay fines online. Here are the sites where you can pay your infringement penalties without too much hassle. Feel free to go to the below sites and learn more.

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Traffic fines could easily be detrimental to your finances as well as psychological health. You are likely to lose your peace of mind during such periods. For this reason, understanding what you are likely to pay will be essential. Above all, ensure that you are aware of the necessary regulations in place.

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