UIF claim approved SMS guide 2024: Everything to know

UIF claim approved SMS guide 2024: Everything to know

Receiving a UIF claim-approved SMS is exciting news for many unemployed South Africans as it means their claims for benefits have been successfully granted. If you are yet to be notified or expect payment from this scheme, this guide will summarise everything you need to know about this SMS notification. It includes its meaning and how to track your payment status.

UIF claim approved SMS
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Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF) benefits employees who may not be at work due to some circumstances. These might include termination of employment, illness, maternity and parental leave, adoption, or death of the UIF contributor. Those sacked, suspended, resigned, or absconded from work are not eligible for these benefits.

How to know if the UIF claim is approved

Once you register, wait for the UIF claim-approved SMS. This text message typically includes your ID number, reference number, expected time for payment, and approval of your claim. To further confirm this, you can check your UIF status online. It will show you if your application is pending, in progress, paid, or rejected. Below are the three ways to confirm your status:

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  1. Go to the official uFiling website;
  2. Log into your profile by filling in your login details;
  3. Click on the "Check My Status" tab;
  4. Read and follow the instructions and information given;
  5. Complete a Captcha test;
  6. Input your reference number;
  7. You will receive an SMS on your status.


You can email them at BCP@labour.gov.za instead of logging in online. Include your details, identification, and UIF registration number in the email.


If you need access to the online method or are uncomfortable with it, you can visit their nearest Labour Office. You will provide them with your reference number, registration number, and personal details. This is quite different and stressful from the other methods.

uif claim rejected sms
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How long does UIF take to be approved?

Once you have applied with UIF, the platform takes six to eight weeks to approve your application form. The management uses the time taken to verify your documents and eligibility.

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UIF claim rejected SMS

Did you receive a rejected SMS on the UIF application? Do not worry; the scheme allows a retry. Rejection and delay of payments might come from incorrect documents and information submitted. Here are the ways to handle a rejected UIF SMS.

1. You can file or appeal the rejected UIF claim on their website. Here are the steps to follow.

  • Log into the uFiling website;
  • Tap on "Benefit Application and Payments;"
  • Scroll to the left-hand side and select "Notice of Appeal;"
  • Click on "Next;"
  • You will update or verify your details or information if requested;
  • Complete the needed information required on the declined application;
  • Tap on "Submit" to lodge your Notice of Appeal;

Wait for the management to validate your appeal and decide. But then, the timeframe for feedback is uncertain.

2. You can visit their nearest labour centre to inquire about your rejection status.

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How long does UIF pay after signing?

You will receive your first payment within two to four working days after the approval of your application and signing on the register. However, your payment mode and signing dates depend on the time taken to process and complete your application. The UIF payments for the unemployed are stipulated for 12 months, and signing is four weeks apart.

how to know if your uif claim is approved
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How to check UIF payout

The Department introduced a free USSD service, simplifying how clients check their UIF status. With an active mobile number, the USSD service is easy to use.

Interested clients can dial *134*843# on any mobile phone and ask for a menu with options. This includes claims and payment status, employee registration, payment continuation and general enquiries.

UIF plays a crucial role in the lives of many businessmen and women in South Africa, especially the unemployed. Additionally, the UIF claim-approved SMS gives hope to such people that their temporary relief for financial sustenance is sure.

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DISCLAIMER: This article is intended for general informational purposes only and does not address individual circumstances. It is not a substitute for professional advice or help and should not be relied on to make decisions of any kind. Any action you take upon the information presented in this article is strictly at your own risk and responsibility!

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Employees can claim against the fund for the duration they are not working. A UIF calculator guide helps you know how much money you can claim depending on your contributions.

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