How to clear all DStv error codes

How to clear all DStv error codes

Having DStv guarantees you a wide array of entertainment whenever you need as long as you have a valid subscription. However, like all things man-made, it comes with its own set of challenges in the form of DStv error codes that disrupt viewing services. If you have a DStv decoder, then you know what a DStv error is and probably need more information on DStv troubleshooting skills.

How to clear all DStv error codes
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Did you wake up one morning and certain channels are not showing, then an error pops up? How do I clear my DStv error code? Most of us find ourselves asking this question when confronted with common codes like DStv error code E16-4 and DStv error codes E48-32 among many others. Luckily for you, it is not necessary to get a technician every time because you can fix most of these errors by yourself. You do not even have to call customer care for your DStv problems and solutions in some cases.

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Types of DStv error codes

How many DStv error codes do you know? What does error code E17 and E18 mean? Different error codes pop up due to various reasons. Here is a full list of all DStv error codes that you should be aware of and how to clear them.

DStv error E16-4- Service is currently scrambled

dstv error code e16-4
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This is one of the most common DStv error codes, and it is highly likely you have seen it before. When this occurs, it means that your account is suspended because you have not paid for that channel or it is unavailable where you are.

How do I fix E16-4 error on DStv? Obviously, if you have not paid, then go ahead and pay in case you want to get rid of an E16 and enjoy the services. You can press Menu, and then select 4 to look at your Mail Messages where you will get a payment notification. In case your account is not suspended for delayed payments, press My Account to clear this error code. Alternatively, you can clear it using the form on DStv website's right part.

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Error code E30- service is currently scrambled. Please wait

This code can arise in either one of two situations. One of them is if you are installing DStv for the first time or if you have renewed your subscription after a lengthy absence. It means that your Smartcard is confirming your subscription status.

How do I clear e30 error on DStv? You should have a little patience while your subscription is undergoing verification. In normal cases, this error should disappear after 2 minutes, but if it does not, contact the DSTV Contact Center.

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Error code E18- Unknown Smartcard

It means the service is scrambled and access has been stopped. This problem can arise if the decoder has been disconnected from its satellite for a lengthy period or it is disconnected from power. It also occurs when an incorrect Smartcard is inserted, or when the correct card is inserted incorrectly or is dusty. Additionally, this may happen when there is a technical problem on the company's end.

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How do I clear e18 error on DStv? Just connect whatever has been disconnected, wait for fifteen minutes, and enjoy the services. Re-insert the correct card, arrow facing the decoder and the chip facing downwards and then reboot the decoder. Make sure the card is clean.

Error code E143-4

DStv E143-4 error is followed by the all too familiar “waiting for communication from primary decoder” message if you are using more than one decoder. This is a hardware issue. So, try removing the Xtraview or RF cable from the decoder, powering down the decoder at the plug, and reconnecting after five minutes. Make sure the heartbeat cable is properly connected.

Error code E04- Please insert smartcard

This simply means that your smartcard is not in or it has been inserted in the wrong position/slot or manner.

To fix this error code, switch off the DStv decoder, remove the card, gently wipe it with a dry piece of cloth, and reinsert properly (chip facing downwards, arrow facing the decoder). If the error still appears after doing this, reboot your decoder, and if this does not fix it, visit the nearest DStv office because the card or the decoder may be damaged.

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Error code E17- Smartcard marriage conflict

How do I clear e17 error on DStv? Both errors E17 and E18 arise when there is an issue with your smartcard. For E17, smartcard marriage conflict can be resolved by making sure that the card is properly inserted and that it is the proper card. Then, reset the service by logging into your account and selecting "reset decoder." Alternatively, you can send a short message reading "E17 + smartcard number to 32472.

Error code E14- Service is currently scrambled

When E14 pops up, it means that your service has been scrambled or that your transmission is under suspension. First, check to make sure you have paid for the service. If you have, just switch to another channel and then go back. Reboot the decoder if the error persists. If this is not helpful, read on for DStv fix errors. You will know how to use to clear this error.

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DStv error code e48-32-Signal problem

What does this mean? You will get this error due to issues with signal or perhaps a fault in the communication. If you have ever wondered about what to do when your DStv decoder loses signal or how to clear DStv error code E48-32, you should get a technician. Sometimes, no signal on DStv may arise due to bad weather elsewhere, which means you should wait for it to clear.

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Dstv error code E162-0

It is annoying when you turn on your television and E162-0 occurs. When this occurs, it indicates that you do not have the permission to view the channel, or your account is suspended. Therefore, this code means that either that channel is not in your area, or you have not paid.

Other self-explanatory codes

Below are codes that may pop up on your screen, and you can resolve them by understanding what they mean.

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  1. E05 – Cannot read smartcard
  2. E06 - Smartcard fault. Cannot read
  3. E07 – Checking Smartcard
  4. E08 – CA Module failure - It means that the Control Access module is malfunctioning, so visit the nearest offices.
  5. E16 - Service is currently scrambled
  6. E19 – Service is currently scrambled. Please wait
  7. E34 – Cannot read smartcard
  8. E35 – Service is currently scrambled
  9. E37 – Invalid channel number
  10. E38 - Program Map Table Not Available
  11. E38 - Service not running
  12. E42 - Parental Control PIN Blocked
  13. E43 - Not for this country
  14. E44 - No PG status is available
  15. E45 - Service not allowed
  16. E50 - No services available
  17. E70 - Services not available on TV2
  18. E71 - Song title and artist info not available
  19. E72 - Rescan in progress
  20. E73 - TV link overload
  21. E74 - LNB1 overload
  22. E75 - LNB2 Overload
  23. E76 - Your second TV service is not enabled. Please contact MultiChoice for assistance.

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How to clear error codes

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How do I clear DStv error codes? For most of the codes above, the fixes outlined for them will work. However, you may encounter an error that you cannot fix. In such cases, DStv clear error methods have been made simple and easy by Multichoice to clear most problems like DStv now video playback error.

Use the DStv Self Service

How do I use to clear this error? This method is possibly the easiest method as long as you can use a computer or a smartphone. All you have to do is simply go to the DStv website and register if you have not. You will need details like your DStv smartcard number and others for you to register. After that, go ahead and use the portal to DStv self service clear error codes. For instance, this DStv self service code fixing option can be used to clear DStv e18-4 error.

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Contact customer care

Contacting customer care will always help you out of any situation. You can also choose this option if the error-resolving alternatives above do not work for you. You can use social media like Twitter and Facebook if that works for you. If you resort to phone calls, you will have to find the phone number of the office closest to you for better service. This allows them to send a technician in case they feel you need one. Emails also work.

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Satisfied? With this detailed guide, your DStv troubleshooting skills should be on the next level. These DStv error codes should not be a hindrance to good entertainment. Feel free to share the comment section below any first hand experiences that you have and the solutions to your errors. Happy watching!.

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