Complete list of free DStv channels in South Africa in 2024

Complete list of free DStv channels in South Africa in 2024

Digital Satellite Television (DStv) is a household name in South Africa and beyond because it offers entertainment for all family members. DStv is owned by MultiChoice, a company that launched its services in South Africa in 1995. It offers various bouquets and has selected free DStv channels for its customers.

free DStv channels
Free DStv channels. Photo: @DStvKenya
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It is important to note that you cannot access free DStv channels without being a DStv subscriber. Having an account with the company gives you access to paid-for and free content. Discover more about this today.

Free DStv channels: all you should know

South Africa has numerous DStv users. The company gives subscribers access to plenty of pure excitement with their favourite telenovelas, drama series, movies, music, and much more.

There are multiple DStv packages with different prices. The more expensive a package is, the more channels it has. You can only access free DStv channels in South Africa if your subscription has expired.

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List of free DStv channels

Below is a list of the free DStv channels and their codes.

SABC 1191
SABC 2192
SABC 3193
Soweto TV251
Bay TV260
1 KZN261
Tshwane TV262
Cape Town TV263
Lesotho TV292
NTA i299
TV Mozambique Internacional701

How to unlock DStv channels for free

Did you know there are hidden free-to-air channels on every DStv satellite dish? Follow the steps below to access them. Note that you can only access them if you have the DStv dish installed.

  • Go to the Menu of your device by pressing the blue button using your remote control.
  • Select Settings, then Satellite Settings.
  • Select Additional Network under Satellite Settings. You will find Networks 1 to 5.
  • Do not change any frequencies on Network 1. However, input YES where there is NO.
  • On Network 2, change the frequency to 11514 or 11170, symbol rate to 28750, FEC to 3/4, and polarisation to vertical or horizontal. Next, apply scan this.
  • On Network 3, change the frequency to 12562, modulation to DVB-S2, symbol to 30000, FEC to 5/6, and polarisation to horizontal. Next, apply scan this.
  • On Network 4, change the frequency to 12522, symbol to 27500 or 30000, FEC to 3/4, and polarisation to horizontal. Apply scan this.
  • On Network 5, change the frequency to 12633 or 12657 for sound, the symbol rate to 16166 or 4883 for sound, FEC to 5/6, and polarisation to vertical. Apply scan this.
  • If you successfully complete the steps above, you will have new channels added to Network 2/5. You need to make a few changes to the settings to access them. Therefore, click YES to Enable Network and Use NIT. Modify the frequency to 12543, modulation to DVB-S, the symbol rate to 1600, FEC to 3/4, and polarisation to vertical.
  • Once done, change from My DStv Channels to All Channels, then press 100.
  • Scroll left to see all the channels coming before channel 100.

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What is the cheapest DStv channel?
What is the cheapest DStv channel? Photo: @DStvKenya
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Unlocking all DStv channels for free

There are no legal ways to unlock all DStv channels for free. This means that all the DStv free channels codes you have seen online may not be legitimate.

If you need to unlock all channels, you should subscribe to one of the multiple DStv packages offered by MultiChoice. Kindly note that this will attract monthly subscription charges.

Which channels are free on DStv now?

There are 13 free channels on DSTV. Check them out in the table above.

What is the app that has all DStv channels?

The DStv app has all DStv channels. However, you can only access the channels offered in the specific bouquet or package you are subscribed to.

How can I watch all DStv channels online?

You can watch all channels on the DStv app. Note that you can only watch all channels offered in the particular package you have paid for.

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What is the cheapest DStv channel?

The cheapest DStv channels are the free ones you can access once your monthly subscription expires.

There are a few selected free DStv channels you can access if you have not remitted your monthly subscription fee. If you need more channels, you should subscribe to one of the packages offered by the company.

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Compact Plus offers a wide scope of content for kids, teens, and adults. Subscribers get access to over 100 channels.

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