How to connect DSTV extra view cables in 2022: ultimate guide

How to connect DSTV extra view cables in 2022: ultimate guide

DStv, also known as Digital Satellite Television, is a Multichoice-owned satellite television company. It has subscribers from most African countries like South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda, Namibia, and Botswana, to mention a few. The multi-choice television service mainly provides entertainment and several other consumer channel programs. Among them is the XtraView service, which has immense flexibility through multi-decoder connections. However, how to connect DStv extra view cables may be a challenge, so here is what you need to know.

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How do I connect my DStv decoder cables?
How to connect DStv extra view cables in 2022. Photo: @DStv (modified by author)
Source: UGC

With XtraView, subscribers of this service provider can now flexibly link up to three decoders but still pay for a single subscription. Good deal, right? How does DStv extra view work? This service was mainly unveiled to end constant remote wrangles among users by catering for varied entertainment needs among family members.

The exciting part is that DSTV will only charge you for a single subscription, yet you can watch up to three channels in real-time. However, users will pay an R90 access fee for every decoder in the XtraView subscription. In practice, most XtraView clients experience difficulties setting up different cables. Provided is a comprehensive guide on how to connect DStv extra view cables with smart LNB.

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How to connect DStv extra view cables with smart LNB

A smart LNB is a device attached to the DStv satellite dish and relays clear signals from a primary decoder to secondary decoders. This makes it possible to ensure that secondary decoders in different rooms can access all the channels in the primary decoder.

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This is a cost-saver because you don't need to do a lot of cabling in different spaces, and there is no extra subscription fee. Only new decoders can work with the smart LNB.

If you are still using the old decoders, you need to upgrade or use a universal port. Here is a guide on how to connect DStv extra view cables with smart LNB.

1. Placing the satellite dish at a convenient location

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When connecting the extra view cables, ensure that the satellite dish is placed at a clear place for a clear signal. This is to ensure you get a very good signal with minimal distraction. Mounting the dish in the wrong place can be frustrating as the signal keeps disappearing.

2. Join the coaxial or RG6 cable to the unicable port on the smart LNB

To get a signal, ensure that the coaxial cable on the unicable port is properly connected to the smart LNB.

3. Link the coaxial cable to your decoder

The cable from the dish is then connected to the decoder through a port at the back written unicable.

4. Install your decoders

After connecting the decoder to the satellite dish, you can run the installation wizard, use the Quick Set-Up, and follow instructions. The three tuners should be light blue, and then you can proceed with the scan.

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In case you get an E143 error message, then you did not connect your extra view correctly. Therefore, you must redo it before proceeding.

5. Activate your decoders

Start with checking the status of the extra view on the decoder. This can be done by pressing the 'Help' button on the remote and finding the 'General Information.'

Go to 'Extra View', and if everything is working correctly, you can activate it by calling multi-choice. You should ensure that channel 100 is playing on the primary and the secondary decoders.

How to connect DStv extra view diagram

how to connect dstv extra view diagram
Diagram how to connect DStv extra view cables. Photo: (modified by author)
Source: UGC

The diagram on how to connect DStv extra view cables shows how you can connect a DStv extra view from the primary decoder to a secondary decoder through a smart LNB cable.

How to pay for DStv extra view

This payment is made as you pay your monthly subscription fee. There are various ways you can make payments for DStv extra view.

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1. Online payment

DStv extra view payments can also be made online through their website. First, go to the website and make payment through the DStv Africa Self Service. Then, you enter your details, verify your account and pay.

MyDStv App can also be used to make payments for extra view. The app is available on Google Play and the Apple App store, where you download and manage your account and make payments to your DStv subscriptions and extra view.

2. Debit order

You can make payments for your subscription as well as your extra view by writing a debit order to multi-choice from your bank directly.

3. Pay using USSD

Another way to make payments for your extra view is using the USSD code *759#

4. Walk-in centres

Simply walk to your nearest Multichoice walk-in centre and make your payments there in cash.

5. WhatsApp payment feature

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DStv has launched a new way of making payments. WhatsApp feature can be used to make payments by saving their WhatsApp number 060060888 on your phone. Then, type the word "Hello" and select DStv WhatsApp; choose option three and follow the prompts.

DStv extra view prices 2022

DStv extra view comes at an access fee of R105 monthly for each extra decoder. It is a solution to keeping everyone in your household happy hence the cost of installation is relative.

On average, it costs 300 to 350 minus the accessories. The cost might go up depending on the number of decoders you want to install, plus whether you are using the old decoders that might need things like splitters.

New DStv prices were announced in 2022 starting in April. Premium subscribers will add R10 per month or 1.21%, Compact Plus has gone up 1.86% or R10, Compact has gone up 4.89% or R20, and DStv Access has gone up 4.35% or R5 and Family has gone up 4.75% or R14.

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How do I connect extra view cables?

First, check the types of cable your decoder can support. If you are using cables, you first need to connect the coaxial cables to the smart LNB. The universal port is used with older decoders, but unicable is used with new ones. For stronger connections, Explora decoders are recommended.

How do I connect my DStv decoder cables

how to pay for dstv extra view
A person pressing a button on the remote control. Photo:, @karolinagrabowska
Source: UGC

You can connect an Explorer or an HD decoder cable directly from the satellite dish to the LNB at the back of the decoder.

How do I connect my LNB cable to my secondary decoder?

You connect your coaxial cable to your secondary decoder and connect it to the LNB cable that goes to the primary decoder at the back.

How does twin LNB connect to extra view?

Twin LNB connects to extra view via a heartbeat or communication cable from the primary decoder. This allows the transmission of the signal from the main decoder to the extra view.

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Connecting DStv extra view cables is not hard. You need a smart LND cable connected to the dish and the primary and secondary decoders. Explore decoders are the best, but HD ones can also work. This minimizes the need for a lot of cabling around the house. And once you are done, you are all set to enjoy your DStv channels.

You can follow the above guide on how to connect DStv extra view cables in 2022. Extra view on DStv is a great solution to entertainment wrangles in many homes. It is now possible to enjoy up to three different channels in different rooms using one subscription.

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