Important details on ABSA Ewallet, ABSA cash send, ABSA cardless withdrawal, ABSA online, ABSA internet banking and ABSA branch codes

Important details on ABSA Ewallet, ABSA cash send, ABSA cardless withdrawal, ABSA online, ABSA internet banking and ABSA branch codes

ABSA cash send is a money transfer platform that allows people to send and receive cash at any ABSA or Barclays banks. They provide easy, reliable, and convenient services as it is not a requirement for recipients to be a Barclays or ABSA customer. Therefore, it is possible to withdraw ABSA cashsend money without having a bank account or ATM card of the respective banks.

ABSA Ewallet
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Customers can send cash using their mobile phones or via ATM. As a result of this flexibility and convenience, they have attracted over 11 customers. This makes ABSA the largest South African retail bank.

How does ABSA cash send work?

ABSA is a fully-owned subsidiary of Barclays Africa Group. ABSA money transfer service facilitates corporate, retail, investment, and business banking, as well as wealth management services and products mainly in South Africa and Namibia. It is a safe and secure platform to send cash electronically.

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ABSA internet banking

ABSA offers banking services that facilitate efficient money transfer across the country to persons with bank accounts or not. Users also develop peace of mind as the intended recipient can only access the funds having the unique 6-digit ABSA access number or code, and 10-digit reference number to verify the transaction.

ABSA cash send
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ABSA online cash send services

ABSA online payment is easy and quick. Internet banking ABSA allows users to transfer money from their current account, cheque account, or savings through online banking, cellphone banking ABSA, or most ABSA ATMs. Using online banking, the sending procedure is quite easy:

  • Log in to Absa Online
  • Select on ‘Payment
  • Now select ‘Pay’ then ‘CashSend Payment’
  • Choose the account you wish to withdraw the funds from, followed by the amount you want to send.
  • Type in the phone number of the recipient.
  • Create a 6-digit access code, then confirm the payment.
  • Remember to share the chosen access code with the recipient.

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How to transfer money using ABSA cellphone banking

If you prefer to use your phone, follow this simple procedure:

  • Log in to cellphone banking and select ‘CashSend’, followed by ‘CashSend Payment’.
  • Log off and wait to receive a secure URL that will be sent to you via SMS.
  • Open the homepage and enter the amount of money that you wish to send, as well as the recipient’s phone number.
  • Create a 6-digit code, then confirm the payment.
  • Again, do not fail to share the ABSA cellphone banking code received with the recipient as they will need it to access the money.
ABSA cardless withdrawal
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ABSA cardless withdrawal

Cash withdrawal is as easy, simple, and straightforward as sending cash.

  • Go to an ATM which offers CashSend ABSA services.
  • Select ‘CashSend’ followed by ‘CashSend Withdrawal’.
  • Enter the 10-digit reference number sent to your phone.
  • Enter the 6-digit access code sent by the sender.
  • Fill in the total amount sent as only the full amount can be withdrawn.
  • Upon verification of the transaction, the money will be handed over to you.

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ABSA Ewallet and reverse transaction

One recurrent question from many users concerning this service is ‘how do I reverse ABSA cash send transaction?’ This could be as a result of ABSA cash send SMS not received, or other similar ABSA cash send problems.

To make an ABSA reverse transaction, you can log in to the channel used and cancel the transaction. If you have used an ATM, you will find the cancel option under ‘more options’. Reversal is also possible via cellphone banking as well.

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There are other instances that recipients claim to receive an ABSA cash send error 55 notification. This mostly occurs when the withdrawal amount entered is not the same as the amount sent.

ABSA online
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ABSA branch codes

It is important for cash send ABSA customers to be aware of various office addresses depending on their location. These are some of the relevant addresses and office contacts in use today:

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  • Empangeni – 751030

Office address: Shop no 4, 32 Tanner road

  • Ithala the Gallaria mall – 754226

Office address: Shop F73, the Gallaria mall

  • Ladysmith – 753025

Office address: 118 Murchison street

  • Moorton agency – 758026

Office address: Chatsworth

  • Tugela Ferry – 753924

Office address: Shop no 23, Tugela Ferry shopping center

  • Corporate KZN public sector – 630495

Office address: 4 Frosterley park

  • Cape Town central – 420909

Office address: 48 St Georges street

  • Centurion center – 630736

Office address: Centurion mall

  • International banking center JHB – 631805

Office address: ABSA towers north, first floor

  • MLS Pretoria – 635055

Office address: Hadefield building, 1st floor

  • Mpumalanga provincial building – 630552

Office address: ABSA provincial head office, Paul Kruger St.

  • Port Elizabeth North – 334317

Office address: Trust bank center hoof, street 5

  • PVT bank Cape Town – 630615

Office address: ABSA building, 6th floor

  • SSC Mkuze – 630276

Office address: Mkuze center, shop 14/15

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  • Westgate mall Cape Town – 630953

Office address: Shop 27, Westgate Mall

ABSA branch codes
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ABSA contact address for general enquiries

Absa Towers East,

3rd floor,

170 Main Street,


South Africa.

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For other services, contact the following numbers:

  • Contact center: +27112764000
  • General enquiries: 0860008600
  • Action line: 0800414141
  • eStatements: Telephone – +2711276900 or Cellphone – 0860111123
  • Fraud hotline: 0860557557
  • Internet banking: Telephone – +27112767900 or Cellphone – 0860008600
  • Western Union: 0860008600
  • Mobile or cellphone banking: 0860111123
  • International travel: 0860151151
  • Lost and stolen cards: Telephone – +27123173000 or Cellphone – 0800111155
  • Forex-Exchange control: 0860151151

ABSA cash send services identified that around 37% of the population in South Africa do not have bank accounts. Therefore, this platform has made it possible to reach out to the unbanked sector of the country as well.

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