Irvin Khoza age, children, wife, education, private jet, salary, house and net worth

Irvin Khoza age, children, wife, education, private jet, salary, house and net worth

Irvin Khoza is a name that will always come up whenever South African football is being discussed. The latter has played a significant role in the country's sports and taken South African soccer to another level. Orlando Pirates is one of the clubs that has transformed because of his effort and attitude towards the game. How about taking a trip to the soccer boss' life?

Irvin Khoza age, children, wife, education, private jet, salary, house and net worth

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Irvin Khoza is one man who believed in South African football at a time when there seemed to be no hope. He ventured into the world of sports in 1980, and a year later, he had to leave. A decade later, he showed up and savaged a club that was at the verge of being bankrupt. He had not envisioned himself becoming a voice of change in the team until a couple of years later. The club got back in shape and is currently grooming players who perform excellently in the international teams. You might be interested in knowing the magical spell that the latter used.

Irvin Khoza biography

A player in the South African Orlando Pirates will describe him as the manager who makes his way to the dressing room whenever the team is playing against Kaizer Chiefs. Another will refer to him as Iron Duke, as he is popularly known. These are some of the hundreds of descriptions that relate to Irvin. His biography will feed you with more details about him.

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Irvin Khoza age

Irvin Khoza age, children, wife, education, private jet, salary, house and net worth

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How old is Irvin Khoza? Dr Khoza was born on 27th January 1948. As of date, he is seventy-one years old even though, he would pass for a fifty-year-old.

Irvin Khoza family

Very little is known about the latter's childhood even though, he has a closely-knit family.

Irvin Khoza wife

The latter is married to Matina Khoza. The two are parents to four children although one of their daughters passed on.

Irvin Khoza children

Irvin is the father of four children; two daughters and two sons. His daughter, Sonono Khoza was on the headlines for being in a relationship with the former president, Jacob Zuma. The relationship gave rise to Zuma's twentieth baby whom they named Thandekile Matina Zuma. His other daughter, Zodwa Khoza, passed on in 2006 at Louis Pasteur hospital that is in Pretoria. The doctors stated that her death resulted from numerous organ failure, although there are allegations that she died from AIDS-related illnesses.

Irvin Khoza sons are Mpumi Khoza and Nkosana Khoza.

Dr Irvin Khoza education

The latter started his education at Roma Mission School that is situated in Alexandra. He then proceeded to Orlando High school in Soweto. He, later on, joined Fort Harare University, in the Eastern Cape region, for his undergraduate level. He, however, did not manage to complete his studies as he got expelled for allegations of being involved in anti-apartheid movements.

Irvin Khoza career

Position in the Orlando Pirates

Irvin Khoza age, children, wife, education, private jet, salary, house and net worth

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Irvin made a debut in the world of soccer in 1980. He was appointed as the secretary of Orlando Pirates. He served this position for one year before he was kicked out even though the reasons for his sacking are not clear. It was alleged that his uncle had served the same position in the team a couple of years back.

A decade later, after being kicked out from the position that he served in the club, he made a comeback. This time around, he came back to take charge of the club as it was bankrupt. By then, he had made a lot of money from the property deals that he used to engage in. His return greatly impacted the team as it has risen to great heights to the extent of grooming players to play in international teams.

His tenure has also been marked by great success as it stands as the only team in the Southern hemisphere to bag the African Champions League Cup.

Position at the South African Premier Soccer League

Apart from diligently serving the position of the chairperson of Orlando Pirates, he is also the chairperson of the South African Premier Soccer League. As the chairperson of the league, he has been very instrumental in finding sponsors for the league. He has also served as the vice-president of the South African Football Association (Safa).

Apart from the aforementioned positions, Irvin has a history in serving the position of the 010 FIFA World CupTM Organising Committee South Africa. In this position, he was delegated with the duties of ensuring that the country would commit to the promise that it had made regarding 2010 FIFA World CupTM. He also served as the chairperson of the 2010 FIFA World CupTM bid team. The team played a significant role in ensuring that 2010 FIFA World CupTM in South Africa had the right host.

Irvin Khoza awards

Even though he never got the chance to clear his undergraduate studies, Irvin has been awarded a couple of honorary degrees. These are some of the awards that Irvin Khoza billionaire has been conferred with:

  • In 2004, he was conferred with an Honorary Doctorate of Philosophy from the University of Zululand. The award was meant to appreciate his efforts in South African sports.
  • In March 2009, he was recognised with a newly appointed Honorary Colonel of Logistical Division from the South African National Defence Force (SANDF).

Irvin Khoza house and cars

Irvin Khoza age, children, wife, education, private jet, salary, house and net worth

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The Orlando Pirates boss has proven to have the upper hand when it comes amassing a lot of wealth. His lavish lifestyle was at one point on the limelight as there were claims that he had not acquired the wealth through lawful mean. A couple of years ago, the South African Revenue Services investigated the property that he owned. The reports from SARS allured that he had accumulated R65 million illegally. According to the allegations, he was reported to have been involved in a contravention of tax regulations.

The allegations that were brought forth by the South African Revenue Services culminated in the police and agents of the revenue services raiding his house. The Irvin Khoza house Diepkloof raid made the headlines as it was part of the property that was being investigated at the time.

He is also alleged to have owned five other properties in the northern parts of Johannesburg.

Besides the expensive house, the latter also drives some of the most expensive rides. One of the cars that he owns is a Porsche Cayenne GTS whose estimated worth is R1 million.

Irvin Khoza private jet

The investigations that SARS conducted in a bid to understand the source of the properties that the latter had revealed that he owned a private Lear jet. The SARS also investigated a chain store as well as a garage believed to be his.

According to a report by BBC, Irvin had accumulated a considerable amount of his wealth from the transfer sales that were made in 1996. It is alleged that two players, Helman Mkhalel and Mark Fish, were sold to European clubs and instead of the funds being deposited to the club's bank account, they were paid to a trust account.

Irvin Khoza net worth

It is not clear how much the latter is worth, although he is believed to be rich as he drives some of the most expensive rides and lives in the poshest house.



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