ESKOM load shedding: schedules, latest news, load shedding stages, meaning, economic impact and facts

ESKOM load shedding: schedules, latest news, load shedding stages, meaning, economic impact and facts

South Africa is currently going through a crisis regarding the country's power supply. This sector has greatly been affected by the increased demand, which has outpowered the supply. To combat the situation, Eskom has introduced load shedding. Here is all you need to know about the load shedding stages in different regions around South Africa.

ESKOM load shedding: load shedding stages, meaning, economic impact, schedules and facts
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Are you a resident of one of the areas that have been affected by the ongoing power outages and do not understand why this is happening? If that is so, you could check out the details of Eskom load shedding and how the program is being implemented.

What is Eskom?

Eskom is the company responsible for the generation, transmission, and distribution of electricity. It has a scope of more than 5 million clients that it serves.

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Challenges facing Eskom

The operations of Eskom have, however, been faced by a couple of challenges since the demand is at times higher than the supply. This phenomenon has been caused by instances where there is continuous growth, especially in the number of customers.

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These challenges have highlighted the need for proper management to have a balance between supply and demand. So, the company is forced to come up with means of conducting maintenance of both the power plants and the infrastructure to avoid any shortages in the supply process when the demand is high.

What is load shedding?

ESKOM load shedding: load shedding stages, meaning, economic impact, schedules and facts
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Unlike load shedding, power outages occur due to technical issues. Load shedding, on the other hand, occurs as a measure to prevent the occurrence of a total blackout in the system. This phenomenon is likely to occur when there is minimal supply and high demand, causing an imbalance in the power system. This imbalance is likely to cause the entire system to trip.

Eskom load shedding facts

These are some of the details that you ought to know about:

Eskom load shedding schedule

To avoid a total power blackout, the company conducts prevention measures by ensuring the demand is reduced according to the recommendations of the National Energy Regulator (NERSA). The components are divided into two:

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Load Curtailment: This agreement means that industries are supposed to reduce their consumption to 20% in cases of power rationing.

Load shedding: This process takes place after the load curtailment.

Load shedding stages

These are the different stages and the maximum amount of power that is shed in each one of them:

  • Stage 1: It allows up to 1000 MW to be shed.
  • Stage 2: It allows up to 2000 MW to be shed.
  • Stage 3: It allows up to 3000 MW to be shed.
  • Stage 4: It allows up to 4000 MW to be shed.
  • Stage 5 load shedding: It allows up to 5000 MW to be shed.
  • Stage 6: It allows up to 6000 MW to be shed.
  • Stage 7: It allows up to 7000 MW to be shed.
  • Stage 8: It allows up to 8000 MW to be shed.

Load shedding South Africa

The company has developed an Eskom load shedding schedule that will be used in the different regions in the country. Each one of these regions has a set-aside limit and time when the shedding process will take place.

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Load shedding schedules

These are the details of how the process is going to be carried out in the different parts of the country.

Load shedding Johannesburg

ESKOM load shedding: load shedding stages, meaning, economic impact, schedules and facts
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The city of Johannesburg is currently experiencing stage 6 shedding, which means that the system is trying to shed 6,000 MW to save the national grid from collapsing.

Load shedding Cape Town

According to the schedule that was meant to be used, Cape Town was expected to go through stage 4 of the rotational program. By doing so, the system will save 4,000 MW. However, there is a controversy on the city of Cape Town remaining lit when the rest of the country is in darkness.

Load Shedding Port Elizabeth

This region is expected to experience stage 5 to stage 8 of the rotational program. If you wish to know more about the areas that will be affected, click here.

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Tshwane load shedding

To find out more about the different load shedding status for the different regions in Tshwane, you could do so by clicking here.

Load shedding app

If you wish to keep track of the status of your location, you could do so using the app as it will notify you of the time that the power will go off and when it will be back.

Economic effects of Eskom load shedding today

On the 9th of December 2019, Eskom announced that it was at the verge of implementing stage 6 of the rationing program. The news did not resonate well with the economists as they claimed that this move would cripple the country's economy that is already struggling.

According to the statistics, the country's economy has witnessed a 0.6% shrinkage during the last three months of the year. Most of the leaders have urged the president to address the issue with claims that these moves aim at salvaging Eskom at the expense of South Africa's economy.

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Social media reactions to power rationing

ESKOM load shedding: load shedding stages, meaning, economic impact, schedules and facts
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Most of the social media users have taken to social media to express their frustrations on how they are being affected by the outages. They have also urged the president to intervene and salvage the situation.

Load shedding has caused chaos in South Africa as most of the regions have been affected by the power outages. The rants that have been on social media are proof that most people are being inconvenienced. Most people are hoping that the president will react to the matter and help in resolving it.


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