Here is the updated AA fuel price list 2020

Here is the updated AA fuel price list 2020

The current COVID-19 pandemic has seen many businesses come to a halt while the costs of most global commodities have plummeted. Oil has not been spared. Wondering how much is the current petrol price in South Africa or how much is a litre of petrol? Have a look at the current prices of various fuels in South Africa.

updated AA fuel price

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Petroleum, also known as black gold, is at an all-time low as its share cost currently has a negative value. A phenomenon that was never seen before. This not only means that most oil refining companies and those invested in them have lost billions but that also the prices of petrol have reduced on a global scale. Good news for the consumer, bad news for oil tycoons.

Fuel price South Africa

The price per litre in rands today has gone down with quite a few figures. Both the diesel and petrol prices have been approximately lowered by R1 depending on your location within the country.

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AA fuel price list 2020

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Has there been a fuel price increase in South Africa? Well, as for now, the petrol price in South Africa has dropped. A petrol increase would be hard considering the current global pandemic that is affecting everything! The diesel price South Africa has gone down as well and it seems to be getting lower each week.

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AA fuel prices

The question most of us have on our minds at the moment is what is the petrol price per litre in rands? Specifically, the petrol prices South Africa. The costs as of the first of April 2020 are as indicated in the tables below.

Fuel 2020

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Inland fuel costs are as follows.

Fuel South Africa

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Another common question that seems to pop up often is what is the price of 95 unleaded petrol in South Africa? Based on the figures provided, 95 Unleaded Petrol is currently R 15.84 inland and R 15.20 in coastal areas.

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Fuel prices

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It is expected that the South Africa prices of fuel and petroleum will continue to drop as the world combats the new Coronavirus. As tempting as the dropped fuel figures are, we encourage you to stay indoors and practice social distancing. Stay safe!

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