Kota Joe menu: Latest 2024 prices and top dishes at a glance

Kota Joe menu: Latest 2024 prices and top dishes at a glance

Kota Joe is a chain restaurant that started in 2011 and boasts two locations in Ekurhuleni: Edenvale and Boksburg. It is known for its casual dining atmosphere and menu, which includes burgers, milkshakes, and other diner-style foods with a South African twist. Find out what is on the Kota Joe's menu in 2024.

Kota Joe menu and prices
Kota Joe menu options: Photo: @KotajoeSA on Facebook (modified by author)
Source: UGC


Kota Joe chain restaurant has become a go-to destination for food enthusiasts across South Africa. The restaurant offers a wide variety of meals made to your satisfaction and at affordable prices. They are popular for their 'Kota' sandwiches, which are unique to South Africa and consist of a hollowed-out loaf of bread filled with various ingredients, such as French fries, cheese, and meats.

Kota Joe menu and price

According to Eat Out, owner Paul Figueira opened the first shop in 2011, aiming to attract students and youngsters with good quality street food. The Kota Joe menu features various exciting meals, including pizzas, burgers, toasted sandwiches, ice cream cone variations, and shakes. Prices vary depending on the item and the quantity of orders. Check out the list below for your favourite Kota Joe menu in South Africa.

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New Kotas

Joe Kota's restaurant has introduced a new menu that offers an array of unique and delicious dishes, including various traditional South African street food. Check their prices below.

Roast beef Garlic & thyme spiced chips, roast beef & onion gravy R99.90
Cheesy beef pastramiChips, beef pastrami, onions, green peppers & cheese sauceR104.90
Dunked crumbed chicken Chips, crumbed chicken fillet dunked in American Buffalo sauce, Cheese, bacon, onion rings & KJ MayoR104.90
Butter chicken Chips, chicken, butter chicken sauce & fresh corianderR94.90
Chilli cheese Garlic & thyme spiced chips, succulent, tender beef strips, red chilli,peppadew, grated cheese, KJ hot sauce & cheese sauceR99.90
Sweet chilli chickenChips, grilled basted chicken fillet, sesame seeds, feta, avocado & sweet chilli sauceR94.90
Jozi Chakalaka, chips, Poloni, cheese, Vienna,Russian, egg & our secret sauceR79.90
TrinchadoChips, rump cubes & trinchado sauceR94. 90
ClubChips, bacon, chicken mayo, avocado, garnish & tangyhoney mustard mayoR104.90
Grilled deboned chickenChips, deboned chicken thigh & our secret marinadeR94.90
ShawarmaChips, succulent tender beef strips, tomato, cucumber, hummus & tzatzikiR81.90
DagwoodChips, pure beef patty, cheese, ham, bacon, egg, garnish & dagwood sauceR89.90
Mince and cheeseChips, beef mince, grated cheese & secret sauceR75.90
Chicken stripChips, crispy chicken strips - cheese, pepper or mushroom sauce R76.90
Chicken mayoChips, chicken mayo & crispy bacon bitsR77.90
Steak, egg & chipsChips, Prego basted rump, fried egg, cheese, pepper or mushroom sauceR99.90
RibChips, tender basted pork rib patty &secret rib sauceR71.90
PregoChips, succulent tender beef/chicken &secret Prego sauceR79.90
CheeseburgerChips, pure beef patty, cheese, garnish & KJ burger sauceR71.90
Crumbed chickenChips, crumbed chicken fillet, cheese, garnish & KJ mayoR75.90

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Junior Kotas

Kota Joe’s food menu
Junior Kotas menu options. Photo: @KotajoeSA on Facebook (modified by author)
Source: UGC
Chilli CheeseR55.90
Mince & CheeseR50.90
Crumbed ChickenR50.90
Chicken StripR52.90

Roadhouse classic

The roadhouse classics menu at Kota Joe offers a nostalgic selection of dishes, including toasted mince, cheese, butter chicken, rice and robust. Here is an overview of their prices.

Toasted Mince & CheeseR52.90
Toasted DagwoodR88.90
Toasted Chicken MayoR52.90
Toasted Rump Steak & Fried OnionR86.90
Hake & ChipsR68.90
Russian & ChipsR52.90
Butter chicken & riceR99.90
Curry & RiceR99.90
Toasted BlondieR99.90


Toasties at Joe Kota's restaurant is a selection of toasted sandwiches known for their crispy exteriors and delicious fillings. They are perfect for a quick and comforting meal. Here are some toasties offered at the South African restaurant.

Bacon, Avo & FetaR60.90
Ham & Cheese (Single)R36.90
Ham & Cheese (Double)R52.90
Ham, Cheese & Tomato (Single)R40.90
Ham, Cheese & Tomato (Double)R54.90
Cheese & Tomato (Single)R33.90
Cheese & Tomato (Double)R52.90
Bacon & egg (Single)R51.90
Bacon & egg (Double)R73.90
Bacon, egg & cheese (Single)R55.90
Bacon, egg & cheese (Double)R77.90
Bacon, egg & chips (Single)R55.90
Bacon, egg & chips (Double)R77.90

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Kota Joe Dogs

ItemPrice (Dog)Price (Super)
KJ cheesy beef pastrami R59.90R84.90
KJ Crumbed Chicken Dog R51.90R71.90
KJ Chilli DogR55.90R77.90
KJ Jalapeno Cheese Dog R41.90R62.90
KJ Dog R38.90R62.90


The burger menu features flavourful burgers designed to satisfy all tastes. Note that all burgers are served with chips. Here are some types of burgers offered at the South African restaurant.

Kota Joe burger menu
Kota Joe burger menu options. Photo: @KotajoeSA on Facebook (modified by author)
Source: Facebook
Classic Beef patty, lettuce, tomato & our KJ burger sauceR68.90
Cheesy Jalapeno & peppadewClassic beef burger, jalapeño, peppadew,cheese slice & cheese sauce R89.90
Double rib & cheeseTender basted pork rib patties, lettuce,gherkins, cheese slice, BBQ & cheese sauceR99.90
Grilled chickenGrilled chicken fillet, lettuce, tomato,KJ mayo & chicken basted sauceR71.90
Crumbed chickenCrumbed chicken fillet, lettuce,tomato & secret sauce R75.90
BlondieClassic beef burger, Prego steak, ham,bacon, fried egg, fried onion & cheese sliceR104.90
Cheesy baconClassic beef burger, bacon, cheese slice& cheese sauce R99.90
Chilli cheese & bacon Classic beef burger, bacon, red chilli,KJ hot sauce, cheese slice & cheese sauce R102.90

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Kota Joe also offers various wraps. Note that all baskets come with chips, onion rings and a choice of your Kota Joe flavour source.

Ribs & wingsR143.90
Chicken stripsR87.90


kota joe's specials shakes menu
Kota Joe menu shakes menu options. Photo: @KotajoeSA on Facebook (modified by author)
Source: Facebook
Lotus BiscoffR69.90
Choc mousse & Ferrero RocherR79.90
Caramello bearR79.90
Crème brûléeR59.90
Strawberry whirlR56.90
Top deckR73.90
Peppermint OreoR71.90
Choc kitsR51.90
Nutella coffeeR71.90
Zoo biscuitR46.90
Ferrero RocherR70.90
Salted caramelR58.90
Honeycomb & milky barR73.90
Oreo espresso dark chocolateR75.90
Nutella custard crunch R73.90
Oreo & peanut butterR59.90
Peanut butter & bananaR59.90
Nutty NutellaR77.90
Custard crunchieR69.90
Black ForestR70.90
Turkish delightR70.90
Milo R44.90
Fudge brownieR71.90
Cookies & creamR46.90
Ferrero & OreoR75.90
Aero peppermintR59.90

Retro shakes

Passion FruitR36.90
Bubble gumR36.90
Butter CaramelR36.90

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Top deckR57.90
Zoo biscuitR52.90
Fudge brownieR57.90
Ferrero RocherR57.90
Nutty chocR54.90
Peppermint chocR54.90

Kota Joe pizza menu

Kota Joe pizza menu
Kota Joe pizza menu options. Photo: @KotajoeSA on Facebook (modified by author)
Source: Facebook

Kota Joe offers a variety of pizzas, focusing on classic and flavourful options. All pizzas come standard with napolitana sauce and Mozzarella cheese.

ShawarmaHummus & tomato base, chopped tomatoes, onions, beef or chicken strips & tzatziki sauceR117.90
Butter chicken and Halloumi Butter chicken, deep-fried halloumi & fresh corianderR125.90
VeggieMushrooms, onions, mixed peppers, garlic, sliced olives & mixed herbs R99.90
Sweet BBQ chicken and pineTomato base, chicken, sweet BBQ sauce & pineappleR99.90
Chicken mayo and baconMayo base, chicken, crispy bacon, avocado & mixed herbsR125.90
Bacon, avocado and fetaCrispy bacon, cherry tomatoes, feta, avocado & mixed herbsR117.00
Sweet chilli chicken and pineChicken, peppadew, feta, pineapple, sweet chilli sauce & mixed herbsR117.90
PepperoniPepperoni & mixed herbs R97.90
RibBBQ base, deboned ribs, BBQ mayo & mixed herbsR101.90
NachoSpicy mince, nachos, KJ salsa sauce, jalapeño & avocado R110.90
Cheesy peppadewsTomato base, cheddar, mozzarella, feta, peppadews & mixed herbsR99.90
MargheritaMozzarella cheese, napolitana sauce & mixed herbsR78.90
ReginaHam & mushroomR96.90
MexicanaMince, chilli, onion, green pepper & garlicR118.90
HawaiianHam and pineappleR97.90
JoziRussian, bacon, ham, mushrooms, mixed peppers & garlicR133.90
Chicken and mushroomChicken, mushroom, garlic and caramelised onionsR115.90
FocacciaMixed herbs and garlicR56.90
Cheese FocacciaCheese, mixed herbs and garlicR75.90

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Ice cream

Kota Joe's ice cream menu includes strawberry whirl, chocolate nut flake, Ferrero Rocher, and top deck. Their prices are below.

ItemPrice (cones)Price (cups)
Lotus BiscoffR29.90R37.90
Top deckR36.90R44.90
Ferrero RocherR36.90R44.90
Zoo BiscuitR26.90R34.90
Cookies and creamR23.90R31.90
Strawberry whirlR26.90R34.90
Choc nut flake R33.90R41.90
Choc nutR26.90R35.90
Choc flakeR31.90R35.90
Choc topR23.90R28.90

Kota Joe basket combo

Kota Joe's basket combo can include wings, nuggets and ribs. Note that all baskets come with chips, onion rings and a choice of your KJ flavour sauce.

Ribs and wingsR143.90
Chicken stripsR87.90

Hot beverages

Cafe mochaR36.90
Cafe LatteR33.90
Hot chocolateR34.90
White coffeeR26.90
Black coffeeR24.90
Chai LatteR50.90

Kota Joe drinks

Buddy soda drinksR25.90
Iced tea peach/lemonR24.90
Still water/sparkling waterR17.90
Sir fruit (orange/cocktail, guava/mango)R30.90

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Nutella and OreoR54.90R78.90
M&M, Nutella and peanut butterR61.90R88.90
Ferrero Rocher and NutellaR61.90R88.90
Top deckR54.90R78.90
Bar-one and caramelR54.90R78.90
Bar-one and bananaR54.90R78.90
White chocolate and OreoR54.90R78.90
Cinnamon and sugar with syrupR41.90R59.90

The Kota Joe menu offers a variety of delicacies, including burgers, pizzas, milkshakes, and tasty ice cream. With the comprehensive Kota Joe menu and prices in South Africa, you can easily visit the Kota Joe Roadhouse near you for a mouthwatering meal. Remember that these Kota Joe meals change prices over time.

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