Chicken Licken's menu and prices in South Africa (updated)

Chicken Licken's menu and prices in South Africa (updated)

If you are looking for a satisfying and affordable meal, check out Chicken Licken, one of the most popular fast-food chains in South Africa. Chicken Licken offers a variety of chicken dishes, including wings, drumsticks, thighs, and breasts. So what are Chicken Licken's menu and prices like, and what makes them so delicious?

chicken licken meals
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Chicken Liken is one of the fastest-growing fast-food chains in South Africa. With several outlets spread across various areas in the country, the company prides itself in providing specialised fried chicken for craving customers at budget-friendly prices. It is a brand that celebrates local culture and humour while delivering quality food at affordable prices.

What type of business is Chicken Licken?

It is a renowned fast-food chain that has been delighting South Africans with its diverse range of delectable chicken dishes since its inception in Johannesburg in 1981. With over 300 locations across Africa, including Namibia, Zimbabwe, and Botswana, it has become the go-to restaurant for affordable, delicious, and swiftly delivered meals.

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Chicken Licken's menu and prices

This fast-food company offers a variety of meals in all of its outlets across Africa. All it takes to experience the restaurant's uniqueness is to order online and, if in doubt, use the Chicken Licken near me keyword in a search engine. Below are their menu and their prices:

Chicken Licken Classics

There are several Chicken Licken meals for customers to choose from depending on their nutritional preferences, which are explained below:

Hot wings

This delicacy, also called chicken wings, is a popular and delicious appetiser or snack made from the wings. They are typically deep-fried until crispy and then coated in a flavourful sauce. Below are prices in terms of preferred number:

  • 6 hot wings - R35
  • 12 hot wings - R65
  • 24 hot wings - R119
  • 36 hot wings - R170

Combo deals

These comprise hot wings and any size of soft drink, usually Coca-Cola, that customers prefer. Check the varieties below:

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  • 8 hot wings + toast + 300ml coke - R66
  • 8 hot wings + toast + 440ml coke - R69
  • 2 pieces + toast + 300ml coke - R55
  • 2 pieces + toast + 440ml coke - R58

Just Chicken Licken

These are specially made to meet the demands of customers who prefer simplicity, and they include these:

chicken licken specials
A variety of meals at Chicken Licken. Photo: @kgaugelokaycute.marutha on Facebook (modified by author)
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Wings menu

This includes various spicy options, like hot wings, Soulfire wings, and BBQ wings, available in multiple sizes and catering to individual appetites.

Easy Bucks menu

For those looking for a quick and budget-friendly meal, this offers a selection of items priced at R10 or less. Options include chicken burgers, chips, hot wings, and affordable drinks.

Popcorn chicken in a shaker cup

You can put bite-sized pieces of crispy chicken in a convenient shaker cup. This variety allows you to add seasoning for flavour while selling at R26.

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Burger menu

This menu includes options like the Double Chicken Boerie burger, Love Me Tender burger, Love Me Hot burger, Big John burger, and combo meals for added value.


The fast-food restaurant offers Sliders, small sandwiches filled with popular side dishes. Soul Slaw and Jalapeno Poppers are samples.

Sides and sauces

You can choose from sides like Soul Slaw, Hot Wings, and various dipping sauces like Soulfire Sauce, all with varying price tags.

Secret menu

This one features the Double Saucy Burger, Hot Wings Challenge, and Big Bang Burger. Vegetarian options are available, including the Vegetarian Platter.

Lunch Meal options

As the name implies, these satisfy afternoon cravings, and they include:

S'Dumo Burger meal

This meal pays tribute to the late South African actor Dumisani Dlamini, featuring a succulent chicken burger topped with creamy peri-peri sauce, served with chips and a drink. A portion of the proceeds supports the S'Dumo Foundation.

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Cheesewich meal

It offers a unique twist with two crispy chicken fillets sandwiched together with melted cheese. It is served with chips and a drink.

chicken licken menu
Some food packages from Chicken Licken. Photo: @mokubung.makopanonthabiseng and @moliehi.molahlehifinger.3 on Facebook (modified by author)
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Other available options are:

  • Mighty Lunch Meal
  • Grilled Chicken Salad
  • Soul Food Combo
  • Veggie Burger Meal
  • Various sides and snacks

Desserts & drinks

Customers can indulge their sweet tooth with desserts like Kreemy Cyclone, Sundae Lick'n, and Cool Cone Choc. They can refresh with drinks, including Double Thick Shake and Liqui Fruit.

What are Chicken Licken soul bites?

These are unique combinations of foods from different cultures to give customers a unique, savouring experience. These Soul food specials make for a single healthy dish, and they include:

Soul food combos

  • 8 pieces + 2 regular Soul Fries + 2 regular sides + 2 Licken Loafs - R137
  • 6 pieces + 2 regular Soul Fries + 2 regular sides + 2 Licken Loafs - R112

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SoulFire chicken

  • 3 pieces SoulFire chicken + 1 sachet SoulFire sauce - R43
  • 3 pieces SoulFire chicken + a portion of Soul Fries + 1 sachet SoulFire sauce - R48
  • 6 pieces SoulFire chicken + 1 regular Soul Fries + 2 sachets SoulFire sauce - R83

Other combos

  • 6 hot wings + a portion of soul fries - R40
  • 6 hot wings + a portion of soul fries + 300ml coke - R51
  • 6 hot wings + a portion of soul fries + 440ml coke - R55
  • 16 hot wings + 2 regular soul fries - R94
  • 10 hot wings + a portion of soul fries - R59
  • 12 hot wings + 4 sliders + 2 regular soul fries - R103
  • Love Me Tender burger + a regular soul fries + 2 hot wings + 440ml coke - R63

Soulsister specials

These Chicken Licken specials pay tribute to The Pointer Sisters and their hit song, I'm So Excited. Soulful Combos is an example of this, and it includes:

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  • 2 pieces + a portion of Soul Fries - R35
  • 2 pieces + a portion of Soul Fries + 300ml coke - R49
  • 2 pieces + a portion of Soul Fries + 440ml coke - R53
  • 4 pieces + 1 regular Soul Fries - R64
  • 5 pieces + 2 regular Soul Fries - R84
What is Chicken Licken soul bites?
Customers at the fast-food restaurant. Photo: @kgomotsomamaowen.baloyi on Facebook (modified by author)
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How much is ten pieces of Chicken Licken?

The restaurant does not provide ten pieces. Instead, customers may choose 9 pieces or 15 pieces of chicken, which sell for R124 and R198.

How much is a 6-piece Chicken Licken?

Customers who prefer only half a dozen chickens can get it for R82. Other Chicken Licken prices are:

  • 1 piece chicken - R18
  • 2 piece chicken - R29
  • 3 piece chicken - R45
  • 4 piece chicken - R58
  • 5 piece chicken - R70
  • 21 piece chicken - R266

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Chicken Licken's menu and prices
Photo: (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Chicken Licken menu and prices continue to be famous for South Africans seeking delicious and affordable chicken meals. Whether the customer is in the mood for hot wings, a hearty burger, or a sweet dessert, this fast-food chain has something to satisfy individual cravings.

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