Bolt driver requirements, documents and car considerations for South Africa in 2024

Bolt driver requirements, documents and car considerations for South Africa in 2024

Moving from one location to another has become easier through mobility apps that allow you to order taxis within minutes. In 2019, Taxify, a ride-hailing app, rebranded to Bolt. Today, it is one of the top ride-hailing options in South Africa. If you desire to become a driver, you should understand the Bolt driver requirements, documents needed, and car considerations in SA.

Bolt driver requirements in South Africa
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Bolt Operations OÜ is a private limited company incorporated and registered under the laws of the Republic of Estonia. Before you become a Bold driver, you must meet the given specifications and requirements. These ensure you are a competent driver and your car is in good condition. Check out the Bolt driver requirements, documents, and car considerations for South Africa below.

Bolt driver requirements: everything you should know

Bolt operates in metropolitan and remote South African cities, including Johannesburg, Durban, Port Elizabeth, and Cape Town. If you wish to become a registered driver at this ride-hailing company, you must meet specific requirements for a Bolt driver, as explored below.

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Requirements to be a Bolt driver

One of the best things about the company is drivers plan their working schedules as they please. Drivers also receive their earnings at the end of each week.

When signing up to drive with the company in South Africa, you must provide the documents listed below. Note that a smartphone with GPS is also mandatory.

Criminal record check

One of the Bolt driver requirements in South Africa is passing the Huru criminal record check. The mandatory check should be renewed once every year.

When applying, you should provide a criminal record check not older than 30 days otherwise your application will be rejected. Only those with no previous convictions are accepted.

PrDP (South African Professional Driving Permit)

Another requirement is a valid South African Professional Driving Permit (PrDP) with goods and passengers (G, P). This document is obtainable from your nearest licensing department.

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Your profile picture

All Bolt drivers in SA must provide a standard profile picture for identification purposes. The picture should meet the requirements listed below.

  • You must be the only one in the picture.
  • Your face must be in the centre of the frame, with the camera positioned at eye level.
  • The image must be clear.
  • The picture must be taken in a well-lit environment.
  • The picture background must be solid.
  • You must not be wearing eyeglasses, sunglasses, hats, or jewellery. Religious garments are acceptable.
Bolt driver requirements in SA
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Motor Vehicle Licencing Disc with Operator Card

To get a Motor Vehicle Licencing Disc with Operator Card, visit the nearest roadworthy centre. Request the officials for a license disc application form that must be submitted to the licensing departments.

Inspection report

Your vehicle must pass the Dekra Vehicle Shuttle inspection. Carry your motor vehicle license disc with an operator card and PrDP or ID document when going for the inspection. Note that physical inspections should be renewed annually.

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Insurance requirements

You should have a comprehensive vehicle insurance policy. This ensures you have financial protection in case anything should happen to your vehicle.

The company only offers Passenger Liability Insurance for drivers. This ensures that all passengers are covered in case of an accident.

Vehicle requirements in South Africa

The vehicle you wish to use as a Bolt driver must be in good condition and must pass the Dekra Self-inspection. Below are the vehicle category requirements in SA.

CategoryModelCar types
Bolt Go Hatch2010+4-door hatchbacks
Bolt Go Sedan2010+ sedans7-seaters, SUVs, and vans
Bolt Classic2015+ sedans7-seaters, SUVs, and vans
Bolt XL2013+6-7 seaters
Bolt Van2013+8-11 seaters
Bolt Premium2013+ Luxury sedans, SUVs, 6-11 seaters

Vehicle requirements for metropolitan cities

Metropolitan cities include Johannesburg, Cape Town, and Durban. Below are the commonly used vehicle categories.

  • Johannesburg: Go, Classic, XL, Premium, and Van
  • Cape Town: Go, Classic, XL, and Premium
  • Durban: Go, Classic, and XL

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Vehicle requirements for remote cities

Remote cities include East London, Emalahleni, Ermelo, Garden Route, Grahamstown, Kimberley, Mbombela, Mthatha, Phuthaditjaba, Mahikeng, Pietermaritzburg, Polokwane, Potchefstroom, Port Elizabeth, Queenstown, Rustenburg, Thohoyandou, Upington, and Welkom.

Go Hatch, Go Sedan, and Classic are the most commonly used categories in these cities. Bolt XL is also used, but not as much as the other categories.

Bolt driver requirements in SA
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How to become a Bolt driver

The primary benefits of becoming a Bolt driver include the freedom to drive and earn whenever you like; it is a reliable source of income, and there are weekly payouts. Follow the steps below to become a Bolt driver.

  • Sign up online through the application portal. More details will be provided in the email address you provide. It takes one to three days to get your account ready. Note that you will be required to provide your contact details and the city you would like to operate in.
  • Upload your documents (the list of documents is explored above).
  • After registration, you will be prompted to complete an online safety training session within the app. Allow a period of 24-48 hours for profile activation.
  • Rent a vehicle (for people who do not have one already. Bolt connects you with a fleet partner who will offer you a vehicle to drive).
  • Submit your fingerprints and vehicle inspection reports. These submissions are payable in-store via cash/debit or credit card.

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How the Bolt Driver app works

The driver app works as explained below.

  • The app automatically finds passengers for you. Accept a ride request.
  • The app guides you to your passenger’s location so you can pick them up.
  • Follow the directions on the app to the client's desired destination. Swipe to end the ride when you get to their destination. Allow the client to pay before accepting another request.


Customers pay for rides via cash or via Bolt in-app payment (cards). For drivers, a payment cycle runs from Monday 00:00 to the following Sunday at 23:59.

When each cycle is over, each driver gets a balance statement. Those due to receive a payout can expect to be paid during the first half of the week. It takes one to two business days for the cash to reflect in your account.

Bolt driver requirements in SA
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What are the requirements for a Bolt driver?

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The main requirements are a smartphone, PrDP, your profile picture, your criminal record check, a Motor Vehicle Licencing Disc with Operator Card, comprehensive car insurance, and a vehicle inspection report.

‌How much do Bolt drivers earn per month in South Africa?

If a driver works the same number of hours as an average office worker (40 hours a week), they can make up to R22,000 monthly in Johannesburg and R20,000 monthly in Cape Town. Driver earnings depend on performance and efficiency.

What fees do Bolt drivers pay?

Bolt charges a commission of 23% on every trip in every city in South Africa. Bolt drivers should know that the company does not cover your car's operational costs, e.g., repairs and fuel.

What year car models does Bolt accept in South Africa?

To be on the safer side, your car model should be 2013+. Check the table above for more info.

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How long does it take to become a Bolt driver?

Your account will be ready one to three days after passing the safety training session. You can start working as a driver as soon as your account is activated.

Can you join Bolt without a car?

Yes, you can join Bolt without a car and get one on loan from the platform. Bolt connects you with a fleet partner who will offer you a vehicle to drive.

What happens when the diver no longer wants to operate on Bolt?

If you got your car from Bolt on loan, you will continue paying the monthly instalments with Stanbic Bank as per your amortisation schedule. Those who wish to stop operations and do not have a loan should deactivate their accounts.

Is there a Bolt registration fee?

There is no Bolt registration fee for drivers. However, once you are signed up and working, there is a Bolt fee, i.e., the fee each driver is obliged to pay to the company for using the Bolt platform.

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Bolt driver requirements ensure the ride-hailing company works with qualified and competent drivers. The company is geared towards providing fast, easy, safe, reliable, and convenient travel solutions.

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