Ematic Android TV box review: price, setup, specs

Ematic Android TV box review: price, setup, specs

There are a number of Android boxes that consumers can get here in South Africa. They all brag about being the best in the market. It is, therefore, wise to find the pros and cons of each to avoid getting confused. The Ematic 4K Ultra HD Android TV box is considered to be one of the best. Here is a review of the television box.

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The Ematic Android TV box reviews look at its features, setup, access, price, and convenience. The focus is on both the pros and cons.

Ematic Android TV box setup

The Android TV box comes with an HDMI cable, a remote control, and a power cable. One major setback in the design is that the power cable is short. You have to ensure the Android TV box is at the same height as your television.

The setup is easy and straightforward. Once the box is turned on, it automatically detects Wi-Fi and starts the setup process. For network connectivity options, the device comes with 802.11AC Dual-Band Wi-Fi and a 10/100 Ethernet port.

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The menu is also easy to follow. The setup can also be done using an Android phone. You only need to sign in to your Google account then download your preferred applications. Your television must have HDMI input for the Ematic Android TV box to work.

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Ematic television
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Ematic Android TV box specs

It operates on Google-certified Android TV 9.0 or newer version. The operating system version in 2020 is enhanced to work on large screens. It also has CPU of ARM Quad 64-bit Cortex-A53 up to 1.5GHz, GPU of Penta Core Mali-450 up to 750MHz + (DFS), and SoC (Amlogic S905X) with a quad-core ARM Cortex A53.


The Android box also comes with 8GB internal storage where you can store files. 8GB storage is adequate but among the lowest. It also has a 32GB micro-SD slot for additional storage space. You can also plug in a hard drive or USB stick for extra storage. It is also not that fast because it only has 2GB DDR3 RAM. Gaming may not be that smooth on this device.

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The other feature is its Ultra HD capability, also called 4K. It is possible to stream an Ultra HD resolution video because the Ematic Android TV box has a 750MHz five-core chip, an Amlogic S905X chipset that has four ARM Cortex-A5 cores of up to 1.5GHZ, and an ARM Mali-450 GPU. The 4K feature will only work properly if your television supports Ultra HD. One major problem with accessing Ultra HD content is that it needs a lot of bandwidth. 4K content from a hard drive can also work.


You should know that the box does not come with a keyboard. If you have to type, you will either get an external keyboard or use the screen keyboard with the remote control enter key and the directional pad. It is also possible to display content from a different device like a smartphone or a laptop due to the Chromecast built-in feature. This reduces the need to have additional cables. But this feature works if the device you are using is connected to the same Wi-Fi the Android TV box is connected to.

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The other best part about the Ematic Android TV box is its built-in Google Assistant, and you can speak to it. Its Bluetooth remote control has a microphone above the LED light. You only need to press the Google Assistant button on the remote, then speak, and the content will be displayed on your smart TV. Update it regularly to ensure the Assistant has the latest AI.


Their content stands out compared to other boxes because it has both Netflix and Google certification. You will have access to Google Play Music and Movies, YouTube, Netflix, and Amazon Prime. DStv Now and Showmax are also available. Its Android feature will also allow you to download a number of apps. Since the box works on Android TV OS 9.0 and above, you should expect to get constant Google updates. It is also possible to side-load other apps that are not available on the Google Play Store using a hard drive.

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How much does the Ematic Android TV box South Africa cost?

The Ematic Android TV box price in South Africa varies. It goes for R1,399 at the Makro store and R1,299 on Takealot.com. And just a reminder, Nology is the sole authorized importer and distributor of the Ematic 4K Android TV boxes in Mzansi. However, there are grey suppliers, but remember that such Android TV boxes are illegible for any warranty or guarantee from Ematic. Various stores sell genuine devices, including Ematic Android TV box Makro and Takealot.com. You can also find an Ematic Android TV box for sale from resellers.

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If you were to compare the Ematic Android TV box vs Mi box, the former gets more credit due to higher performance, although they are both budget-friendly. The Ematic Android TV box also stands out because of its rich streaming features. Google certification ensures that you get the latest services that only work on a Google certified device while Netflix certification ensures you get high quality (Ultra HD) content. You will also agree that the Ematic Android TV box lacks some features or has lesser performance in some areas like their low internal storage and RAM. What is your decree?

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